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Chapter 112 - Can We Become a Family?

Forced to be Empress, Navia craves acceptance, but faces betrayal. She pursues revenge and new life.DBT,Korean,Novel,Translations,CWBF,Shoujo,Fantasy

My dear friend, Navia.

In return for your help, I thought it only right to transfer the rights of that matter directly to Eseled.

I sent the related documents as well, you must have received them by now?

And personally, I've prepared more gifts for my waffle friend, hoping you would like them.

Hope to see you again.

Navia couldn't help but smile brightly at the endearing term 'waffle friend.'

Seeing her smile, Lark frowned and casually asked.

"What's that letter about?"

"Oh, it's nothing much."

Since Navia was planning to explain the contents of the letter to him anyway, she slightly extended it towards Lark for him to see.

Lark then quickly snatched the letter and read through it.

His frown deepened.

'This guy, who is he to call my daughter his waffle friend without my permission?'

Then Lark's eyes narrowed.

He had a hunch about the author of the letter.

It seemed likely that the sender was that silver-haired guy who had taken Navia here by carriage that time.

'Why does it have to be silver-haired again?'

Lark was clearly displeased.

There was something else in the letter that bothered him.

"What about these gifts?"

Benjamin spoke up.

"An anonymous client asked our company to procure clothes and accessories for Miss Navia.

We've also managed to acquire some items from the Ansier Boutique, so I hope you like them."

Navia, unaware of what gifts Erkin had mentioned in the letter, was surprised at Benjamin's explanation.

'Why such gifts...?'

Navia's mind became complicated.

She was already suspecting that Erkin might be her biological father, and now she was receiving unclear favors from him.

'Why is he being so nice to me?'

Benjamin then gently added.

"Oh, and if you decide not to accept the gifts, he instructed us to burn them all. You will accept them, right?"

Erkin, despite his gentle demeanor, seemed to have a pushing side.

'It must be because he runs an information business.'

His information business wasn't known for being very active. That's why it was hardly known among people.

But Navia had never seen an information business as efficient as his.

"I guess I'll accept......"

It was when Navia was about to speak.

"Burn them all."


Lark spoke with a sulky expression, instructing to burn everything, which surprised Benjamin.

"......Excuse me?"

Lark then irately snapped.

"Didn't you hear? Burn them all."

At that moment, Margaret, who was delivering the list and leaving, spoke.

"The Lord is joking well. How could you decide to burn gifts sent to our lady on your own?"

But as far as Lark was concerned, he had a solid reason to burn those items.

"I'm her father."

His assertiveness left not only Margaret but also Navia speechless.

Navia felt a bit embarrassed, but she was somewhat tickled by his confident declaration of being her father.

Margaret countered with a gentle smile.

"Even if you are her father, the gifts were sent to the lady, so you should consult with her."

"What if the items from some unknown man are dangerous?"

As they were discussing, Benjamin cautiously interjected.

"The items were personally overseen and transported by the Alchemist Merchant Guild, so there will be absolutely no problem."

At this, Lark glared at Benjamin, his eyes flashing as if to silence him.

Benjamin flinched involuntarily.

Navia said, "I want to receive the gifts."

Although these items were a courtesy of Erkin, they could also be seen as part of the compensation for the information she had provided.

Lark, with a displeased expression, reluctantly said to Benjamin, "…Bring them inside."

Benjamin quickly instructed the staff to bring the items into the lobby and then scrutinized Lark with a curious look.

'If my guess is correct, that noblewoman must be Countess Romanov. If such a person calls someone master…?'

"Excuse me, but are you perhaps Duke Eseled?"

"And what if I am?"

Lark replied with a skewed expression.

Benjamin, realizing his speculation was correct, hurriedly composed himself.

"It's an honor to meet you, Duke Eseled."

Hidden behind the veil, Duke Eseled, contrary to the rumors of being a monster or an ugly man, was an astonishingly handsome man.

Moreover, he looked much healthier than the rumors of his illness suggested.

Lark commented sarcastically.

