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Chapter 115 Part 2 - The Mysterious Art Museum

"Lea, did you have a good day today?"


As Gabriel stands up, he sees Sophia slowly emerging from the house.

She too is looking at the paintings with a pleased smile.

"Honey, you're here?"

Finally, the family of four gathers in front of the house.

It's just an ordinary day, but today, these moments feel exceptionally precious.

Joined by Sophia, the family of four stands in front of the mural.

Their ordinary life, treasured and grateful, is painted on the mural in warm colors.

They stood in front of the painting for a long time.

The smallest member of the family, Lea, spoke.

"Ban asked me to pass on a message."

The gazes of the three family members turn downwards. Lea looks up at her family and smiles broadly.

"Daily life comes together to make life. Our beautiful home is only complete with us in it," she said.

Hearing their daughter's words, the couple exchanged glances and smiled broadly. Leaning on her husband's shoulder, Sophia said,

"It's a really wonderful painting. I was doubtful at first because of the odd things he did. But he must be a truly skilled painter."


"I've prepared dinner, let's go inside. Are you hungry?"

"Yes, very."

"I made plenty, so eat up. Come on, kids, let's go inside!"

The two children run ahead, laughing cheerfully.

The couple, holding hands tightly, also follow the children home.

As Gabriel was following his children home, he stopped, tilted his head, and looked back at the painting.

Sophia, following her husband's gaze, looked at the painting and asked,


"Did Lea just pass on a message from Ban?"

"Yes, she said Ban told her."



"How did she understand?"


Lea, who doesn't speak English.

Ban, who doesn't speak Italian.

How can these two communicate?

Sophia laughed, waving her hand dismissively.

"Monica must have told her, I guess."

"Oh, is that so?"

"Come on, you said you were hungry."

"Uh, okay. Honey! But shall we shower early today?"

"Don't come near, it's disgusting. Go away."

"It would be nice for Lea to have a sibling, don't you think? Lea looks so lonely in the painting in the afternoon alone."

"Don't come closer! I'm already struggling, eek!"

Sophia runs towards the house as if escaping, followed by Gabriel with a mischievous look. The happy moonlight shines on Gabriel's figure.


The next day, lunchtime.

Having painted four murals in one day, my whole body aches. I skipped breakfast and didn't get out of bed until late morning. After a quick wash, I yawned continuously as I went down to the square.

As usual, I went down to Uncle Augusto's restaurant, found a seat, and called him.

"Augusto! Colazione."

I learned recently, thanks to Monica, that breakfast in Italian is "Colazione."

Uncle, who was in the kitchen, poked his head out, waved at me, and then went back into the kitchen. I sat, picking the sleep out of my eyes, and watched the square while drinking a glass of water.

"It's still empty."

Usually, in the morning, you see children going to school and adults going to work, but around lunchtime, it really looks like a ghost town.

Then, from the other side of the square, a lady looked at me and hesitated before approaching.

I didn't pay much attention, thinking she might have some business at the fruit shop or the butcher's, but she kept glancing at me and coming closer.

'Does she have something to do with me?'

I don't know her.

Of course, aside from Uncle Augusto and Lea's family, I haven't talked to anyone else.

The lady crosses the square, comes up to the fence that marks the boundary between the restaurant and the square, and looks at me, saying something.




Is she talking to me?

I looked around and pointed at my chest, asking,

"Are you talking to me?"

She nodded and started talking rapidly, but I couldn't understand a word. Even if she spoke slowly, I wouldn't understand, so how could I with her speaking so fast?

I shrugged and said,

"I don't speak Italian."

She kept talking to me, not understanding that I couldn't understand her. Wondering if she needed help, I tried to understand what she was saying, but it was no use.

Then, from a corner of the square, a grandmother came down.

She slowly made her way down and, seeing me, quickened her pace and said something.

"Yes? Grandmother. I don't speak Italian."

Since we couldn't understand each other, I just spoke in Korean. What does it matter? It's not like she would understand even if I spoke in English.

But the first lady who talked to me started speaking to the grandmother. They didn't seem to be arguing, but their conversation was so fast it looked like they were.

Their expressions weren't bad, so it seemed like they weren't arguing, but what was going on?

Having given up on trying to understand, I just watch the two women, who have excluded me and are rapidly exchanging words, resting my chin on my hand.

'My peaceful morning.'

It's ruined. It's incredibly noisy.

It seems noisier than a crowd of Chinese people.

As the outside gets noisy, Augusto comes out of the kitchen, wiping his hands.

'Ah, now Augusto’s joined in too?'

Augusto also engages in rapid conversation with the two women.

During the conversation, he keeps glancing at me.

I shrugged to indicate that I couldn't understand.

After a moment of thought, Augusto points towards the church and says something to the younger woman.

She quickly nods her head and then scurries off in the direction of the church.

Is it over now?

Hoping for some quiet, I look around and see that the lady has left, but the old woman is now sitting at the table next to me, staring at my face. Uh, this is going to ruin my breakfast. Why is she looking at me like that?

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