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Chapter 14 Part 1 - A Depressed Kendo Player Possesses a Bastard Aristocrat

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The Delinquent Doesn’t Hide His Strength

The training ground was located near the main building of Reynolds Academy. Its size was equivalent to several soccer fields combined.

This enormous training ground was one of the prides of Reynolds Academy.

It had state-of-the-art facilities and exterior walls that absorbed mana to cushion impacts.

Equipment and potions of all kinds were readily available.

There was even a medical facility set up to immediately respond to any injuries.

It was an environment where everything needed for training was prepared.

A class for the second-year Raphael class was in progress in this training ground.

For your information, the class name Raphael was taken from the names of saints appearing in the Bible,

but you don’t need to pay much attention to that.

The religious aspects of this world are so complicated that it’ll only give you a headache if you try to understand them.

Anyway, the students of Raphael class were standing in neat rows, their postures impeccable.

Of course, I was among them.

Our gazes were fixed on a slender man standing outside the formation.

“Good to see you all again today.”

A green-haired man who appeared to be in his late twenties.

The professor in charge of the ‘Practical Combat’ course and the homeroom teacher of Raphael class.

Lucas Landlanto.

The large and small scars and lean muscles visible on his arms were a testament to the intensity of his life.

Despite those intimidating marks, he had a gentle demeanor, which spoke volumes about his character.

“As I announced last time, today’s class will be conducted through student sparring.”

He explained the upcoming class in a soft voice.

“Pair up with whomever you want. Then, one team at a time will come forward and spar, and I’ll provide feedback and areas for improvement for each of you.”

Lucas gave us five minutes to choose our partners and watched us with a subtle smile.

At first, the students hesitated and didn’t move,

but as time passed, they started looking for their partners.


I just stood still.

No one would want to pair up with me anyway, so I figured I’d just wait and spar with whoever was left over.

I squatted down in a corner, staring blankly at the students who were chatting amongst themselves.

Just choosing a sparring partner, something so trivial, seemed to bring joy to these kids.

Their faces were full of smiles.


…It makes me envious.

You guys are living your 18 years like you should.

My eighteen years are filled with nothing but hellish memories.

Not just eighteen, but seventeen, nineteen,

and all the years before and after.

-Rest? Why would you need such a thing?

-Stop whining and get up, we’re not even halfway done yet.

The voices of nightmares echoed in my ears.

I clenched my jaw and looked away.

Even though the five-minute time limit was almost up, not a single person stood by my side.

‘Well… it’s only natural.’

I gave a bitter smile and brushed my bangs aside.

I just want time to pass quickly.

Standing here alone is so awkward.

As I was feeling self-conscious and staring at the patterns on the training ground floor,

I suddenly heard someone calling my name.

“Young Master Lishite.”


Surprised by the unexpected call, I looked up to see an unexpected figure approaching me.

Long, flowing golden hair.

Blue eyes that seemed to capture the tranquility of the azure sky.

A beauty comparable to Margaret, but with a completely different aura.

I stared blankly at the girl.

Because, strangely enough, I knew her.

Not just Raiden, but Kim Naru knew her too.

“The First Princess…?”

It was Lucy von Lietro, the First Princess of the Empire.

Raiden’s old friend, now turned nemesis.

A minor character who briefly appeared in the original story,

and the older sister of Allen’s love interest, the Second Princess.


The girl I had only seen in the novel and Raiden’s memories was standing before me, looking down at me.

As I stared at her with a mixture of wonder and bitterness,

Lucy took off her glove and threw it at me, saying,

“Young Master Lishite, I challenge you to a duel.”


I stammered, looking at the white piece of cloth that had landed on my shoulder.

A duel.

As anyone who’s read a few medieval fantasy novels would know,

a duel held significant meaning in this era.

Simply put, it was like a bet with a bit more force behind it.

Each participant would wager something they desired and engage in a contest.

The format varied depending on the circumstances, but it was mostly a form of martial arts combat.

The loser of the duel had to fulfill one request of the winner, and there was no way to refuse.

However, the winner couldn’t make unreasonable or unjust demands.

Only demands based on the principles of good and the eradication of evil were allowed.

Surely Lucy knew all this.

After all, Raiden had personally taught her about it.

So the fact that she was challenging me to a duel meant…

“If you lose to me… you will withdraw from Reynolds Academy.”

She must see me as the ‘evil’ of this Academy.

This is insane.

At Lucy’s bombshell declaration, the students’ gazes subtly shifted towards us.

Look at these bastards, not saying a word to my face but whispering behind my back.

Even Professor Lucas was looking at us with a strange expression.

My head was spinning from this dizzying Academy event.


What should I do…?

A duel with the princess? If I accidentally hit her too hard, I could be dragged to the execution grounds for treason!

And if I refused the challenge, I would be branded as a coward.

It would severely damage my social standing.


“I refuse.”


What else could I do but refuse?

I was already socially ostracized; what difference would it make to add more dirt on top?

Besides, it was a duel with the princess!

Even in a noble society, there wouldn’t be a single crazy bastard who would accept this challenge without hesitation.

It wasn’t just a spar; who would duel the princess?

Even if I refused here, everyone would probably understand and let it slide.

…Or maybe not.

“Y-You coward…! Trying to avoid a duel?!”

“I am deeply sorry. Unfortunately, I have been weak-hearted since I was young and am not suited for such grand affairs.”


“I trust Your Highness will understand.”

I could see Lucy’s hand trembling at my brazen response.

I had intentionally spoken in a slightly cheeky manner to provoke her,

and it seemed to be working.

More importantly, did she really think I would accept the duel?

I thought she was just trying to pick on me because she saw the old asshole in me,

but judging from her reaction, she seemed to be serious…?

She’s smart and good at studying, just like her father, but she can be naive at times.

Ah, this was Raiden’s assessment, not mine.

“Then, I’ll go find another partner.”

I couldn’t tell the Empire’s precious First Princess to get lost,

so I decided to leave instead.

However, Professor Lucas, who had been watching us, stopped me.

“Mr. Lishite. I’m afraid you’ll have to spar with the princess, even if it’s not a duel.”


“Look around.”

Puzzled by his cryptic words, I frowned and scanned my surroundings.

The time for finding partners was over, and all the other students had already paired up.

The only ones left were Lucy and me.


Damn it.

I swallowed my words and rubbed my forehead.




Lucy and I were sitting side by side, waiting for our turn.

We were fifth in line.

Right after the fourth spar, which was currently underway.

Even while watching the spar, Lucy would occasionally glance at me.

She couldn’t stay still, fidgeting with her fingers. It seemed that my refusal to duel had shocked her quite a bit.

Well, whatever.

I was only focused on the impressive spectacle unfolding before my eyes.

This spar was between two mages, and I was fascinated by the clash of magic, something I had never seen in my previous life.

Of course, I had acquired most of the knowledge about magic through synchronizing with Raiden,

but seeing it in person was a completely different experience.

As I watched the flames, water splashes, flashes of light, and shadows dance across the training ground, a thought naturally came to mind.

This is amazing…

‘Maybe I should start practicing magic tomorrow.’

As I was pondering that thought,


The bell signaling the end of the spar rang.

The match was decided.

“Next students, get ready.”

Lucas’s voice followed.

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