"You sound so noble."

Hmm. It was also quite rude.

Benjamin narrowed his eyes, glancing briefly at Lark and Navia.

'But... didn’t he call that lady his daughter?'

Suleiman, who had been in the study, was drawn out by the commotion and approached, looking at the neatly stacked boxes.

"What are all these?"

Margaret, after checking the boxes, replied.

"These are gifts sent to the young lady."

"Gifts? Who sent them?"

"I'm not sure."

Their gazes simultaneously turned to Navia.

Navia smiled awkwardly.

"They're from a waffle friend."

At the mention of the "waffle friend," everyone looked perplexed, but soon passed it off, thinking Navia also had her social circles.

Only Lark muttered to himself, wondering what trickery the "waffle friend" was up to.

"By the way, I heard the Eseled family is looking for a merchant guild to supply necessities. How about our Alchemist Merchant Guild?"

Hearing this, Suleiman, who hadn’t found a suitable guild yet, lit up.

"Oh, that sounds like a good deal."

They quickly discussed terms, and meanwhile, Lark, holding Navia, approached the boxes.

He casually flipped open the lids.

Inside were all famous boutique items: clothes, shoes, hats, dolls, hand mirrors, and luxurious fabrics with laces and ribbons.

Though annoyed at being upstaged by this mysterious "waffle friend," Lark decided to obediently store them in the dress room, seeing Navia’s sparkling eyes.

‘But if I move everything to the dress room, it’ll all turn black in less than a month.’

Lark thought he should deactivate the preservation magic in the child’s dress room.

Overwhelmed by the extravagant items, Navia followed Lark to the boxes, feeling a mix of emotions at the sight of such fine goods.

‘I was planning to visit the information broker anyway, so I should thank them and try to understand their intentions.’

As dozens of boxes were placed in the lobby, Benjamin courteously bid farewell.

"I shall take my leave now. I look forward to future dealings."

To which Suleiman replied.

"I’m counting on it."

Suleiman, pleased with the contract they had just established, was in a satisfied mood.

As soon as the guild left, Lark snapped his fingers, magically moving all the items to the dress room.

"I’ve moved them to the dress room."

He spoke brusquely and then said to Suleiman.

"That purchase list I gave you? Buy exactly three times more."

Navia, sensing the items Lark ordered were somehow related to her, asked,

"What are those?"

Suleiman readily handed her the list.

Upon seeing the list of luxury items Lark had compiled, Navia spoke up.

"Your Grace, the gifts we received today are more than enough."

"No, write it down."

"That’s wasteful."

"It’s my money."

Navia pondered how to persuade this man, who was burning with senseless competitiveness.

"Then buy something else."

At the suggestion to buy something else, Lark’s face lit up.

"What is it? Oh, I see there’s not much jewelry. Should I buy jewelry?"

"No, wood."

Lark paused for a moment, lost in thought.

‘Was there a gemstone called wood?’

Navia spoke clearly.

"Please buy poplar wood."

"…Actual wood?"

"Yes, specifically timber."

Overhearing their conversation, Suleiman couldn't help but snort, then quickly covered it with a cough.

Navia logically explained.

"The long-distance railway will be operational soon. We need to secure timber quickly and prepare for a travel bag business."

"Oh, about that, young lady."

Navia flinched slightly at being addressed as 'young lady' by Suleiman, then calmly turned away.

She would have to get used to being called ‘young lady’ by Suleiman and Margaret. After all, she was the daughter of a duke.

"Please go ahead."

"Ricardo, the wood artisan, has arranged to visit this week. He said he needs to wrap up some of his current work."

Navia smiled broadly.

"That’s great news."

Suleiman, lifting the purchase list Lark had drawn up, said,

"Then I’ll consider what Your Lordship has requested as canceled."

Lark glowered, but Suleiman just shrugged.

"Well, I have other duties to attend to."

Suleiman still had to deal with the adoption paperwork for his foster daughter and visit the Campanella information broker.

Margaret clapped her hands and said,

"Shall we go have lunch now?"

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