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Chapter 20 Part 1 - Second Life of a Dragon Raising Hunter

Second Life of a Dragon Raising Hunter, made a deal with dragon to raise her daughter. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Fusion,Fantasy,Dragons,Hunter,Cuteness,FluffThis novel is being dropped due to lack of interest and high difficulty in translation, which makes it not worthwhile. Hope you guys understand...

Yeon-woo and Baek In-hwa, plummeting from an estimated height of 10 meters, were greeted by a figure holding a pickaxe, its silhouette strangely fluid.

"Damn it, what the hell are you!!"

Twisting his body mid-air sent jolts of pain through his muscles, but there was no other choice in this situation. Like a scene from a ballroom dance, Yeon-woo pulled Baek In-hwa close and twisted his waist. Thankfully, they avoided being skewered by the pickaxe, even if it meant tumbling across the floor.

Landing on his side sent a sharp pain through Yeon-woo's body. He desperately held his breath, preventing the air from escaping his lungs as he forced himself up.

Fortunately, the figure with the pickaxe was only slowly approaching them. "Hah," he exhaled, his pent-up breath escaping.

"Baek In-hwa, are you alright...!"

"Thanks to you."

With those words, Baek In-hwa rose to her feet. The calm way she pulled out a box from her pocket and put on white gloves was almost chilling.

Is she angry? Martial artists from Murim are strict about physical contact with the opposite sex, but surely she'd understand the situation...

'Did I break a couple of ribs?'

Leaving the monster to Baek In-hwa, Yeon-woo leaned against the wall to catch his breath. Twisting in mid-air had prevented him from using any falling techniques. He tried, but it wasn't a situation that could be overcome by effort alone.

Still, his week of training seemed to have paid off. Although it hurt, it wasn't unbearable.

Yeon-woo smiled wryly as he watched Baek In-hwa fight. No, it was questionable whether it could even be called a fight, considering how overwhelmingly dominant she was.

A cold air emanated from her slender fingers every time they moved gracefully. The way moisture in the air instantly condensed into sharp ice shards was a feat more befitting a magician than a martial artist.

The cold air and ice shards that scattered from her fingertips struck the man's body. With each hit, the man's body began to freeze bit by bit, until his limbs were completely frozen and immobile.

Should it be called the ice waltz? Her footwork was reminiscent of gently falling snowflakes, and her martial arts felt more like elegant conducting than a rough dispersion of magical power.

Finishing the brief battle, Baek In-hwa stood before the man, her face contorted in disgust.

"...Is this the missing person...?"

"I don't know..."

They had some information about the missing person's name and appearance from the guild. However, the man's current appearance made it questionable whether he was even human, let alone who he was.

He was like a moving doll made of tar... a hybrid of liquid and human, if that makes sense?

There was nothing where his eyes should be, and his nose, mouth, and ears were all misshapen. It was hard to see him as a human.

No wonder he moved so slowly with a body like that. The damp smell emanating from the liquid wasn't pleasant either.

"...Hey, Baek In-hwa. Have you ever seen a monster like this?"

"...No. I don't know."

Baek In-hwa responded to Yeon-woo's question. As a member of the Ice Palace, she should have been familiar with all the monsters reported in academia. However, the fact that she didn't know gave Yeon-woo certainty and, at the same time, a sense of bewilderment.

'I haven't heard of anything like this being discovered around this time.'

With a perplexed expression, Yeon-woo stroked his chin. Baek In-hwa looked at him with suspicion.

But, hmm... No, really?

"Can you listen without being skeptical?"

"...Just tell me."

This was a tricky story. He had no idea how to explain it, how to make Baek In-hwa believe him.

This tar doll is a servant of a certain monster. It's like an extension of that monster, and at the same time, a member of its army.

Yeon-woo swallowed dryly as he looked at the monster that was once human. After a moment of contemplation, he sighed and spoke.

"...Hmm, there's a monster called a doppelganger..."

* * *


The sharp blade of the sword smoothly pierced the tar doll's body. A viscous liquid gushed out.

It was a sight that was hard to describe, no matter how many times he saw it. It definitely wasn't just a lump of tar. The way it was spurting out, it was clearly blood. The lump, its limbs frozen and twitching, soon went limp and melted away...

Baek In-hwa, standing next to him, also frowned at the sight.

"...This is what they're like."

Yeon-woo decided to tell Baek In-hwa everything he knew about these tar dolls.

There was nothing left on the ceiling that resembled a gate. To think that the first gate he entered after returning would be a closed type. Maybe it was some kind of strange fate. Yeon-woo smiled briefly at the thought, but reminded himself that they had to clear the gate to get out.

Naturally, Baek In-hwa didn't take Yeon-woo's words at face value. It was only natural to be suspicious when someone suddenly claimed to know what this was. But what if there was a background to support that information?

"So, that's all the information Shar gave me. Can you believe it?"

Yeon-woo mentioned the dragon contract for the first time. He didn't think she would believe him otherwise.

More than anything, he didn't want to lie to Baek In-hwa about the dragon contract. He couldn't imagine what impact it would have on her, with her limited number of friends, if his lie were to be exposed.

"...Honestly, it's hard to believe. It's more reasonable to think you lured me into a trap."

And that was Baek In-hwa's response.

She seemed uncomfortable, so she must have been harboring such unsettling thoughts.

Yeon-woo could understand her completely. She had agreed to join him on his first outing, and this was what happened. Knowing how many incidents and accidents the young mistress of the Ice Palace had been involved in since she was young, it made even more sense.

"...I'll believe you for now. But if it seems like it's not true, you better be prepared."

"Yeah, that's enough. Let's just focus on getting out of here for now."

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