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Chapter 114 - Can We Become a Family?

Forced to be Empress, Navia craves acceptance, but faces betrayal. She pursues revenge and new life.DBT,Korean,Novel,Translations,CWBF,Shoujo,Fantasy

Navia was momentarily speechless at the unexpected birthday greeting. She was about to smile playfully and express her gratitude when she felt a warmth in her eyes, and her mouth wouldn't open. She feared her voice would tremble if she spoke now.

It was easy to hold back tears in sad times, but why was it so hard during happy moments? Navia calmed herself down, preferring to laugh rather than cry on such a joyful occasion.

"…Thank you."

Lark thought of the second necessity for a birthday.

"Now, I should give you a birthday present."

'What would be good?'

Lark's eyes sparkled.

'Every day will be a birthday from now on, so I have to give gifts daily, right?'

Then, the gifts the child received today from an anonymous person would soon be overshadowed by what he would give.

He had to choose a gift from what he owned, which meant only magic tools were available.

'Most are weapons, so there might not be any suitable magic tools for a child... Ah.'

A suitable idea came to his mind.


He flicked his fingers, and a small box, resembling a jewel case, was summoned onto the table.

"Here, your birthday gift."

Navia, receiving the box with both hands, expressed her thanks.

The box, made of some smooth material, had a subtle silver sheen. A transparent gem, seemingly 20 carats, was embedded in the center of the lid, appearing extraordinary at first glance.

"What is this?"

"A secret box."

Navia, not quite understanding, tilted her head, prompting Lark to say,

"Open the box."

Navia tried to open the lid as he suggested.

But it wouldn't budge, as if glued shut.

"That box can't be opened by anyone but its owner. No matter what you do, it won't break."

'So that's why it's a secret box.'

Navia nodded, now understanding.

"Tap the gem in the center three times with your finger."

Following his instruction, Navia tapped the gem thrice with her index finger, turning the once white stone ruby-red.

"Once the owner of that box is decided, it won't open even if the owner dies."

Was this truly from Eseled?

Navia hadn't thought such a magic tool could exist.

Ordinary magic tools used magic stones. However, this box had no magic stones in it.

'Magic stones emit a blue light, so this gem isn't one.'

She wasn't sure how to use the box, but its significance as her first proper birthday gift was immense.

"I'll treasure it."

Throughout the meal, Navia glanced at the box, unknowingly fidgeting with her feet.

Suddenly, Creed's image flashed through her mind.

'It might be good to discuss what to do about the Duke and Creed.'

Unlike the past, her situation had changed since entering Eseled and becoming Lark's daughter. His thoughts on Creed might have changed too.

Navia cautiously started the conversation.

"What are you going to do about Creed?"

Lark didn't answer immediately.

He pondered the variables that might arise from keeping Creed.

They would likely become entangled with the royal family.

'Undoing the brainwashing and restoring him to a healthy human will take time.'

His gaze settled on Navia, who looked back calmly.

"What would you like to do?"

Navia, surprised at being asked her opinion, widened her eyes slightly before starting to speak, her expression calculative.

"You wouldn't care much whether he's a prince or not, would you?"


"Keeping him here would undoubtedly create variables for the Ducal House that are incomparable to my presence."

Creed was a successor to the throne.

Yet, in the eighth round, he had grown up in Eseled and emerged into the world without any issues in his manners and was very strong.

"Have you found any use for him?"

Lark's eyes narrowed.

"Why do you think that?"

Navia, her eyes as sharp as the day she first arrived and negotiated with Lark, continued.

"You said it yourself. You don't care much whether he's a prince or not. Then, you would have simply dealt with him if he was just a troublesome and risky presence."

Yet, he took him in.

Navia paused.

'The Duke's sole desire is to protect this place.'

Lark's only weakness was an unknown illness.

"…Does Creed's magic have something to do with your illness?"

If she were to point out anything unusual about the current Creed, it would be the visibly fluttering blue magic.

