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Chapter 23 Part 2 - Raising the Princess to Overcome Death

Minseo was trapped in [Raise Lena], failing means to restart in a different scenario. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Fantasy,Game,Time Loop

A strange tension filled Orville after the prince’s departure.

Nobles, merchants, and even the royal family began discreetly purchasing iron and weapons, causing prices to skyrocket.

The curtain had risen on the prelude to war. And its effects were felt even by the families of the back alleys.

Thugs gathered in the darkness.

“Let’s move.”

At their leader's command, Leo and the other thugs of the Corolla Family emerged, each gripping their weapons with grim determination. Some even carried torches, their flames flickering in the darkness.

“We’re under attack!”

A lookout from the Verza Family shouted a warning as he fled, and soon, the thugs from both sides were locked in a fierce brawl.

Leo cut down several opponents in quick succession. The Corolla Family, having carefully planned their attack and outnumbered their enemies, easily gained the upper hand.

The small building, previously used as a warehouse, quickly fell into the hands of the Corolla Family. Inside, they found piles of weapons, shields, and armor.

The Verza Family, who had been illegally supplying weapons, had been enjoying an unexpected boom in business since the prince’s departure.

The Corolla Family, lacking both a supply route for weapons and connections with the lords who controlled the iron mines, had been unable to capitalize on this opportunity.

So, they decided to take advantage of the situation and crush the Verza Family, settling their long-standing grudge stemming from the slave trade.

Naturally, there were no formal declarations of war. The thugs simply stormed in and ransacked the captured warehouse.

“…Think I can buy one of these?”

Leo asked, running his hand along an impressive greatsword he found in the warehouse. The Assault Team Leader chuckled.

“Haha, already eyeing the spoils of war, are we? Be patient, kid. Once we’ve settled everything, I’ll give you a good price.”

He clapped Leo on the shoulder, a friendly gesture.

“You’re one of us now. Even with the way weapon prices are these days, we gotta take care of our own. Besides, I saw you back there. You’ve got some moves with a sword. Heard good things about you.”

It seemed Leo’s reputation had grown, as the Assault Team Leader himself was now looking out for him. Thanks to his newfound favor, Leo was able to acquire a high-quality greatsword at a bargain price.

No more borrowing shoddy swords for him.

Except for the Engagement scenario, where he started with a sword, obtaining a decent weapon was always a struggle in the other scenarios.

But having a good sword in hand filled him with a sense of possibility, a feeling that he could accomplish anything.

Following the Corolla Family’s surprise attack, skirmishes between the two gangs erupted constantly.

It was an all-out war between the two largest families in Orville. Vigilance became paramount, with thugs refusing to let go of their weapons even while eating.

Hatchets flew through the air during guard duty, and someone even attempted to set fire to their lodgings.

[ Achievement Unlocked: Ten Thugs - Become stronger when fighting thugs. ]

[ Achievement Unlocked: Long Live the Corolla Family - Gained minor Favorability with the Corolla Family. Gained minor animosity from families hostile to the Corolla Family. ]

As the fighting continued, Leo unlocked new achievements and even earned a tattoo.

Whether it was a sign of trust or a mark of ownership, the Family's emblem was now etched onto his hand and chest. His wages increased as well.

It was a reward for his actions during the Verza Family’s previous all-out assault, where Leo had held them off single-handedly in a narrow passage, buying precious time for reinforcements to arrive.

It seemed the Corolla Family was now convinced that Leo wasn’t a spy sent by the Verzas.

Taking advantage of his improved standing and a rare break, Leo headed for the leather district.

With the Corolla Family on high alert, restricting their members’ free time and strengthening their defenses, even squeezing in an hour a week was a challenge.

‘I’m not being followed, am I?’

Anxious about potential tails, Leo glanced over his shoulder repeatedly as he entered the leather district. But before he could relax, a burly, middle-aged man stopped him in his tracks.

“Hey, thug. Come here.”

The leather district was under the control of the Rauno Family.

They had never bothered him before, but with the escalating conflict between the two major families, even the Rauno Family seemed to be on edge.

“What do you want?”

Leo discreetly checked the dagger hidden beneath his clothes, but fortunately, the man didn’t seem interested in picking a fight.

