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Chapter 20 Part 1 - Raising the Princess to Overcome Death

Minseo was trapped in [Raise Lena], failing means to restart in a different scenario. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Fantasy,Game,Time Loop

Beggar Siblings - Settling Down

Leo scoured the marketplace, his eyes scanning every nook and cranny.

‘She can’t be that far…’

He weaved through the bustling crowd, searching for Cassia.

She was the one who had shown them kindness without expecting anything in return during the last scenario, the one who hadn't batted an eyelid at Lena's appearance.

When his sister had fallen ill, she had taken them to a shoe shop. He couldn't recall the exact location, as he had been unconscious during their move.

As he had escorted Cassia that night, he had paid attention to their surroundings. The air had reeked of rancid oil and leather, the ground littered with metal shavings. It had been the kind of place where small-time artisans would gather.

The secluded alleyways forced him to be thorough in his search. Thankfully, Lena followed without complaint, but finding the shoe shop proved to be a challenge.

"Hey, why are you two wandering around alone?"

The group of beggars Leo had spotted and avoided earlier in the alley had caught up to them.

Lena, startled, hid behind Leo's back.

"What do you want?"

Anticipating their pursuit, Leo had deliberately led them to a narrower alleyway, hoping to shake them off.

Five beggars blocked his path.

"We see you two at the market every single day. Don't you think it's a bit much? Wherever you're hiding, you always come early and take all the food. We have to share, you know."

The oldest of the group spoke, his shoulder twisted at an unnatural angle, likely broken and left untreated.

A younger beggar beside him chimed in, "Yeah, you always snag the best stuff before anyone else. What are we supposed to eat?"

He looked to be around Leo's age, but just as gaunt and short.

"Are you saying we are harming you? We only took what was offered to us, and we moved aside as soon as you arrived.”

"Listen to this punk, talking back! You think we can hide like you? We've always known the spots where beggars can gather. If we all lived in the market, we'd be chased away, wouldn't we? Right? These two are just selfishly hoarding everything!"

As the young beggar's voice rose, the older one intervened, feigning a calming gesture. Despite appearing insignificant, his touch held a strangely elegant air.

"Calm down."

"But they're breaking the rules!"

"What rules?"

"Come on, you think we can just hide and live like you? There are designated areas for beggars. If we all lived in the market, we'd be beaten and chased away. Am I wrong? These two are just thinking about themselves!"

"Hey, I told you to calm down. They seem new here; they probably didn't know. Don't scare them."

The beggar with the twisted arm stepped forward, subtly asserting his dominance.

"But like my friend said, we need to be mindful of others if we want to survive. There are benefits to sticking together, you know? What do you say?"

He leaned in menacingly. His tone was polite for now, but it was clear he wouldn't hesitate to resort to force if they refused.

Leo, indifferent to their squabble, flatly refused.

"Sorry, but we're not interested. We're actually leaving now.”

"Leaving? Where to?"

"We were looking for someone. Do you happen to know this place?"

Leo described the location of Cassia's shoe shop, prompting one of the beggars at the back to speak up.

"You mean Old Man Ober's place? On Leather Street?"

"Where is that?"

"Go straight down this side street, and when you see the south gate, turn right into the alley. It's the only alley I know that smells like both oil and leather. Everywhere else is too crowded."

"Thank you. We'll be on our way then."

"If you're lying and we see you again, we won't be so nice. Next time…" The young beggar glared, but Leo just scoffed. Even in this frail body, he was confident he could handle a few beggars.

"That won't be necessary."

He could have taught them a lesson, but he let it slide. What good would come from beating up a bunch of beggars? He might even get an achievement like [Ten Beggars Beaten].

He was slightly curious, but he didn't want to experiment in front of Lena. Besides, he felt a pang of pity for these people who resorted to bickering amongst themselves just to survive.

Leaving the muttering beggars behind, Leo continued on his way.


The beggar had been right. As expected, it was a street lined with artisan workshops. Each artisan was busy at work, hammering and crafting in their humble shops. Cassia's shoe shop was tucked away in a narrow alley branching off the already quiet street.

Peeking inside, he saw Cassia sitting by a table, a bored expression on her face as she seemingly guarded the shop.

‘What a pitiful sight.’

She was a strikingly attractive young woman. "Young," of course, being relative to modern standards. In her mid-twenties, her languid eyes, sleek black hair, and delicate eyebrows and lips held an alluring charm.

‘Why is she just sitting there? She isn't making shoes or selling them.’

The shop was tucked away in a secluded location. Dust gathered on the neatly arranged shoes, and it looked like it hadn't seen a customer in ages.

Just then, Cassia beckoned them with a wave of her hand.

"Come in. Stop loitering outside."

"Excuse us."

Lena and Leo, their mismatched shoes shuffling against the floor, stepped into the shop. Cassia gave the siblings a cursory glance before speaking.

"What's with the 'excuse me'? You here to buy something? Though judging by your appearance, you probably can't afford anything.”

Her tone was flat, devoid of any inflection.

"Sorry to disappoint, but I'm not interested in giving handouts.”

"We apologize, but would it be possible for us to stay here for a few days? We can pay," Leo said, taking out the remaining {Starting Funds}.

Silver coins clinked as he placed them on the table, but Cassia remained impassive.

"Don't care where you stole it from, but I don't need it.”

Without even lifting her chin, she used her other hand to stack the coins into a neat pile.

“Not interested in babysitting either."

Leo was taken aback.

“Then… could we at least have some water for her to wash her face?”

“Your sister, huh? What did you drag her through? Water’s over there, along with a towel. Take one coin. And make sure you clean up.”

Cassia pointed to a water bucket placed in the corner, the same spot it had been in before.

As Leo gently washed Lena's face, her true beauty emerged, her skin as white as snow. Water dripped onto the floor and splashed onto their shoes, but Cassia paid no mind, her gaze fixed on Lena.

Leo tried his luck again.

“Excuse me… would it be possible for us to stay here? It’s just… my sister…”

Cassia finally lowered her chin, a thoughtful hum escaping her lips.

“Hmm… She’s a pretty one. Can she talk?”


“Quiet, too. Beautiful and well-behaved.”

She rubbed her chin, tilting her head as she looked at Leo.

“So you’re saying you want to leave her here because she's a handful?”

Lena’s head whipped towards Leo, her eyes wide with fear at the thought of being abandoned. He shook his head vehemently.

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