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Chapter 17 Part 2 - A Depressed Kendo Player Possesses a Bastard Aristocrat

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It was no different today.



I muttered at the loud explosion coming from the side.

It seemed like someone was practicing fire magic. The impact was incredible.

Seven students were gathered together, chanting a long incantation, and a pillar of fire shot up from the ground.

Romantic guys.

The only downside was that it didn’t seem very practical…

“Alright, I need to focus on my own stuff.”

I cleared my head and looked ahead.

There, several magic dummies stood with swords in their hands, staring at me.

Magic Dummy Training.

Magically coated dummies would continuously pop up,

and the training involved defeating them and surviving for as long as possible.

-Clatter, clatter!

Five dummies charged towards me, making a loud noise.

I assumed a stance and closed my eyes quietly.


A long exhale reached the tip of my sword.

I gradually cleared my mind and sharpened my senses.

The agitated mana within my body created a faint ripple around me.

The clattering sounds were now right in front of me.

I opened my eyes sharply.

As my eyelids lifted, I saw three sword attacks rushing towards me.

I leaned back slightly and chanted,



My vision flickered with the sound of sparks.

At the same time, the sharp blades narrowly missed me, cutting through the air.

I seized the opportunity, taking advantage of their disrupted sword paths.


I grabbed the sleeve of the dummy at the front and thrust my sword into its abdomen.

The dummy shattered with a clang, scattering into mana fragments.

As the blue remnants obscured my vision, the remaining dummies charged again.

-Clang! Crack…!!

I easily deflected one,

and engaged in a power struggle with another, our swords locked together.

I saw the dummies splitting up to surround me, but I didn’t pay much attention to them.

Soon, simultaneous thrust attacks came from all directions – front, back, left, and right.

I muttered again,

“Blink ×2.”

I teleported behind the dummy I was locked with

and lightly kicked its exposed back into the path of the incoming attacks.

-Thud! Thud!!

The dummy was skewered by its own allies in a spectacular display of friendly fire.

I adjusted my grip on the sword and moved again.


[Using the skill ‘Blink’.]

A truly short-range teleportation with a mere one-meter range.

It was definitely a flawed ability, but that didn’t mean it was completely useless.

I could use multiple Blinks in succession to jump ten meters, like last time.

Or use it as an escape tool in critical moments.

Or teleport to an opponent’s blind spot and catch them off guard.

‘The problem is that Raiden had absolutely no connection to swords.’

Raiden had never had even a shred of talent for martial arts.

This kind of manipulation required excellent spatial awareness, judgment, and martial arts skills, making it incredibly difficult.

The ability itself was extremely rare, so it would have been difficult to find a proper teacher.


I was different.

I was someone who had almost reached the pinnacle of swordsmanship in my previous world.

I’m confident that I was among the top five swordsmen in the entire history of Kendo.

Although I had lost some of my previous life’s senses after entering someone else’s body,

it didn’t mean they were completely useless.

In short, this one-meter teleportation,

-Crack…!! Slash!

Was a skill that could be quite advantageous for me.


[All available uses of the skill ‘Blink’ have been exhausted!]

[Remaining uses: (0/10)]

[Time until next mana recharge: 2 hours 37 minutes 19 seconds]

Of course, due to my low mana capacity and the skill’s inefficiency, I had to conserve my uses.

Well, it’s better than nothing.

Thinking that, I swung my sword at the approaching dummies.



as Raiden was displaying his brilliant skills, clashing swords with the dummies,

someone was watching him from a distance.

“Amazing. It’s unbelievable.”

Emerald green hair reminiscent of summer foliage.

A lean physique with well-defined muscles.

Lucas, the head professor of the Academy, was observing Raiden with intrigued eyes.

“Did something happen to him during his absence?”

Lucas muttered, stroking his chin.

Raiden, a student in his class and known as the Empire’s worst delinquent.

The boy’s return had shocked the Academy.

Mostly in a bad way.

That’s why most people kept their distance from him, wary.

But Lucas, who had been secretly observing Raiden, could sense it.

That the boy had changed somehow.

He was attending classes diligently, never skipping or being late.

He was average in theoretical subjects, but he displayed exceptional skills in combat.

The uncontrollable delinquent was gone.

There was only an intriguing student in his place.

“…Hmm, but the way he uses Blink is a bit lacking. He could use it more creatively.”

His green eyes curved softly.

“I think I can help him.”

Lucas turned around with a small smile.

Perhaps for the first time,

someone had recognized Raiden’s worth at the Academy.

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