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Chapter 112 Part 2 - The Mysterious Art Museum

The construction, which started at dawn, was fortunately going well without any major issues, but from the owner's perspective, everything seemed lacking. Monica spent several hours today, as usual, walking around the factory, giving various instructions.

It was past six in the afternoon.

Construction usually goes on until eight o'clock, so there was still time left to work, but there was a break for mealtime in between.

Perhaps because she inhaled so much dust, Monica had no appetite and decided to go back to the village for dinner, resting for a while in her car.

‘Ban will do well, right?’

She wasn't really worried.

She knows Jung-hoon's skills well.

In fact, she is more looking forward to the joy of seeing her friend's reaction to the completed painting.

"Should I give her a call?"

Monica dialed her friend's number and spoke as soon as the call was answered.

"Sophia, it's me. How's the painting? Isn't it amazing?"


"Why, are you speechless because it's so amazing?"



Could it be a failure? But that's unlike Jung-hoon.

Then Sophia responds with an incredulous voice.



-They're still on the wall, both of them.


-Since you left in the morning, they've been sitting there all day. The painting is still just covered with white paint.


-Is he really a skilled painter? What is this, they've been staring at the house all day doing nothing.

Why would Jung-hoon do this?

When she thought of when he painted her portrait, he was a person who could produce such incredible paintings in a short time. How could someone like that sit all day on the wall doing nothing?

Monica placated her friend with some vague words.

"Artists have various ways of working. It seems he's trying a different approach this time. Trust him, or if not him, then trust me."

"Alright, I understand."

After ending the call, Monica bites her lip.

"What are you thinking, Jeong-hoon?"

It's not doubt, just a bit of worry.

Jeong-hoon is human, after all. He could make mistakes or give up halfway.

Even if that were the case, it wouldn't be a disappointment.

The wall in front of her friend's house could easily be restored, so it's not a problem.

Driven by curiosity, Monica, who has been restless in her car, finally can't stand it any longer and instructs the driver.

"That's enough for today. Let's return to the village."

Monica, meticulous by nature, gives instructions to the construction site manager over the phone while heading back to the village. Getting out of the car at the village entrance, she walks slowly, passing through the square. To reach Lea's house from the entrance, one must cross the square.

"In three weeks, some of the people who left the village will return."

Not everyone will come back. Only some of those who left will return.

Those who went as far as America to start a new life said they would not return. Most of those who said they would return had gone to Florence, Milan, or Rome to find jobs.

Monica knows well how harsh life can be for those who grew up in a simple rural village and then moved to a big city to find work. They must have wanted to return to their hometown dozens of times a day.

But the villagers, knowing that living in a hopeless village was a distant dream, would have endured hard work every day with tears.

"I will build it, our village."

The village hadn't changed in decades.

While it's a beloved village from her perspective, how would it appear to those who had left and returned?

She hopes that the village will be lively when those who left due to a lack of hope return. However, she doesn't want to ruin the scenery of this old village with major construction.

"What should I do?"

Monica, pondering, climbs the alleyway to Lea's house.

In the dim light, she sees the two people sitting on the wall opposite Lea's house.

Just as her friend said, they are sitting there just as they were in the morning.

It's surprising to see the young Lea, who lacks the patience of an adult, sitting there like that. When Monica herself was that age, she couldn't sit still for a moment.

And Lea, with her round eyes, is looking at her own house. What's so interesting about a house she sees every day?

Monica walks slowly towards them and looks up at the wall.



Jeong-hoon, who had been focusing on something, looks down and waves.

"Monica, are you off work now? You're early today, aren't you?"

"Yes, shall we have dinner together?"

"Sure, but in an hour."

An hour? Why an hour?

Monica, looking around, asks,

"What are you going to do for an hour?"

Jeong-hoon glances at the sky and grins.

"The sun hasn't completely set yet."

So why sit there from dawn until sunset?

Monica, not understanding, asks again.

"What have you been doing all day here?"

Jeong-hoon, locking eyes with Lea sitting next to him, smiles softly. Leah, seemingly in on something, smiles back.

Jeong-hoon lifts Lea onto his knee and gestures towards the house.

"We're observing the changes."

Monica, furrowing her brow, asks back,

"What changes are you talking about?"

What kind of changes could be happening to a house that just stands there?

In Monica's eyes, the image of Jeong-hoon smiling brightly is reflected.

"Light. We are observing the light."

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