“I heard you’re Cassia’s boyfriend? I’ve seen you two together before, so I don’t really care, but don’t bring someone like that into our territory again.”

He gestured with a thick arm towards a nearby alleyway, where a man who had been trying to blend in quickly turned and disappeared into the shadows.

So, he had been followed.

“…Did Cassia tell you that?”

“Of course I asked. What was I supposed to do, ignore a thug from another family walking around our turf with a sword?”

“My apologies. I’ll be more careful in the future.”

As Leo turned to leave, the man seemed to remember something and gave him a once-over.

“You’re a handsome one, I’ll give you that. Take care of Cassia, alright? She’s had a tough life. Seeing her finally show some motivation, hiring a tutor and all… it warms my heart.”


“You should go.”

Leo continued towards the shoe shop.

As always, Cassia was listlessly tending to the shop. But unlike before, there was now a shoe resting on the table in front of her, which she was fiddling with.

“Cassia, I’m here.”

“It’s been a while.”

Cassia, in her mid-twenties, was a slender woman with an alluring aura. Her lips always seemed to glisten with moisture, and her features held a captivating maturity. Her long, sleek hair cascaded down her back, with a strand on the right side always tucked behind her ear, as if out of habit.

“You told him I’m your girlfriend?”

“…You must have seen Ober. When he asked who you were, I couldn’t think of anything else to say.”

Cassia gazed intently at Leo, her dark eyes sparkling with an unreadable emotion.

“I don’t entirely dislike the idea.”

[ Achievement Unlocked: Charmed Cassia - Gained minor Favorability with Cassia. ]

An unexpected achievement popped up.

As if prompted by the notification, Cassia rose from her seat and stepped closer to Leo, her height allowing her to look directly into his eyes.

Her intoxicating scent filled his senses.

“W-What are you doing?”

Leo instinctively took a half step back, flustered.

He couldn’t decipher what was going through her mind. Her eyes, seemingly unfocused, revealed nothing.

Just as Cassia reached out towards him,

“Brother, you’re here?”

Hearing her brother’s voice, Lena emerged from the back room, a flurry of motion and excitement. Seizing the opportunity, Leo turned away from Cassia and greeted his sister.

“Lena! It’s been too long.”

“Have you been busy?”

“Yes, a bit. I’m sorry I couldn’t visit sooner.”

Leo led Lena back into the room.

Cassia watched them go, her expression blank, before returning to her seat.


Once Leo was gone, Lena retreated back into the room, her heart heavy. Though she hadn’t mentioned it, she couldn’t ignore the grim markings that marred her brother’s hands.

His hands were scarred and calloused, and new wounds marred his face.

“I might be busy for a while,” he had said. “Even if I can’t visit often, keep studying hard, okay?”

He had left behind some food and a few sets of clean clothes before disappearing back into the city.

Saddened, Lena gazed up at the low ceiling of her room.

I’m just a burden. Ever since we were little, back when my memories were still hazy, my brother has always carried me along.

She vaguely recalled her brother offering her berries in the forest. And hiding her beneath the walls of a small village while he scavenged for food.

Whenever she fell and scraped her knees, he would lick her wounds until they no longer stung, and if her clothes tore, he would always find a way to get her new ones.

But she had never done anything for him in return.

All she did was follow him wherever he led, eat whatever he provided, stay hidden in this cramped room as he instructed, and diligently study under the tutor he had found for her.

That was all she could do.

‘I want to help him too, but…’

She was old enough to understand their situation now. And with her improved health, she felt strong enough to even run alongside him if she had to.

She had already asked her tutor about it. If she wanted to help her brother, wasn’t there something, anything she could do?

But her tutor had merely offered a troubled expression and advised her that the best way to help her brother was to focus on her studies.

She already knew that much.

Being obedient was the one thing she excelled at.

Her tutor’s answer was no help at all.

‘She doesn’t know how he makes money, does she?’

Lena peeked through a crack in the door.

Cassia was still sitting there, a vacant look on her face.

Her older sister would often wake at noon, spend the entire day in a daze, and then disappear into the night, only to return at dawn.

Judging by her routine of sleeping through the morning, she was undoubtedly involved in something during those late hours.

She was much taller than Lena, but if even her frail-looking sister could handle it, maybe Lena could too.

“Sister, can I ask you something…?”

Lena called out to Cassia.

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