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Chapter 107 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

The sight of numerous students pouring into the building entrance and marching up was a spectacle in itself.

Students who were still in their right minds backed away in fear at the sight. Their expressions clearly showed they were not normal.

Among the procession was Robald, and his presence made the other students avoid them even more.

"Hey, Robald, where are you going?"

Of course, there were those who didn't care about such things at all.

Aster was a bit surprised by the massive procession of students but tried to ask Robald, who was among them, what was happening.

Of course, Robald, having lost consciousness, just walked silently.

Aster quietly observed Robald as he passed by, ignoring him.

Then, she heard Robald murmuring in a low voice.

"Frondier... kill..."

"Hey, wait. Waitwaitwait."

Aster immediately followed alongside Robald. The ominous words and tone were too troubling to ignore.

"Going to kill Frondier?"



He's not in his right mind.

Aster quickly made a judgment and blocked Robald's path with the sword sheathed at his side.

"You can't go any further, Robald."


Robald's unfocused eyes turned towards Aster. Seeing those eyes, he was certain. Robald was under someone's influence. Probably all of these numerous students as well.

"I could let the other kids go since Frondier would manage somehow, but not you. You're dangerous even when you're not in your right mind. And a headache even when you are."


Robald's expression twisted. Veins popped on his temples, and muscles starting from his neck became pronounced. Soon, his body swelled slightly.

Just tensing his entire body was enough to visibly expand his whole figure.

"...Never thought it would come to fighting like this."

Robald was always the one causing trouble, wanting to fight. And now, when it really came to fighting, he was the one initiating it. Aster felt a sense of irony.

Aster's sheath emanated a blue aura. The vivid color was visible even to those not particularly sensitive to such things.

It was the 'aura' he had mastered during the break, freely manifesting.

He decided not to use divine power. Aster's goal was to subdue Robald, not to injure him.

Could he subdue someone like Robald without causing serious injury? Even if he wasn't in his right mind.

But Aster smiled fearlessly.

"I haven't had a chance to see how much stronger I've become."

Robald took a combat stance. Even though he had lost consciousness, his body remembered the movements. Aster also drew his sword back and lowered his stance without unsheathing it.

"A good opportunity."

Immediately after, the two dashed towards each other, cutting through the air.

* * *

I ran toward the broadcasting room along with Aten.


I activated the Rune and pushed the attacking students away with a shield.

There were still many students aiming for me, but with Aten's help, I was somehow able to cope.

Aten, who specializes in ice magic, was a great help in stopping the students without hurting them.

"It's a blessing you didn't receive a business card!"

"Because I'm also one of the main characters of the rumor."

Aten replied as she ran with me. Her plain face, which hadn't changed, was rather comforting in this situation.

"But, Mr. Frondier."


"Do you want to enslave me, Mr. Frondier?"

I looked at Aten, puzzled by the absurd question. I thought it was a joke, but Aten's face remained the same.

At times like this, her plain face is just too scary.

"W-what? Are you joking?"

"How could I be? Most of the rumors about me are like that. They talk about how I was caught with a weakness or how I was threatened."

Ah, I know about that.

I just had a fight with Robald over that.

"So, I thought. Could it be that Mr. Frondier secretly desires something like that? Isn't there a saying? There's no smoke without fire."

“So I’m the one who started the fire? I don’t want something like that.”

Enslave the princess of the empire? Even in a fantasy, it's a story where you would have to look for plausibility.

"But there's enough reason."

"What do you mean?"

"The number of students questioning why I follow Mr. Frondier has been increasing. But if I was being threatened, the students' questions would be resolved."

"So, to resolve the students' questions, you're saying I should actually make you a slave?"

Is that it? If there's someone who hates me for no reason, give them a reason.

She's suggesting we add a setting where I threaten her in order to have a justifiable reason for Aten following me around?

"That's ridiculous. I would never treat you like that."

"I don't particularly dislike it,"

"Be quiet!"

This is strange. Aten isn't stupid. She just keeps missing the point in strange places.

And isn't the solution to that situation much simpler?

"You could just stop following me in the first place!"


This brat.

"Then your opinion is denied too! What do you mean, slave! Don't even joke about that!"

"I wasn't joking. There's about a 10% chance I'm serious,"

"That's what you call a joke!"


Aten's eyes widened as she looked at me.

"Is that what it was?"


I want to see Serf quickly. I want to kill him.

These feelings that were just triggered definitely existed before.

......I'm going to tear him apart.

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