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Chapter 13 Part 1 - A Depressed Kendo Player Possesses a Bastard Aristocrat

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The Princess

Inside the carriage heading to Building 2, where the lecture was being held,

I was checking the reward for the main quest I had completed yesterday.

“Status Window.”


[Main Quest]

Title: Power Up

[Quest Complete]

[Check Reward]

I thought the reward was just the Lament sword I got yesterday, but it seems there’s something else.

The reward was definitely [?????].

I was curious, so let’s check it out.


When I clicked the ‘Check Reward’ text box, a mechanical sound rang, and a new window popped up.

It was an orange-hued window, different from the usual blue ones.

At the top of the orange window, these words were written:


The ‘status window’ used by Allen, the protagonist of the novel [Sorrow-erasing heroes], had two main functions:

First, ‘Information Check,’ which showed his stats, status, and other information.

Second, ‘Shop,’ where he could purchase various skills and items.

I couldn’t find the Shop no matter how thoroughly I checked the status window,

but it seems it was a function added as a main quest reward.

‘Come to think of it, Allen didn’t start using the Shop system until the latter half of Volume 1…’

The Shop might seem trivial, but it was a crucial ability.

It allowed you to purchase everything from daily necessities to weapons, effects, and skills, tailored to the situation.

The only downside was that the cost-effectiveness was poor, requiring an excessive amount of points…

But it was undoubtedly the most helpful ability I could have.

“…Ah, right, there was this too.”

I closed the status window and reached out into the air.

Then, I called the name of the weapon I had obtained yesterday in my mind.


And then,


A dark blue sword appeared in mid-air.

The moment it materialized in my hand, it let out a strange noise, its dark blue blade trembling.

“Stay still.”

I tightened my grip, suppressing the tremor.

Then, I slowly stroked the scabbard, soothing its sharp nerves.


Soon, Lament ceased its fierce noise.

As I watched it purr like a cat in response to my gentle touch, I muttered quietly,

“This is a really useful feature.”

A unique ability possessed by weapons of Mythic rank or higher.

Subspace Storage.

With this ability, I could keep the fact that I possessed Lament a secret.

Another advantage was that, unlike other swords, there was no need to carry it around.

“It’s too risky for Lament to appear this early.”

I could become a target for relic hunters.

Or the demons might target me, seeing me as a new hero.

So, even though I had obtained it, I had no intention of actively using it.

Unless it was a truly dire situation, Lament wouldn’t be leaving its scabbard.

“Of course, that doesn’t mean I’m going to completely neglect it.”

Lament’s special skills.

I could use them just by holding the hilt.

In other words, I could use the skills even while Lament was stored in its scabbard.

Since the scabbard had the function of concealing the divine aura,

no one would recognize Lament unless I drew the sword myself.

“…I wish I never had to use the special skills, though.”

But that was probably wishful thinking.

Unwanted situations always arose.

I sighed lightly and stroked Lament.

Thinking about the countless dangers

that would soon come my way.


Meanwhile, at that time,

near Building 2 of Reynolds Academy,

a girl was walking briskly across the plaza.


Elegance that didn’t waver despite her hurried pace.

Golden hair, like molten sunlight, shimmering brilliantly with each step she took.

Blue eyes that held the tranquility of the sea.

An impression that was both gentle and cold.

Her beauty was enough to draw gasps of admiration from those who beheld her.

The girl was walking with a somewhat irritated expression.

Behind her, a woman followed closely.

She was a mature-looking woman with short brown hair, appearing to be in her mid-twenties.

The woman chased after the blonde girl with quiet steps, saying,

“Your Highness, your pace is too hasty.”

“Don’t worry, Alice. I won’t trip.”

The First Princess of the Empire, Lucy von Lietro.

That was the identity of the blonde girl.

“You seem unusually emotional today. May I ask the reason?”

Alice, the chief maid of the imperial family, tilted her head, puzzled by Lucy’s response.

Lucy was known for her childlike and innocent personality,

but she hadn’t shown this side of herself in recent years.

At Alice’s question, Lucy stiffened for a moment.

Then, she frowned and replied,

“That person… I heard he’s back at the Academy.”

“By ‘that person,’ you mean…”

Alice finally remembered.

The news about a certain boy who had been causing quite a stir lately.

Lucy’s old acquaintance, the delinquent who had become her nemesis.

“You’re talking about Young Master Lishite.”


A fiery glint flashed in Lucy’s eyes.

“After sullying the name of the Blue Bloods like that, he has the audacity to come back.”

It’s utterly disgusting.

Lucy muttered, clenching her fists.

Alice sighed inwardly at the sight.

She was usually a kind and benevolent person,

but why did she always react this way whenever that boy was mentioned?

“…As I’ve said before, he’s someone Your Highness no longer needs to concern yourself with.”

“I’m going to teach him a lesson today.”

“I understand you’re still hurt by what happened in the past, but…”

“Just the thought of it makes me feel better.”

“You’re not listening, are you?”

Despite the maid’s concern, Lucy was lost in her own thoughts.

Alice eventually gave up and played along with the girl’s words.

“So, what do you mean by ‘teaching him a lesson’?”

“During today’s ‘Practical Combat’ class… I’m going to challenge him to a duel.”

“A duel, you say.”

A duel.

Not a light spar between students,

but a duel between nobles.

Needless to say, the implications of such an act were significant.

“Do you have something you want from him?”


Lucy said with a twisted smile.

“As a consequence of his defeat, I’m going to have him expelled from the Academy.”

“As expected. I think that would be a fitting punishment.”

Lucy nodded several times at Alice’s affirmation and resumed walking.

As the summer breeze blew past her, the blonde girl recalled memories of the past.

Memories of her once close friend,

Raiden Lishite.




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