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Chapter 113 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

Three days later, on my way to school at Constel.

I met a crow.



The crow was sitting on the wall of a residential area. It seemed to have no interest in me, grooming its wings.

...Yeah, it wouldn't. Crows are everywhere.

I started walking again.

About five steps.

[You still need to train my eyes a little more.]

At that remark, I stopped and turned back to look at the crow.

The crow threw away its shameless act from earlier and stared straight at me.


[Yes, it's me.]

"I thought you were locked up in prison."

[Of course. It's dirty, safe, and disgustingly secure. But they can't stop my ability. My ability is not magic. It's a bloodline ability.]

Prisoners of Etius wear restraints. The wearer is unable to use magic or aura. But it seems that bloodline abilities can break through those restraints.

[However, bloodline abilities usually don't have lethal power. That's why the empire just hushes it up and moves on. Or maybe magical engineering hasn't reached this far yet.]

"So, why did the prisoner call me?"

I feel embarrassed to be talking so seriously to a crow.

I wish it would tell me its purpose quickly.

[There's no need to be too cautious. I came to help.]


[I don't know what you think, but you're the benefactor of my life. Crows are animals of gratitude. How about it? Do you trust me?]

The crow in front of me flapped its wings as if it was flattering me.

...What does it matter?

[I came to give you information. It's important.]

"What is it?"

The crow shook its head from side to side once. It seemed to be checking if there were any people around.

It must be really important.

[Among the rumors spread in Constel, there's one I didn't spread.]



This is something I can't just ignore.

"…So you're saying someone else took advantage of that time and spread a different rumor?"

[Yes. There's someone who wants to profit from that chaos. Or maybe they want revenge. Either way, they're dangerous.]

At the time, I was so preoccupied with being chased by so many students that I couldn't think.

But when so many rumors of unknown truth spread, there are bound to be people who insert new things in between.

"But would someone who simply spreads rumors be dangerous? I think most of them are just pranksters."

[Of course, that's the majority. But think about it. I infiltrated the palace to divert Indus's attention and controlled the knights to turn the eyes outside. Yet, I was still caught by Kraken. Why do you think that is?]

"Isn't it because Kraken's detection ability was excellent?"

[Of course, Indus's tracking ability is outstanding, but if it had such a great detection ability, I would have been caught a long time ago.]

"What are you trying to say?"

As I asked, the crow's eyes turned to me.

The bird's emotionless eyes were somewhat eerie.

[There's an 'Indus' among the Constel students. That guy leaked my information to Kraken.]

"…And that guy is the one spreading the rumors?"

[If my guess is correct.]

My head became complicated.

It's only been 3 days since I fought with the Kraken. Already, it feels like I'm about to get involved in another incident, as if my eyes are sore from not being able to sleep.

"......Alright, I got it. Let's look for it once."


I walked with my energy drained.

And then, the crow climbed onto my left shoulder.

"......What are you doing?"

[I want to go with you.]

"Get off my shoulder, it's heavy. Go investigate on your own."

[It's difficult to enter Constel's school grounds as a simple crow. It would be easier to investigate freely if I were a tamed animal by a Constel student.]

"......So, you're saying you, the crow, would pretend to have been tamed by me?"

[It's not me who's pretending. It's you. Pretend to have tamed this crow. Then, neither students nor teachers will say much.]

I really covered my eyes with my hands as they went pitch black.

In Etius, crows are a symbol of misfortune and witches, just like in Korea.

I'm trying hard to improve my image, but it seems that more and more bad things are starting to stick to me, Frondier de Roach.

[Then let's go. I've never experienced school life before. It's exciting.]

Caw- The guy squawked as he pleased and then cried out as he pleased.

Do I have to tell the other kids that I tamed something like this?

My shoulders feel heavy.

Especially the left one.

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