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Chapter 3 Part 1 - Raising the Princess to Overcome Death

Minseo was trapped in [Raise Lena], failing means to restart in a different scenario. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Fantasy,Game,Time Loop

Childhood Friend – Resolution

A month had passed since Minseo entered this world. He had clumsily adapted to this world, even going hunting with his father.

“…And so, we offer the heart and head of the prey to Barbatos. Please accept this offering and…”

Leo’s father knelt down, covering the ground, and praised God in a pious voice. This was the only moment when this extremely taciturn man opened his mouth.

Perhaps because he was usually so quiet, his voice was thin, unlike his rugged appearance.

Leo also knelt and joined his father in worship. It was agonizing to have a taciturn, middle-aged man he had never met before as his father, but it wasn't difficult to blend in.

This Leo was originally taciturn, so it was enough to be quiet together.

After the prayer, his father took out the entrails of the game and cooked them, and Leo tied the hind legs of the game and hung them upside down on a tree.

It was for exsanguination (the process of draining blood).

When he first went hunting, his father, understanding that his son was clumsy at hunting, silently showed him how to do it.

Leo followed his father's example, and fortunately, as if his body remembered, he was able to imitate it quickly.

Besides, this Leo was very skillful. Minseo, who had hands that broke everything, was amazed at how easily he could tie knots and do other miscellaneous tasks.

Leo's father, who had been watching this, must have thought that his son had forgotten because he hadn't followed him hunting for a while, so he put his suspicions to rest.

As time went on, Minseo was becoming a complete Leo. He did not consciously recall modern society, and he knew the faces of all the villagers. There were unknown past events here and there, but it wasn't difficult to get over them.

Leo had forgotten his past self, Minseo, who wasted time in a small room with cigarettes and games.

He had a strong, young body that could easily climb rough mountains, and there was Lena in the cozy village who always welcomed him.

He ‘again’ liked Lena. He was no longer unfamiliar with the fact that she sincerely welcomed and liked him.

Because I've liked Lena for a ‘long time’.

Leo thought of her in the village, and his father poured the blood of the game over the cooked entrails.

The blood sizzled and flew away, and only the fishy scent wandered away.


In a small house with no decent furniture, Lena's family had a pleasant morning.

“Are you going to church today?”


Lena’s mother smiled as she served her daughter a bowl full of soup.

Today was the weekend. Her daughter had been looking forward to the weekend when she could study to her heart's content.

“Good luck. Thank you for going to church every time instead of Mom and Dad. Study hard.”


Lena ate her meal in a hurry and rushed outside. She frowned at the clear morning sun.

She was planning not to go to church for the first time today. Instead, she took a large pocket with her, and cautiously knocked on the door of the house next door, in case her parents saw her.


“Oh! Wait a minute. I almost finished eating!”

Lena lingered in front of Leo’s house for a while. Soon Leo came out with a bright smile.

Through the open door, Leo's father could be seen clearing the table. Lena had never had a conversation with Leo's father, who was blunt and didn't participate in village events.

He didn't even go to church, so he was very alienated from the villagers.

Leo said, closing the door.

“Lena! What's up? Did you stop by before going to church?”

He was so happy that Lena had come to see him so early in the morning that his voice was high-pitched. Lena's uncomfortable feeling disappeared at his hospitality, and she asked brightly.

“What are you doing today?”

“I think I’m going to spend my time leisurely today, repairing equipment. My father said he's going back up the mountain tomorrow, so I'm going to follow him.”

“Hey~ Then why don't you come with me to pick mushrooms?”


Leo's expression brightened as before.

What are mushrooms again? But anywhere was good with Lena.

“Okay! Let's go pick mushrooms. I can come back and repair the equipment in the evening. Hold on.”

Leo went back into the house and came out with three pockets on his waist. One would be for snacks and the other for a water pouch. He also had a bow slung over his shoulder, probably for emergencies.

Lena smiled as she looked him up and down.

Leo is cool. He was strong and skillful, so he could easily make small tools. Lena had once watched him impressively as he quickly made arrows out of twigs and leaves.

Leo urged her on.

“Ready. Let’s go!”

The two young people arrived at the foot of the mountain and looked for mushrooms. Their hands and feet moved busily, but their chatter didn't stop.

Looking at Leo, who had become active again as if his mood had improved a lot these days, Lena had a shy thought.

‘It wouldn’t be bad to live like this with Leo.’

To become a priest, she had to go to the Holy Cross Church and study for several years, and there was no guarantee that she would be able to return to her hometown even if she became a priest.

Lena had heard from the priest that the church would listen to the priest's request if possible, but there were some things that were beyond their control.

The priest in the village now was not from our village either. In fact, there had never been a priest from our village. Lesley, who was now in the church, was from their village and had left to become a priest but hadn't succeeded.

‘It would be nice to come back as a priest…’

Lena glanced sideways at Leo, who was picking mushrooms. It was sad to give up on her dream of priesthood, but she didn't want to be separated from him either.

Lena made up her mind.

I like Leo. He would feel the same way.


After concentrating on gathering for a while, Lena and Leo laid down and took a short break.

“Leo. Ah~”


She tore the jerky he had brought into small pieces and put them into Leo's mouth, whose hands were busy scraping the roots of the freshly picked mushrooms.

“Chew, chew…”

A brief silence followed as they ate the jerky. Leo was conscious of Lena while trimming the mushrooms, and Lena could see Leo clearly even though she turned her head the other way.

She opened her mouth, trying to hide her embarrassment.

“I think I’ll quit studying to be a priest.”


“I can’t go to the Holy Cross Church, and I need money for education… They feed me, give me a place to sleep, and clothe me, but I think I’ll need some living expenses.”

Lena stretched her legs out and shifted her position. She also stretched her arms and stretched.

As if it were nothing.

“I don’t want to leave Mom and Dad alone… and I want to live like this, going to the forest together…”

At her implicit confession, Leo pretended to concentrate on the mushrooms, not knowing what to do. Then Lena leaned slightly towards him and asked.

“Would you like me to go and be a priest? Or would you rather I didn’t?”

“I, I…”

Leo’s mind went blank.

He tried to swallow, but couldn't.

He hesitated, then lowered his head and muttered.

“…I wish you were there when I came down from the mountain after hunting.”

Leo tried to act indifferent and continued to trim the mushrooms, but these mushrooms had been bothering him for a while now. The roots wouldn't come off easily, and it felt like Lena was watching him from the side.

His throat burned as if it were on fire, and his heart pounded in his chest.


Lena asked playfully with a bright smile. She wanted to keep leaning in like this and give him a kiss on the cheek.

“Why… Why are you asking me that? Stop asking me that.”

She could see Leo's neck and earlobes turning red as he answered curtly. Lena felt the happiest she'd ever been.

Leo’s warm hand seemed closer than usual.

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