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Chapter 25 Part 1 - A Depressed Kendo Player Possesses a Bastard Aristocrat

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First Princess Assassination Attempt (4)

Genome, a mid-ranking executive of the Seekers.

He was a clever man.

Genome’s exceptional intuition and flexible thinking had made significant contributions to various operations of the organization.

Recognizing his value, the Seekers appointed him as the commander of this assassination mission.

To ensure a calm response even in urgent situations.

To ensure the successful assassination of the First Princess.



The scene unfolding before his eyes made even the quick-witted Genome grimace.

The assassins carefully selected by the Seekers.

These individuals, who could be considered elite in their own right, were being hunted down one by one.

And by a single boy, no less.

-Clang!! Crackle…!

It was fortunate that the boy had lost his mind.

If he had possessed calm judgment on top of his savage swordsmanship,

the operatives inside the barrier would have already been annihilated.

Genome reorganized their formation, adopting a defensive stance as much as possible.

He had changed their strategy.

Instead of trying to deal with the ferocious monster in front of them,

they would buy time and wait for the tables to turn.

After all, time was on their side.

The remaining duration of the ‘Absolute Domain’ scroll was, at best, four minutes.

If even a single operative survived until the barrier was deactivated, the Seekers would be victorious.

Once they were freed from the mana restriction, a mere boy wouldn’t pose any threat.

They would swiftly eliminate the boy and then capture and kill the princess.

“Everyone, stall for as long as possible.”

Genome came up with the best course of action given the circumstances.

However, that plan began to crumble as soon as it was put into action.

-Those clumsy attacks won’t work anymore.

-And which side is currently being turned into mincemeat?

-Now, only three remain…

The monster was regaining his senses.

A cold intellect seeped into his swordsmanship, which had been nothing but violent until now.

His cloudy pupils now radiated a refined killing intent.

The moment their swords clashed,

Genome instinctively knew.

‘I’m going to die.’

There was no way he could win.

At this rate, they wouldn’t last four minutes, let alone two.

These mages, whose only experience with swords came from a few practice sessions, were no match for this monster.

He was a calamity.

Genome’s mind raced once more.

He had to somehow make the boy lose control again.

But how…?

He knew nothing about the boy in the first place.

How could he possibly wage a psychological war…


The boy had called himself ‘Raiden Lishite’.

It was a name Genome was familiar with.

The delinquent eldest son of Duke Lishite.

That boy had shown intense hatred towards the Seekers.

-My name is Raiden Lishite.

-I will avenge my mother’s death and punish you for your sins.

-The Duchess Lishite, murdered by your hands, was no different.

Genome pondered over the boy’s words.

The Seekers knew nothing about the death of Duchess Lishite.

The operatives they had sent that day had been slaughtered by Steiner before they could relay any information.

And the Lishite family had thoroughly concealed the truth.

However, Genome could deduce the truth from Raiden’s words.

“Lishite… Raiden Lishite…”

The date when the Seekers had sent operatives to the mansion to kidnap Raiden Lishite.

The time when the Duchess had vanished from society.

And her strangely sudden death.

All these clues connected like pieces of a puzzle in his mind.

Genome finally arrived at the truth.

“So that’s how it happened. Now I understand.”

The truth that Duchess Lishite had been murdered by the Seekers on that day.


Genome twisted his face into a grotesque sneer.

A golden opportunity to provoke the boy and make him lose control again had presented itself.

He spoke mockingly.

“Does it hurt so much that your mommy died by our hands?”


As expected, the boy’s expression hardened.

Genome felt a sense of relief, his deduction confirmed.

Now, if the boy went berserk again, they could focus on defense and stall for time…


A chilling voice.

Genome’s senses screamed in alarm at the cold tone that sent shivers down his spine.

He didn’t know why.

He just had a feeling that something was terribly wrong.

“What did you just say?”

He turned his head and saw frozen, pitch-black pupils staring back at him.

Contrary to Genome’s expectations, the boy had not lost his mind, nor had he succumbed to madness.

He was simply staring at him with eyes as dark as death.

“Say that again.”

There was no emotion in the boy’s gaze.

No rage, no sorrow, no shock.

Only a hollow determination remained.

The determination to tear the person in front of him to shreds, no matter what.

“…I’m screwed.”

Genome realized it too late.

He had touched something he shouldn’t have.

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