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Chapter 114 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

Teacher Isamaya said, "Kraken knows. Turning 'Indus' into an enemy in Constel right now is very dangerous. The public won't believe that Indus, known as the ally of the common people, is involved in crime. Above all, Indus has a different 'face' they show to the public. As long as their criminal activities are not exposed, it will merely be treated as an individual's solitary crime."

Hearing this, Jane paused to think.

It's certainly difficult to turn against Indus right now. However.

"But we came to know. That Indus is an organization that commits crimes. Of course, Indus itself let this slip, but they never wanted it to come to this in the first place."

At Jane's words, Isamaya nodded.

"Yes. That's why Indus needed the 'business cards', even if it meant being exposed by Constel. It was a very important item for their plan."

"The original owner of that business card was 'Serf Daniel.' He was with Indus from the beginning. Meaning, the plan had been in preparation long before since Serf was involved with Indus."

What Indus intended to do is unknown. However, if the 'business card' was essential for their plan, it's not hard to imagine.

"A large-scale... chaos, taking advantage of the confusion to achieve their original goal."

"Or the chaos itself could be the goal."

A few teachers crossed their arms and raised their heads, organizing their thoughts after hearing the information.

"But speaking of Student Frondier."

Amidst this, an out-of-place comment was heard. It was Pascal.

"Is this his first time getting involved in an incident or something?"

Pascal, who hadn't been at Constel for long, asked out of curiosity.

But as if on cue, all the teachers of Constel shook their heads.

"Frondier tends to be at the center of incidents, actually."

At someone's words, Malia burst into laughter. She couldn't deny it, even about her own son.

"Hmm, I see."

After saying that, Pascal brought his hand to his mouth, as if he had something on his mind.

In the meantime, Isamaya said to Jane.

"Miss Jane, you seem to have it tough. The student in question is from your class, 5th class, right?"

"Yes. But it's okay. The child isn't bad, and the skills..."

The skills...

That reminds me, is Frondier strong?

The end of the semester briefly comes to mind. The final exams where Frondier showed astonishing performance and took first place.

After the semester ended, her memories became vague, but Frondier's strength was immeasurable, unfamiliar in every way.

"…Well, anyway, I just hope he doesn't cause any more trouble."

Jane murmured as if she was praying.

* * *

Things started to come together.

Every time I approached students to ask around, they were visibly startled, but if asked politely, they all answered properly. My efforts to improve my image hadn't been entirely in vain.

Combining the rumors circulating within Constel and information brought by the crow, we arrived in front of a classroom corridor.

"This is it."

The crow and I looked at the wall in front of us.

[Quinie de Viet has an extreme phobia of corpses.]

[Quinie de Viet did not enroll in Constel to improve her skills. She is hiding in Constel.]

This was engraved as a magical poster.

Not just I, but quite a few people were already looking at this wall.

Quinie was there too, covering her face with a fan. Though covered, her eyes seemed extremely displeased.


"Ah, Frondier."

"All the recent rumors turned out to be false, so why is this still here?"

Quinie shook her head.

"It's not that it's being left here."


"This poster, it won't come off."

Saying so, Quinie reached out her hand. Mana bloomed from her fingertips. I didn't understand well, but it must be some kind of magic to erase the poster.


With a crackling sound like electricity sparking, Quinie's magic disappeared into the air.

"It's a significant level of security magic. Even if it's properly deactivated step by step, it will take time. Maybe Teacher Binkis or… Edwin could deactivate it."

Even as Quinie explained.

Displeased murmurs from other students could be heard around. Quinie pretended not to hear, but that couldn't be the case. After all, some were meant to be heard.

"Quinie-sunbae, I have something to talk to you about regarding the rumors."

"I don't."

Quinie swiftly turned her head and walked away. I shouted after her retreating figure.

"They're just empty rumors. Don't mind them."

"It's already been three days. Even if I can't remove and erase this entirely, it would have taken another two weeks. Gregory's rumors will all end up as baseless gossip while this writing remains. I decided to give up."

Quinie continued walking away, swinging her arms.

Her silhouette seemed the same as usual.

However, without being able to see her face, there was no reason to believe that it was her usual silhouette.

At that moment, I heard a voice behind me.

"Ah, Frondier student. You were here."

It was Teacher Jane's voice.

But I had more urgent business to attend to.

"Quinie-sunbae. Let's talk."

"Stop being annoying and do your business. The teacher is calling you."

Quinie continued walking. I glanced at her retreating figure, looked up at the hallway ceiling, and looked at the magic poster.


Weaving, simultaneous duplication

Imperial Armory

Spear, twelve units of the same kind

Crack, boom───!!

I smashed the wall. The poster and everything else was blown away and the cool wind blew in refreshingly from the open air outside.



The eyes of the surrounding students all opened wide. Behind me, I could hear Jane shouting, "Frondier, what are you doing?!"

Only after I broke the wall did Quinie stop walking, look straight at me and showed me her face in surprise, forgetting to hide it with her folding fan.

I met Quinie's eyes, which were staring at me as if I were crazy, and spoke again.

"Let's talk, Quinie-sunbae."

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