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Chapter 111 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

Kraken’s head rolled to a stop on the floor.

No blood came out, even though it was an octopus’s head.

‘This doesn’t feel like… it’s been cut.’

Maybe it was because he was using the aura for the first time, but he didn’t feel like he had actually killed it.

But he had to check first.

I walked over to Gregory, who had collapsed.

“Gregory, are you okay?”

Gregory didn’t reply. By the gentle movement of his shoulders, it seemed like he had fainted.

I was relieved for the time being, but then I started to worry. I needed to wake him up so he could stop the students.

I looked at Selena, who was standing next to me.

“You did well.”

“Yes. I thought about coming out earlier, but it wouldn’t have ended well if I had.”

“Yeah. Good job.”

I raised my hand to Selena’s head.

I was surprised at myself for doing so. It was an unconscious action without any intention.

Selena seemed a bit flustered as well, looking up at me with her eyes slightly raised.

“……Ah, over there.”

It was then.

“──Did you think I was dead?”

That unpleasant voice filled my ears again.

The headless Kraken stood up all by itself. Then, a lump slowly rose out of its chest and onto its neck. It twisted and turned, and soon Kraken’s head was complete once again.

“Are you really immortal?”

“No, it’s hard to kill me, but I’m not immortal.”

Selena, Pascal, and I all got ready for battle again.

Pascal shook his head vehemently.

"It's not what you think. This head wasn't my real head. It was just a leg made to look like a human face. The same is true now."

What we thought was the head of the Kraken was actually a leg. That octopus could really transform its body in strange ways.

"……Indus is still up to his dirty tricks."

Selena spoke in an even lower voice.

Kraken met Selena’s gaze. Kraken was still smiling, but surprisingly, there was a dark disgust growing within its eyes.

“You’re from ‘Manggot’, aren’t you? I can tell from your methods. You outcasts of the continent, dropouts, scum that lost their humanity and ran away.”

Ha, Selena let out a fearless laugh.

“You think you’re a human just because you suck some human blood? You’ve been coughing up blood for ages now.”

It seemed that 'Indus' and 'Manggot' were on bad terms, significantly so. In the game, they appeared unrelated due to the sequential main events.

"Anyway, I should be on my way. It's been fun. Got some useful information too."

"You think you can just leave?"

"Of course."

Right after Kraken responded, an oval-shaped portal opened behind him.

The edges of the oval were filled with undulating waves and a violet hue, reminiscent of a 'portal'. It was undoubtedly one.

However, at the center, instead of the boundary, the background of the portal showed. It seemed like a dark surrounding, a gray space, where water flowed. Likely a sewer of some sort.

"Frondier, don't forget. The 'business card' and 'recorder'. Your life is in the hands of 'Indus'."

Kraken pulled out a business card from his pocket and fluttered it.


I hadn't liked his demeanor from the moment he appeared, and now he had completely severed my patience.

Weaving, Obsidian

Rank - Divine

Khryselakatos, Lokhiera.

"Oh, you're serious. I better run then."

But by the time I had finished weaving and aimed at him, Kraken had already fled through the portal.

"He's gone."

Selena muttered in displeasure.

"Anyway, with the incident resolved for now... Frondier?"

Selena looked at me, puzzled.


I was still drawing my bowstring.

"What are you planning to do..."

I silently looked at the empty space where Kraken had disappeared with the portal.

And then, I unleashed my aura again.

─Aura brings out the inherent power of a weapon.

Just as all people choose their weapons, all weapons choose their wielder.

Unlike before, when I had merely wielded weapons too powerful for me.

The divine bow, imbued with aura, slowly opens its eyes.


"Frondier, he's already escaped. What are you thinking..."

My aura is colorless.

However, the divine bow imbued with aura now emits a different light.

Having aura does not add new abilities to a weapon.


- Sure Hit: Ensures that the target aimed by the user is hit.

In my mind, and still before my eyes, is the scene of Kraken fleeing and the view beyond the portal.

Holding Khryselakatos now, that scene vividly comes to mind, more vividly than this actual auditorium.


You have not escaped from me yet.


I released the bowstring.

And the arrow disappeared.

It must have flown, but even with my aura-enhanced vision, I couldn't see it.

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