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Chapter 29 Part 1 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin

The next day.

After spending a holiday, the day of the entrance ceremony had arrived before we realized it.

We left the inn early in the morning and headed towards Sytan.

The auditorium where the entrance exam was held was now being used for a different purpose.

Students who were officially enrolling in Sytan and instructors standing around them.

And on the stage stood a pink-haired girl from Sytan.

The girl on the stage began her speech with a familiar tone for a moment, and everyone's gaze was drawn to her.

"That little girl is the headmaster."

"Little girl? She's a monster who subdued us with just her aura."

"Even so, she's cute."

I overheard the students' conversation and clicked my tongue inwardly.

What's cute about her?

She has the appearance of a child, but how can anyone describe that appearance, covered in tattoos, as cute?

To me, who possessed the morality and law-abiding consciousness of a modern person, it was nothing but creepy.

However, since it was a story that I couldn't share with others, I decided to organize my thoughts.

'In the end, has this day come without any results?'

After finishing my day out with Rene and returning to the inn, I pondered all night long, but I still couldn't figure out the identity of the necklace.

The necklace still showed no response even after I infused it with mana.

The information paper still only repeated the words to offer a god.

That's why I decided to postpone finding out the identity of the necklace.

For now, it would be better to listen to the headmaster's speech.

'It's a bit noisy.'

However, I couldn't hear the headmaster's voice well because of the students' clamor.

It wasn't that I didn't understand the students.

Each of them had their own reasons for entering Sytan, so they couldn't control their excitement and expressed it.

The noise was getting louder and louder.


A ringing sound came from the stage.

It wasn't a loud sound.

But it was clear even in the midst of the commotion.

Like a stone thrown into a lake, the waves grew stronger and stronger.

The clamoring voices of the students grew smaller.


Soon, only silence remained in the auditorium, and even the buzzing sound disappeared.

A heavy silence descended.

Satisfied with this, the headmaster smiled and opened her mouth.

"Let's begin the entrance ceremony."

* * *

The entrance ceremony was not much different from the modern one.

The reasons why Sytan was created, the rules to keep at Sytan, what future students should have in mind and so on......

Since I didn't feel the urgency to care particularly, it passed by my ears.

Just as the atmosphere of the entrance ceremony was building up,

"We will have the oath of the valedictorian and the salutatorian."

The valedictorian and the salutatorian.

At any rate, it wasn't me or Rene.

I did not show overwhelming skills in the entrance exam.

The other seven children all had similar skills.

I'm curious about what criteria they used to select.

Before that, I was worried if Rene's feelings were hurt.

'Isn't that it?'

Rene, as always, was stoic, controlling her emotions and simply observing the situation.

After all, Rene didn't care about how strong she was compared to other children.

Wasn't her purpose of entering school to get revenge on the human who killed her mother?

Therefore, she seemed to not care about trivial matters.

If so.

'Who could it be?'

The top and second-ranked students selected by Sytan.

If my guess is correct, one of them is probably Baltan.


As I expected, the first one to climb onto the stage was Baltan, his crimson hair fluttering.

He walked forward confidently, receiving the attention of the other Sytan students.

'......He's cool.'

Even though there was an unpleasant incident a few days ago, his appearance was admirable.

I awkwardly clapped my hands along with the applauding students.


Was it my imagination?

It seemed like Baltan's gaze briefly passed over me.

I turned my head slightly to the side and glared at his sharp gaze.

Baltan was the second-ranked student, so it was the top-ranked student's turn next.

I had a hunch about this as well.

"Top-ranked student, please come up to the stage."

As the headmaster called for the top-ranked student, a path opened up among the students.

Literally, the moment the top-ranked student was called, the students parted to the left and right, creating a distance.

There was a reason why the students made way.

The top-ranked student's reputation was not undeserved, but the biggest reason was probably because of her identity.

'Who would dare block that woman's path?'

The Demon King's daughter, Diana.

That's why the woman who took first place in this entrance exam is her.


The female students looked at Diana with eyes of admiration, and the male students blushed or gasped.

Her pure white appearance was enough to make the male students admire her.

There was even a face that seemed to be filled with pity…

'That's the appearance that God has given.'

Extraordinary appearance and aura.

Even her skills were perfect.

It was understandable that the students admired her.

It was a great thing considering that Rene, who would definitely be stronger than me right now, didn't even get second place.

So I clapped my hands with a little respect.

And so, a few moments passed.

"I swear."

Baltan and Diana's voices rang softly in my ears.

Baltan's serious voice was devoid of any playfulness.

I listened to the oath they began to read.

『 We, the freshmen who have been admitted to Sytan, will abide by the school rules and uphold honor and glory during our studies.

As members of Sytan, we will wash away our shame and devote ourselves to rebuilding the Demon Realm.

We solemnly swear this. 』

Their voices, filled with determination, filled my ears.

The atmosphere, which had been chaotic until just now, began to fill with anger and hatred, growling low and coldly.

The anger of those who had lost their homes and families to the humans spread uncontrollably.

My throat tightened.

‘If they find out I’m of the Arsene lineage, they won’t just kill me.’

The name Arsene had a special meaning to the Demons.

A name perhaps even more despised and hated than the Sword Saint.

If it were revealed that I was of the Arsene lineage…

Being killed outright would be the greatest kindness they could show me.

In the worst case, I would be tortured for an eternity.

That was something I hated even more than death…

As I touched the nape of my neck where the tattoo was,

“This concludes the Sytan entrance ceremony.”

The entrance ceremony was over.

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