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Chapter 13 Part 1 - Raising the Princess to Overcome Death

Minseo was trapped in [Raise Lena], failing means to restart in a different scenario. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Fantasy,Game,Time Loop

Childhood Friend - Nebis

The newly contracted merchant caravan set off.

As they got closer to the capital, Nebis, the number of small villages and towns increased, forcing the caravan to stop their carriages numerous times.

It was fortunate that they had some leeway in their pockets. Lena and Leo took the opportunity to leisurely sightsee every few days whenever they rested, and Leo subtly encouraged Lena to drink.

Demos Village was somewhat strict about alcohol, not serving it to anyone underage. Although young people would secretly try to get their hands on alcohol, they would be severely scolded if caught.

As a result, the diligent Lena had never tasted alcohol before.

Leo had made up his mind and brought a whole barrel of beer back to their lodgings.

As he set down the barrel and rummaged around, pulling out mugs, Lena licked her lips in anticipation, but with a nervous glance downward, she asked,

“Are you sure it’s alright for us to drink this? We’ll get in trouble…”

“By who?”

“By, you know… Lord Binar…”

Binar was one of the five gods worshipped by the Holy Cross Church, known as the god who guided against evil deeds.

Leo, embracing the role of the devil himself, tempted her.

“Even the priests drink wine when they offer sacrifices.”

“Well, that’s true.”

“Think of it as practice. Come on, you're going to be a priest someday anyway. Besides, we’ll be of age in a few months. I’m sure Lord Binar will understand this much.”

Lena, swayed by his words, took the mug he offered and fiddled with it.

She had been curious about alcohol for a long time. The adults in the village would often laugh and seem happier after drinking it.

Unable to resist any longer, she lifted the mug.

“…Is that so?”

“Yes, yes. Just a little sip. There’s a reason why adults enjoy it so much.”

The first drink shared with a close friend was special.

Leo reminisced about a vague memory as he filled Lena’s mug. He was also bored out of his mind, having to stay in this uneventful village for two days.

Lena cautiously tilted the mug and brought it to her lips.

“Hmm! It has a strange taste.”

Seeing her gulp down the beer with an unguarded expression, apparently finding it to her liking, Leo chuckled inwardly.

Just as planned.

“But Leo~ I feel a little dizzy after drinking this.”

“I heard that’s the appeal.”

He said nonchalantly, taking a sip of his beer. He made sure to subtly control how much Lena was drinking.

As expected, Lena became more talkative as she got slightly tipsy.

It was the perfect environment to ask about the past without arousing suspicion.

Leo casually steered the conversation towards the past.

“Lena. Remember that time, two years ago, in summer? Remember?”

“Ah! That~ I don't really remember~ At that time, you~”

“Right, right. That’s what happened!”

Drunk on the beer, Lena began to spill memories of the past. Memories that Leo had no knowledge of, moments from the past that she vividly remembered, came pouring out.

The time the two of them dragged Cokoren along, only to be scolded by the village elders, the time Leo saved Lena when she fell into the valley stream, the time he was bored and messing around with the bell while Lena was studying at the church, causing the village boys to rush over thinking there was a fire…

Strangely, as he listened to her recollections of their past, Leo felt a strange sense of fulfillment.

It felt like he was becoming the real Leo, piece by piece.

‘I am not Leo.’

This premise always brought him a sense of unease.

Maybe it would be easier if he could just accept that ‘This is a game and I am Leo!’, but he couldn’t abandon this premise.

It was the least he could do to maintain a wall between them, for Lena’s sake, who would inevitably grow closer to him as the scenario progressed and he assimilated more into Leo’s psyche.

Even without the assimilation, she was bound to fall for him, which made it all the more necessary. This is what it felt like to be faced with someone's genuine and heartfelt affection.

All he could do in return was to erect a small wall.

Because I am not Leo.

Lena leaned forward, her face close to his.

Her small tongue darted around, unable to find its place.

“You know, you… You’re always so good to me! What are you trying to do to me? Huh?!”

As Leo managed his composure and pondered these thoughts, Lena’s words were becoming increasingly suggestive.

And as if her main tactic was to raise her voice, she practically yelled,

“When I become a priest! No, a priestess! Then, what are you going to do? Huh?! I’ll do anything for you!”

“You can bless me, that’s what.”

“Bless you? Bless you? Leo! Just you wait. When I become a priestess, I’ll give you a very special~”

This was entertaining, but it was time to get her to bed. Letting her drink any more would only lead to trouble.

Leo lifted Lena and tossed her onto the bed.

Lena thrashed around, mistaking the blanket for a bikini, before finally dozing off.

As expected, she couldn’t remember a thing she had said the next day.

He made a mental note to warn her about the dangers of drinking someday, but that opportunity never came.

The caravan arrived in Nebis.

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