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Chapter 119 Part 1 - The Mysterious Art Museum

Rossellini (1)

"Ban, are you doing well with your packing?"

"Yeah, sort of. Didn't bring much anyway."

Tomorrow is the day we go to Milan.

Monica will visit the stores in Milan and then return to the village with the factory, but today is my last day here. Before heading to the factory, Monica, who had come to my lodging with coffee, sits at the table in front of the first-floor window, looking up at the sky.

This house bathed in morning sunlight.

It's not comparable to my home with my brother and mom, but it's too beautiful a place just to stay temporarily, especially with Monica sitting there so prettily.

Monica, pushing a cup of coffee towards me, said, "Can I have a cup of coffee before I go?"

"Of course, this is the lodging you prepared for me. Feel free to stay as long as you like. Anyway, I have plenty of time since I've finished all the murals."

As I sat at the table, Monica rested her chin in her hand and said, "You must have been busy drawing all these past three weeks."

"Haha, yes. I think this is the first time I've drawn so many murals."

That's right.

In the past three weeks, I've completed a painting in a house every day. There were days when I pushed myself to paint two houses. Of course, I've never finished both in a single day because it got too dark, but I still managed to complete about 1.5 houses per day.

There are now twenty-two houses with my murals in this village, including the one on the plaza.

Now, this village can rightly be called a mural village due to the number of murals.

"It seems you wouldn't have had time to think about store design while busy with murals."


That's true.

I had completely put it out of my mind.

It's not that I couldn't think about it because I was busy with murals, but rather that it just didn't occur to me as I was immersed in other things. However, Monica seems quite satisfied with the look of the village, understanding my situation.

"Still, the village has become more beautiful, and thanks to that, people come outside. It's so nice to see them interact with each other like in the old days, sharing stories of their lives. This is all thanks to you, Ban."

"Haha, well, I just wanted to paint. But Monica."


"Now that I think about it, I don't even know the name of your brand. What is it?"


"Oh? Your surname?"



Did I ask something too obvious?

The founder of Chanel was Gabrielle Bonheur "Coco" Chanel.

The founder of Prada was Mario Prada.

The founder of Hermès was Thierry Hermès.

The founder of Versace was Gianni Versace.

Most luxury companies are named after their founders. I think the only luxury brand I know that isn't named after its founder is Bottega Veneta.

This means "Venetian workshop," and Veneta is not a person's name but an Italian place name.

The founders were Michele Taddei and Renzo Zengiaro.

I nodded and asked, "Rossellini's logo is a water lily, right?" [T/N: Previously tled as Lotus, it's actually a Water Lily]


"Do you have a sample?"

"Yes, I do. Just a moment."

Monica searched through her phone gallery to show me the picture.

Previously, she only had sketches as there were no prototypes, but now that the factory has started trial operations, she had produced the water lily logo in wool. The picture showed a wool-made water lily logo that could be attached to clothing.

"Hmm, it's pretty."

I wasn't just saying that.

I don't know anything about fashion, so I did some studying before leaving Korea. The only brand I know that uses flowers as its main motif is MARDI MERCREDI. Despite its French-sounding name, this brand is Korean and relatively unknown abroad since it's a newer brand and not classified as luxury.

Among luxury brands, Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior often incorporate flower designs, but their main brand logos are monograms and logo plays, not flowers.

The clever Monica has used a differentiation strategy to penetrate the well-established luxury brand market.

Monica, resting her chin on her hands, said,

"The business will proceed on two tracks."

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