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Chapter 11 Part 1 - A Depressed Kendo Player Possesses a Bastard Aristocrat

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The same boring lecture was going on as usual.

I blinked my eyes, half-listening to the professor’s words that were pouring out like sleeping pills.

Again, this wasn’t just any class.

“…So, when facing monsters, the most important thing is to avoid freezing up due to intimidation.”

It was incredibly…

“If you find yourself surrounded by a group of goblins, calmly cast a wide-range attack to secure an escape route, and based on the vanguard’s breakthrough power…”


“The highest-ranking monster, the Minotaur, possesses the grip strength to tear rocks apart with its bare hands. Therefore, unless you’re with party members who have good mobility, it’s recommended to avoid approaching it…”



I yawned, rubbing my dry eyes.

This is truly exhausting.

It seems like keeping up with the Academy’s classes won’t be easy.

They’re teaching about monster theories and strategies, but how am I supposed to know any of this?

Well, I do know thanks to Raiden’s knowledge, but…

I have to memorize all of this for the exams.

‘Wouldn’t it be better to just learn through experience like in my previous life…’


I slapped myself for having such a crazy thought.

The burning pain chased away the drowsiness that was creeping in.

Damn it.

No matter how unfamiliar and tiring this studying is,

it’s nothing compared to the daily life of being beaten and suffering.

To think I wanted to go back to that…

What a joke.

Never. No matter what, I’m not going back to that.


I gently sighed, rubbing my stinging cheek.

As I was organizing those terrible thoughts and lifting my head to look at the blackboard again…


I realized the professor’s gaze was fixed on me.

Not just the professor, but the students around me were also glancing at me.

It seems the sound of me slapping myself was too loud.

Did I miscalculate the force?

I gave the professor, who was looking at me, a gesture that meant nothing was wrong and forced an awkward smile.

Then, the eyes of everyone looking at me widened.

‘Ah, right.’

This smile has a petrification effect.

I belatedly realized my mistake and quickly erased the smile from my face.

The professor, who had been about to say something, closed his mouth and coughed.

“Ahem. Please refrain from sudden actions during class, Mr. Lishite.”

“Ah, yes. I apologize.”


-Thud, clatter, roll…

The professor dropped the magic chalk he was holding.

Then, he looked at me with a horrified expression.

The surrounding students also stopped moving and stared at me with their mouths agape.

“Did Young Master Lishite just apologize…? That delinquent…?”

“Did we hear that wrong? That’s impossible, right?”

“But we heard it so clearly…”

“Damn it, this must be a demonic illusion. Reveal yourself, demon!”

“Am I in a dream? Since I’m conscious, this must be a lucid dream, right?”

“Hey, that guy smiled earlier, remember?”

“Leave him alone, we must be dreaming.”



Let’s just continue with the class.

I’m sorry it’s difficult for me.

I’ll listen attentively, so please just…

I pleaded inwardly, but the aftershocks of my apology didn’t easily subside.

“I pray to Almighty Tinamius, grant me the strength to overcome this demonic illusion…”

“Hmm… Let’s see. Where do I get treatment for auditory hallucinations…?”

“Yes! This is the lucid dream I’ve only heard about! Time to fulfill all my suppressed desires in this dream!!”


Hey, why are you taking your clothes off? You crazy bastard.

As the classroom descended into chaos, I sighed.

‘…Should I just kill myself?’

Forget happiness and all that, jumping off a building again might not be a bad option.

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to adapt to Academy life with this body.

As I was lamenting inwardly,


The classroom door suddenly burst open with a loud bang.

The attention of the students, who had been in an uproar, naturally shifted towards the door.

Including mine.

The door, which had been kicked open as if it would shatter, barely maintained its shape in a tattered state.

What is it? A terrorist attack?

As I clenched my fists with that thought,

I couldn’t help but widen my eyes at the sight of the person who rushed in through the open door.


Flowing red hair.

A slightly disheveled uniform, but clearly well-maintained.

A cute, cat-like face.

I knew who she was.

Someone who occupied a significant part of Raiden’s memories.

Ariel Lishite.

Raiden’s younger sister.

I muttered the girl’s name in a daze.


What are you doing here?

Then, Ariel’s head whipped around to face me.

Our eyes met.

My black eyes and her red eyes intersected.

Soon after, tears began to well up in the girl’s red eyes.

Ariel ran towards me.

And then she threw herself into my arms.



I winced slightly at the pain of the impact.

Damn it, Ariel hugged me right where my muscles were sore.

I groaned and looked down at the girl who had buried her face in my chest.

Ariel was rubbing her face against my clothes, tears streaming down her face.


What’s going on?

Why did you suddenly barge in here and start crying?

You have to tell me what’s wrong.

Even in that moment, my hand was patting the crying Ariel’s back.

Was it a reflex left in Raiden’s body?

“Sob… Hic… Brother…”

“Hey, Ariel…?”

“I’m sorry… I’m so sorry… I didn’t mean it. It’s just…”

This is crazy.

She seems to have completely lost it.

I felt a headache coming on and raised my hand.


At my call, the professor, who had been standing there dumbfounded, came to his senses.

He slapped his own cheeks a few times and replied,

“Yes, Mr. Lishite.”

“Would it be alright if I stepped out for a moment? My sister suddenly came to see me.”

The professor glanced at Ariel, who was clinging to me, and nodded.

“Go ahead.”

“Yes, thank you.”

-Thud, clatter, roll…

At my words of gratitude, the professor dropped the blackboard eraser he was holding.

Ah, damn it. Deja vu.

I should have just kept my mouth shut.

I don’t even know anymore.

I shook my head and led Ariel, who was still sobbing, out of the classroom.

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