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Chapter 124 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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Osprey opened his mouth.

"Protect the man. We need to hear his story."

The teachers moved in unison.

The man who had subdued the White Tiger wore a Constel uniform. Though it's unclear why he specifically changed his face to Enfer's, it seemed necessary to understand the circumstances.

The teachers slowly approached the man.

He was gasping for breath. In front of the White Tiger, he appeared fearless, but perhaps that too was a bluff to subdue the White Tiger.

The leading teacher said,

"Thank you. You've prevented a major incident. We'll lend you a hand,"

Given the situation, it was clear that the man had exhausted his power to calm the White Tiger. It was only natural for the teachers to be kind to him.

However, the man raised his hand as if to say, do not come closer. His tired expression was evident on Enfer's face, making the teachers involuntarily tense.

They only knew him by Enfer's face, but the resemblance was uncanny.

"Let me do it."

Then, someone stepped forward as if to protect Frondier. It was Quinie.

"The one who received the most help from him is me. I will support him, so teachers, please step back."

"…Hmm. However, Quinie. We also need to know the situation."

"I will explain everything later. His condition isn't good. Please excuse us first."

"Wait, just a moment, student."

As Quinie tried to move, a teacher blocked her way.

Quinie sighed. She looked at the teacher with deep, sunken eyes.

"…It's after school now."


"After school, you know. Teachers of Constel."


The teachers understood its meaning and hardened their expressions.

Quinie was now acting as the head of Viet, not as a student. Being called a teacher is just a formality.

"Lady Quinie."

Then, Osprey, who was on the rooftop, spoke up.

"What, headmaster?"

Quinie shot her a sharp, piercing look, to which Osprey laughed good-naturedly.

"Take good care of him."


Quinie didn't respond and supported Frondier.

She unfurled her fan and with a swift flick, leaped high into the air.

In the presence of the watching teachers, the two of them disappeared.

* * *

Immediately after being supported by Quinie, Frondier lost consciousness. Quinie brought him to the mansion and laid him in bed.

She thought of Kora, but the teachers would take care of her, so she was probably safer. Although she had gone on a rampage, she hadn't caused serious harm to the surroundings, so it should be fine.

However, regarding the White Tiger's beastkin, the unpredictability of when she might rampage was a concern, and what decision the teachers would make about it was uncertain. But for now, it was fortunate that she was alive.


Quinie sat by the bed and called out to Frondier.

Frondier was sound asleep. According to the doctor's examination, there didn't seem to be any major issues. It appeared to be mana exhaustion and severe blood loss. He probably wouldn't wake up easily.

Quinie knew this, yet she called out to Frondier.

She had contradictory feelings, wanting to tell Frondier but also hoping he hadn't heard yet.

"I remembered."

Quinie opened her mouth.

"Everything from 13 years ago. The wolf was actually Kora, and Lord Enfer had stopped her. I still can't remember my father Armel, but at least I know what memories have changed."

The moment she recalled was when Frondier took Enfer's face and held Excalibur. His back figure was so familiar, it pulled out a memory she had buried in the past.

"...You were also there at that time."

After Enfer subdued Kora, a young boy was following close behind him.

At that time, Quinie was just crying. But that boy remembers.

As soon as Enfer confirmed that Kora was completely asleep, he embraced the boy and covered his eyes. He probably didn't want to show a corpse to a child.

However, through the fingers of Enfer covering his eyes, Frondier was looking at Quinie. Until Enfer left the mansion and completely disappeared from view, Frondier and Quinie made eye contact for a long time.

She didn't know what that little boy was thinking. If he felt any sympathy for her crying.

"You remember too."

Quinie looked at Frondier. 4 years old and 6 years old. Those little kids have grown so much and met again.

Remembering that time, Frondier put the rampaging Kora back to sleep using the same method as his father.

Quinie poked Frondier's cheek with her finger.

"How do you remember that? As a 4-year-old."

Moreover, he is acquiring the power to realize it. Could it be for Quinie? To stop Kora from rampaging someday?

"Haha, that's ridiculous."

That's right. It's ridiculous. So this assumption was nothing more than Quinie's delusio . That's what she wished for.

"Frondier, thank you for remembering."

Frondier, who was sleeping, didn't answer.

Knowing she wouldn't get an answer, Quinie was able to talk.

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