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Chapter 106 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

"I'm the 'Human Sloth Frondier'!"

I didn't think I'd ever say this nickname with my own mouth. And with such confidence, at that.

"Do you think I'd be able to date Elodie!"


"Do you think I'd be able to date Elodie and two-time Sybil at the same time!"


"Hah, you think I'd enslave an Aten!"


Robald's expression changed in real-time. His face screamed, 'Yeah, I guess that makes sense.'

"Yeah, I guess so...."

He was the kind of guy who blurted out whatever he was thinking.

However, I had to admit, it was a compelling argument. It wouldn't be easy to refute this perfect logic.

"Robald, snap out of it! We came to our conclusion after investigating the details and sources of the rumors! We can't just dismiss them as mere hearsay!"

"Haah! That's right!"

Someone behind me ruined Robald's 180 and put him back on track—or rather, messed him up again from my perspective.

I asked the guy behind me, "What details?"

"Ha! I know you'd like to believe it's just baseless gossip, but I've received reports of substantial evidence that you've known Elodie since you were kids, as well as the ins and outs of your dungeon trip with Sybil!"

... Gregory, that punk. He bolstered the credibility of the rumors by adding unnecessary details. And the things he mentioned actually happened.

I had wondered why these ridiculous rumors had suddenly brought so many people to me, but I guess there was a reason. Maybe they were still half-suspicious.

"So Frondier! Come quietly!"

"What happens if I do?"

"Obviously, I'll reform you with the power of justice!"

Following him didn't sound like a good idea.

When I didn't answer, Robald started swinging his arms and cracking his neck.

"If you don't come willingly, we'll drag you by force!"

"Are you really going to use the power of justice here?"

Robald let out a chilling grin at my question. His gleaming eyes held a hint of madness.

"That's right!"

Twang! Robald leaped towards me.


Robald pushed off from the ground and soared into the air, high enough that I had to tilt my head back. He then plummeted towards me, pulled down by gravity.


I narrowly dodged out of the way as Robald's knee smashed into the ground, creating a crater. It was pure physical strength, no frills, no magic.

"Ouch, that hurts a bit."

Of course, smashing the ground without pain was impossible.

"Frondier! Don't dodge! Just quietly rehabilitate!"

"Hey! Do you even know what rehabilitation means?"

Robald walked towards me, slowly. And it was easy to see as he clenched his right fist and pulled it back.

And the next moment, he yelled and threw a right straight at me.

"Don't know!"

A chilling wind whistled past me as I dodged.

Did this guy just say he doesn't know?

I dived into the wide-open arms of Robald, grabbing his waist and shoulder. And then I tripped his foot to shift his weight...


This crazy guy.

He didn't fall. Despite perfectly executing the technique, he just resisted with his body. Even though I had held back a bit, thinking only to subdue him.

"You can't take me down with that level of skill! Frondier!"

He said as he grabbed the back of my neck and threw me.


I rolled on the ground to absorb the impact. Standing up, I shouted.

"You crazy guy, it's weird that you didn't fall! Weirdo!"

"But I didn't fall!"

The weirdo said proudly.

Hmm, Robald seemed to ponder for a moment then spoke again.

"But still, you have a knack for fighting, Frondier. Not many can dodge my strike. Even fewer try to counterattack in that moment. Good eyes and sense too. It seems it wasn't a coincidence that you got the better of me that day."

Robald seemed to be recalling the surprise attack he made on me the first day we met. He had been knocked out by the staff I wove.

...Though that was indeed a coincidence.

"My judgment wasn't wrong after all."

He nodded as if convincing himself.

...I had a lot to say about that statement, but the guy behind Robald spoke instead.

"Robald! Snap out of it! He's the man who threatened Aten!"

"Oh! That's right! Frondier! You're a bad guy."

I sighed at their foolish conversation.

"Seems your judgment was off after all."

Then, it came.

[Ah, uh—A message to all students in the Constel from the broadcasting room.]

Suddenly, the school broadcast echoed. Startled, everyone froze and paid attention.

The broadcast spoke in an entirely different voice, saying,

[Kill Frondier.]


That voice.

Though it was fading from my memory, I immediately recalled it.

─Serf Daniel. The bastard’s voice.

I instantly realized and glanced around.

All the students surrounding me had lost focus. Robald was no exception.

‘These guys all received business cards!’

Serf could give orders to those who were handed a business card by him. The fact that he could control so many people at the same time was truly an amazing ability.

‘This is bad.’

The students may have lost their expressions, but they were properly armed and looking at me. This was Constel. All the students were trained combatants. And Robald’s right there as well.

Clank, clang. The sound of metal filled the air as each student drew out their weapons.

I felt cold sweat running down my back. It was fun when people gathered here after hearing the rumors, but the only thing lingering in the air right now was murderous intent.

‘What do I do? How do I escape? The only way out is to fly using Mjölnir, but I don’t have enough time.’

For me to use Mjölnir right now, I’d have to chant Menosorpo and eat Dragonheart. I don’t have the time.

And if people who haven’t lost consciousness saw me use Mjölnir.

‘……But it’s better than dying without doing anything!’

Just as I came to that conclusion and tried to chant Menosorpo.


Someone lightly landed from the sky. Reddish-brown hair, blue eyes. The one who appeared with a small sigh was Elodie.

“Hold on tight.”

Elodie wrapped her arms around my two shoulders.

We soared up into the sky.

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