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Chapter 123 Part 3 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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When Kora started to rampage, most of the students had already detected the abnormality. It was an enormous pressure unlike anything they had ever felt before.

Standing before the tiger was a man,

Someone evacuated, while others headed towards the source of magic.

But in front of them, Selena was shouting, blocking the students.

"Go back! The main entrance is dangerous right now! Absolutely do not approach!"

"What's going on?"

"It's a monster! Don't go to the main entrance until the teachers arrive! Hurry and evacuate! There's no guarantee that this place is always safe!"

Since most students were well aware of the danger of monsters, they obeyed the instructions without hesitation.

Among them was Aten.

"...I'm uneasy."

Following Selena's words, Aten turned her feet towards the back door.

However, today's strange behavior by Frondier troubled her. She thought it was nothing serious since he had left after school, but still.

Then, a bird cut through the air.

"Danger at the main entrance! Danger at the main entrance! A monster has appeared! Everyone evacuate to the back door!"

The bird was a crow. There was no mistaking it even from a distance.

Aten looked quietly at the crow.

"Surely not."

Aten stopped her steps towards the back door.

That crow speaking, there was no mistake. It was a bird tamed by Frondier.

The bird was flying around, alerting of the danger at the main entrance, and if it was Frondier's bird.

Frondier, at the moment.

"Surely not."

Aten sank into deep contemplation. After a while, her steps headed towards the stairs.

Going to the main entrance would be too reckless. It's right to survey the situation from the rooftop.

She wouldn't intervene. Aten had good eyesight, so she would just confirm if Frondier was there.


As she opened the rooftop door and went outside, a huge force of magic grazed her skin. The aura was more ferocious than when she was inside the building.

Aten quickly moved to the rooftop. She focused her mana. The two confronting each other came into view. One was a giant white tiger with thick fur, and the other,


Wearing the Constel uniforms, black hair, a sword in the right hand, and languid pupils.

The man standing before the tiger was,

"...It's not Frondier."

* * *

The teachers also felt the magic power and moved immediately.

The closest one was Malia, who worked in the infirmary.

‘This feeling, somewhere…….’

A terribly dangerous and fierce energy. If not dealt with promptly, it could turn into a major incident.

As that intuition spread, a strangely familiar feeling came to her.

From long ago, a scent that could be called nostalgia.

“Ah, Malia-ssi!”

While she was hurrying, she met another teacher. It was Jane.

“Let’s hurry. It doesn’t seem normal.”

“Yes. These incidents keep happening recently.”

Jane grumbled as she walked. In fact, Jane’s face had been getting thinner by the day.

“……Speaking of which, all the incidents recently involved Class 5 students.”

“Not Class 5! Frondier keeps getting involved!”

Jane corrected her.

After all, it was only Frondier that was involved and most of the other Class 5 students had nothing to do with it. At most, maybe Aten. The problem was that Frondier was in Class 5.

“Please, not Frondier this time.”

Jane muttered in a prayerful mood. In the meantime, she was faithfully drawing up her mana as a precaution.

And when Jane and Malia arrived, they saw a very strange sight before their eyes.

In particular, Malia rubbed her eyes and looked again.

“……Oh my.”

An involuntary interjection escaped from her mouth.

Of course, what came into view first was the appearance of a giant white tiger with a body that was huge and fierce.

However, Malia’s thoughts stopped for a moment when she saw the face of the man facing it.

What captivated Malia’s gaze was not the sword he was holding. It was his face.

──The man was Enfer.

With the face he had when he was very young, over 10 years ago, he stood in front of the white tiger.

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