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Chapter 127 Part 1 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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Personal Meeting (2)

If Osprey called me in to see him, he must have been somewhat sure of things.

He must have seen my face, hidden by the mask pack.

I prided myself on not being caught by almost anyone at Quinie, but Osprey wasn’t part of that ‘almost’, it seemed.

“Well? Just give me your answer.”

Osprey said that it didn’t matter if I lied.

That meant that he was either confident in his ability to see through lies, or he had already made up his mind.

In either case, it made no sense for me to lie here.

However, there was something I could try first.

“Before I answer, can I ask you something?”

“Go ahead.”

“Whatever my answer is, will it have no impact on my daily life?”

If I answered, would that be the end of it?

Or did Osprey want to hear my answer for something he wanted to do?

I thought it was the latter, and I was right.

“…Kukuk, you’re sharper than you look.”

Osprey laughed, like a grandfather. It oddly seemed to fit him and not fit him at the same time.

“There’s a plan in the works right now, you see. We need your power.”

“…What’s the plan?”

At my question, Osprey looked at me sharply.

“Do you know what Indus is?”


It was developing faster than the game and my expectations, but it wasn’t bad.

No, it was rather good, I’d say.

“I know.”

“How much do you know about it? As much as everyone else?”

“Among those who are not part of it, no one knows more about Indus than I do.”

“Kukukuk, how impudent. That’s the answer I wanted to hear.”

Osprey nodded. He still had a small smile on his face, but now that I knew the contents, even that smile was creepy.

“We’ll be clearing out Indus.”

Osprey spoke softly. His tone was completely devoid of emotion.

I felt a chill, but I wasn’t surprised.

“…I see.”

“You’re calm about it.”

“As I mentioned, I know a lot about Indus.”

Good, good, Osprey nodded.

“Then you must also know why we’re making this move now?”

“Because you’ve caught their tails, or rather, you’ll be able to soon.”

Osprey seemed surprised by what I said.

"You really do know a lot."

I had recently subdued Armel, who was responsible for erasing Indus's memories.

Now, Indus would not be able to commit bold crimes. At least, they wouldn't touch plans with a decent chance of failure.

This would lead Indus to two possible courses of action.

Either keep hiding or believe that the time for 'revolution' has come and start the process.

Choosing the former would be idiotic, and the latter, insane.

So, Indus's choice would be the latter.

"And for that plan, we need your abilities. Ah, of course, if you are that 'young Enfer'."

Osprey said with a smile.

He was sure of it. Sure that I was the one.

"So, what do you say? I think I have said enough."

Indeed. It was helpful.

What I should answer.

I slowly opened my mouth.

"That's correct."


"I was standing in front of Kora at that time."

I answered calmly, and a flicker of interest appeared in Osprey's eyes.

"Then, that sword too?"

"Exactly the sword you are thinking of."

Osprey had been holding a book about the 'Legend of King Arthur' just before.

Of course, he was probably reading it, but there was obviously an intention to show it to me.

He already knew everything, so go ahead and spout nonsense, was the silent pressure.

"I used Excalibur to stop Kora's rampage."


Osprey laughed, seemingly satisfied.

He seemed to like that I wasn't playing dumb or denying it.

"What's the reason you've been hiding it until now? It seems you have a bad reputation within Constel. Why hide such an achievement?"

Yes, I expected such a question.

The soundproofing magic here probably had that intention too. To speak frankly, at least to Osprey.

But I couldn't do that.

There are several reasons why I hide my weapons and abilities, but one of them is that I become too vulnerable if my identity is exposed.

I cannot handle situations or opponents beyond what I have anticipated.

I cannot defeat a swordsman who has achieved high accomplishments through bloody training, nor can I defeat a genius magician who flaunts intuitive talent.

‘It’s not always a good thing to demonstrate your strength, I learned that through and through while playing as Aster.’

Considering how much Aster Evans as the protagonist of the game got fettered by his talent and fame, there was no way I could reveal it all the more.

The position of Frondier who can procure all kinds of weapons while being able to move more freely is extremely advantageous.

“No choice but to hide it. After all, it’s a pearl necklace around a pig’s neck.”

“A pearl necklace around a pig’s neck? Not just anyone can easily possess magic power of that level. It’s even harder to fully release that magic power into force. I’m impressed.”

Osprey seemed to take my words as just being humble.

So, it starts from here.

The point where I start lying.

“I don’t possess that much mana, though.”

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