'I've never seen such a phenomenon.'

What could be the cause of this?

If Creed had undergone some experiment, resulting in a peculiar anomaly, and this was why the Empress called him a 'monster.'

Navia speculated that Lark's illness wasn't typical but rather a unique type, like a magic reflux disease

Lark frowned at Navia's words.

"Your reasoning skills are quite impressive."

No, it was beyond impressive; it was astounding.

"Yes. That guy's existence is definitely beneficial for me."

Navia nodded her head.

"Then, I think it's best to protect and raise Creed in Eseled."

However, there was a problem with this.

"But if Creed's existence is discovered in such a state, Eseled could be accused of treason."

"That's likely."

Therefore, the key was to avoid external attention and turn Creed into a normal person with rationality.

Navia asked.

"Can we educate Creed successfully?"

"Well, it's possible with some time."

Lark answered nonchalantly, lightening Navia's expression.

"That's a relief, really......"

Her murmuring tone seemed different from mere sympathy for a boy.

It was not just sympathy or pity... but affection.

Lark wiggled his eyebrows and asked.

"Did you fall for him?"


Navia furrowed her brows at the unexpected question.

Lark spoke as if dealing with a daughter who had just come of age, despite being only eight years old.

"Certainly, despite his state, he is quite handsome."

"What? No, Your Grace, that's not..."

"But his lineage is terribly poor. I'm against it."

"What are you talking about......!"

Navia, ignoring etiquette, held her forehead.

'Why has the conversation taken such a turn?'

There was not even the slightest romantic feeling towards Creed. After all, he was only seven years old, right?

'Even if that wasn't the case, considering the years I've lived, it would be impossible to marry and live as a couple.'

Navia shook her head in denial.

"I might become independent someday, but I will never marry Prince Creed."

Lark grimaced at the mention of independence. He recalled Navia saying she would leave here by marrying and gaining independence at fifteen. It was her way of leaving so as not to become a weakness for Eseled.

Even at fifteen, it was still a ridiculously young age for marriage, as if she was a sacrificial offering.

"You don't need to marry."

Precisely, it meant there was no need to marry forcibly.

But as Lark had omitted the context, to Navia, it sounded like he meant there was no need to marry Creed.

'Fifteen years old? That's unacceptable. Even 15 years from now would be too soon.'

Even after 15 years, Navia would only be twenty-three years old.

'I wish she would appear before then...'

If Camilla appeared, he planned to propose to her to become the mother of his daughter, saying he had a daughter in her absence.

That woman would surely come to like Navia.

'Even a guy like me has come to like her.'

Navia was a lovely child who could captivate everyone, from the vassals to himself.

It seemed only she was unaware of that fact.

The opposite was also true.

The woman he had come to love would surely be embraced by Navia's warmth.

Thus, we could become a family.


Lark suddenly hid his arm under the table at the onset of a crack and drank his medicine with the other hand.

"...Are you in pain again?"

"It's okay now."

Navia looked at him with a worried and gloomy expression.

Lark smiled reassuringly and ruffled Navia's hair with his hand, the one not affected by the crack.

"Let's play house some other time."

He wanted to play with the child, but he thought it was more important to focus on research to extend his lifespan.

"So, whether it's Margaret, Minerva, or Charlotte, take them and play princess with the gifts you received today."


Navia did not argue and hopped down from the chair with a small smile.

Lark opened the bedroom door himself and led her out very politely.

"Then, I'll see you next time, Miss."

Navia laughed softly at the elegant manners of someone who disliked formality and gracefully performed a courtly gesture, lifting her nightgown slightly.

"I had a great time today, Your Grace. See you next time."

At her incredibly dignified and cute appearance, Lark shook his head and laughed.


Navia glanced back as she returned to her room.

Lark's bedroom door was firmly closed.

Staring at the door, Navia turned her head forward with a darkened gaze.

'I'm missing something important.'

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