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Chapter 125 Part 2 - The Mysterious Art Museum

A fashion brand CEO striving to revive her hometown. Even the brief description would attract people's interest. In Italy, which is becoming increasingly urbanized, such heartwarming news is hard to come by.

Isabella, gesturing at the square's mural, asks,

“Did Monica paint that mural too? Considering she graduated from the Florence Academy of Art, it's understandable she has the skill.”

Mr. Augusto waves his hand at the mural.

“That? No, Monica didn’t paint that.”

“So, was it painted by another artist at Monica’s request?”

Mr. Augusto tilts his head, pondering for a moment.

“Well, it's a bit complicated.”

“We have plenty of time. Please take your time to explain.”

“Well, it was indeed painted by an artist Monica brought here.”


“But Monica didn’t ask him to do it. The artist just painted it.”

“For free? Such paintings?”

Isabella and Romano simultaneously turn their gazes to the mural. A large mural in the style of the Impressionists. It was not the work of an amateur who wanders around painting murals for free.

Mr. Augusto says with a laugh,

“He was given bread and fruit as a gift, but yes, he painted it for free. And it's not just that one.”

Isabella turns her head sharply towards him.

“Not just one?”

“There are over twenty paintings in different locations.”

“Twenty? Large murals like that one?”

“Smaller than that one, but they’re quite big too. Like that one, they change with the time of day, capturing the landscape of the house. You should take a look around before you leave.”

As a customer in the restaurant raises their hand, Mr. Augusto stands up.

Isabella, still staring at him, quickly tells Romano,

“First, take photos of the square's mural.”


Romano goes to the center, asks the playing children for permission, and takes photos of the mural from the best angle. Isabella finishes her coffee quickly, pays, and leaves the restaurant.

“Before we go to the factory, let's see if there’s anything we can use for the article around the mural.”

Romano, checking the photos he took, exclaims,

“Wow, what is this? It’s as if Monet himself was reincarnated and painted this.”


“Look, doesn’t it resemble the style of the Impressionists?”

Isabella, not entirely unimpressed, had brought Romano as a photojournalist. He was among the best at Vogue Italy, capable of taking photos that could grace the cover of any magazine. The photo on the screen, with the mountains and cathedral in the background, was no exception.

“Let's check out the other places too.”

The two disappear down the side street next to the cathedral in the square.

Shortly after, they reappear in the square.

Romano, his face full of admiration, checks the photos on his camera's LCD screen and says,

"In my career as a journalist, I’ve been to many mural villages, but this is the most beautiful one I've ever seen. It could be developed into a tourist spot. There isn’t a single place here that isn’t beautiful."

"We don't have any lodging facilities."

"If it becomes a stopover on the way to the south..."

"That’s a good idea. We’ll include that in the article."


As they head back towards the restaurant, Isabella murmurs,

"But who could it be? A painter capable of such work. Do you have anyone in mind?"

"Not at all. Nowadays, artists aren't interested in beautiful paintings."


Uncle Augusto, smiling as if asking if they had seen everything, waves at them. The two rush over and ask,

"Master, do you know the name of the artist who painted the murals?"

Uncle Augusto raises his thumb and says,

"Ban, the artist Ban from Korea."

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