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Chapter 124 Part 2 - The Mysterious Art Museum

Many artists create art for the sake of art.

Many fashion designers design for the sake of fashion.

But all of this is wrong.

Art exists for people. It exists so that people can see it, be moved, be shaken, struggle, be happy, or be sad.

I glanced at the car outside the restaurant. I could see Marco, who was eating in the car and glancing this way.

"A few days ago, I asked Marco to guide me to the fashion street."

Monica waits silently for me to continue.

"There were so many fabulous stores. Especially, the one with the giant Medusa sculpture was really cool."


"Yes, that one."

"Such a cool store."

"The mannequin in the display window wore a black dress with golden embroidery. The dress was really stylish."

"That brand's dresses have a certain chic charm."

I nodded and tapped the table.

"But you know, Monica, at that very moment I was looking at the window display, a customer came out of the store. She was wearing that very dress I was looking at."

"And then?"

"She looked like a model. Really tall and slim. Although her face wasn't my type."

"Haha, not critiquing her looks, are you?"

"Of course not."

"So, what happened then?"

I leaned my chin on my hand and grinned.

"I compared the dress in the window with the one she was wearing. No matter how good the figure, it can't be as perfect as a mannequin, right?"

"Hmm, true."

"But that dress looked most beautiful when worn by a person."


"Someone once said that flowers are most beautiful in their natural environment, among grass and trees, by the wind and the pond, rather than plucked and placed in a pretty vase. There's no need to forcibly paint something already beautiful in an ugly place. Same goes for fashion. Clothes look most beautiful on people."

"That's a good point."

I smiled and tapped the table again.

"What's the logo for your brand, Monica?"

"Water lily."

"Where do water lilies look most beautiful?"


Monica falls silent. After a moment of thought, her face brightens.

"The pond! My goodness, Ban! You're transforming the entire store into a pond!"


Monica, realizing that I've been thinking about fashion and humanity in my designs, beams with joy. I smile broadly and say,

"Right now, we're the laughing stock because of the ridiculous groundwork. But so what? As long as we get attention. People already seem curious about what kind of store will emerge."

If the absurd work ends up being absurd, it would be foolish. But if a meticulously calculated process looks absurd in the middle, that's not a problem at all. Monica laughs heartily and gives a thumbs up.

I say to her,

"Water lilies are beautiful next to the verdant pond. Why bring something beautiful to an ugly place to force it into a painting?"

"Exactly, Ban. I've always had faith in you."

"Faith? As if. You asked me with your eyes several times. I spoke up first because I had to."

"Haha!! Seriously!"

Monica laughs so hard she clutches her stomach.

Cicci, unable to hear our conversation from afar, looks at us curiously.

I give Cicci a sly smile, then turn to Monica.

"Just wait, I'll change those mocking glances into awe."

Monica stops laughing and gazes at me intently, smiling.

"I'll always believe in you, Ban, as I always have."


A few days later, on the streets of Milan.

Two young women, arm in arm, walk down the street.

"Rafaella, let's go this way this time. I heard Prada's new collection just came out."

"Sure, Katie. But this area feels a bit barren. No fountains around?"

"Because it's inside. There are some in the central area."

"Really? Then let's walk that way."


The two women, Rafaella with long brown hair and Katie with short black hair, attract the gazes of many men as they walk, their beauty undeniable. As they stroll, enjoying the attention of passersby, they suddenly stop.

Rafaella, with eyes wide, exclaims in awe.


"What's that? It's so beautiful."

The place they are looking at.

A store under construction, without any sign.

It resembles a serene, blue, gently rippling pond.

The ceiling and walls create an illusion of being surrounded by water.

Then they overhear the conversation of two male passersby.

"Just a few days ago, it looked bruised and unsightly, but it has suddenly changed. Art is truly amazing."

"The people who were mocking it on social media have gone quiet. I saw it this morning; even though the construction isn't finished, many are curious about what brand it is and are asking."

"What brand is it?"

"I don't know, there's an Asian inside painting, but he doesn't speak Italian."

"An Asian?"

"Seems like a painter."

Hearing this, Raphaela and Katie exchange looks, their eyes brimming with curiosity. The two, with identical inquisitive expressions, exclaim simultaneously.

"Let's take a photo!"

"Then post it on social media quickly! Won't it get a lot of likes?"

"Let's try to include the Asian painting flowers inside in the photo."

"Could he be famous?"

"Of course! Who else could fill this entire large store with water? He must be a famous painter! Let's take the photo quickly!"

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