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Chapter 31 Part 1 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,AssassinBonus chapter for reaching 50 rating on Novel Updates. Another bonus chapter on reaching 5 reviews.

First Lesson Begins

Idea called the students to the training ground.

Technically, it's called a training ground...

But it's questionable whether it can be defined as such given its size.

The training ground was vast.

It seemed to be at least four times the size of a normal school training ground.

It was likely built this large to accommodate the use of magic and weapons.

It seemed safe to assume that there would be no risk of being hit by stray attacks.

While I was curiously looking around,

Clap, clap.

Idea clapped her hands, focusing the students' attention.

"Watch carefully."

Idea closed her eyelids.


As Idea stretched out both arms forward, black mana began to gather.

The black mana gradually took shape, transforming into a tray shape.

It didn't end there.

Something emerged from the black mana.

Not one, but countless numbers.


What Idea had summoned were soldiers clad in iron armor, gripping swords.

"Now, let me explain today's lesson."

Idea said, patting the shoulder of a human soldier.

The human soldier stood there blankly, unresponsive like a doll.

"They're not real humans. They're just illusions I created with magic."

A rare Illusionist capable of this level.

Boasting to herself, Idea struck her palm with her fist, 'thwack.'

"By the way, I was also the one who forged the Sword Saint during the entrance exam."

I was a little surprised.

A counterfeit close to 10% of the original.

If it had been a replica of an ordinary person, I wouldn't have felt this way, but it was a replica of 10% of the Sword Saint.

It's true that his replica couldn't directly cause harm in reality.

However, based on the performance it showed during the exam, it was clear that she had the ability to turn the tide of battle.

'It's full of monsters.'

Sytan with its formidable power, and the Imperial Academy that overwhelmingly surpasses it. It was enough to give me goosebumps.

"Shall we start here?"

Idea smiled brightly and pointed at a student.

The student who was pointed at, pointed himself with a bewildered look.



"What am I supposed to do?"

"You can attack me."


The student tilted his head.

Idea continued her explanation.

"You just need to get past the group of human soldiers and successfully attack me."

“You’re not dueling me directly?”

“Yes, because……”

Idea didn’t finish her sentence.

Because I opened my mouth first.

“You’re going to act as the commander.”


A sharp gaze.

Idea’s piercing gaze shot towards me.

I quickly shut my mouth.

I was about to say more…….

Was there something she didn’t like?

As if confirming my thoughts, Idea asked for my name.

"What's your name?"

"It's Adel."

"...Well, you were right. But from now on, don't open your mouth while the instructor is explaining."

She kept staring at me. I nodded. What exactly was she dissatisfied with? Didn't Ares also treat me like this? She listened when other students interrupted her and said what they wanted to ask...

It seemed like I had been marked by the instructors without even knowing it.

Idea soon turned her gaze away from me and continued her explanation.

"I will play the role of the commander of the human soldiers. Humans are weak, so they have a habit of moving in groups."

Idea stepped into the midst of the human soldiers and pointed to herself.

"And there is a commander within the human group. Their spiritual supporters, or leaders. Then what happens to the remaining humans after they die?"

Idea paused and drew her hand across her neck, and the human soldiers collapsed in a heap.

It was like dominoes.

"They lose a significant amount of combat power. The stronger their leader, the greater the impact."

"Strike the head and the body will follow."

It was a proverb from Sun Tzu's Art of War that meant to eliminate the enemy leader first, but... there was a big flaw in this saying.

It was easier said than done.

Human commanders not only had outstanding individual strength but were also heavily guarded by their surroundings.

And even if they were successfully subdued, humans could immediately elect another leader.

This was the difference between the human world and the demon world.

Compared to the human world, which was overflowing with talent, the demon world had a scarcity of it.

That aside...

'It's not fundamentally wrong.'

There was nothing as weak as an army that had lost its leader and its will. The problem was that it was incredibly difficult.

...But then again.

If it was just about subduing the leader…

It shouldn't be too difficult for me.

It was when I was smiling with my eyes.

"Of course, it's impossible for you to break through the human soldiers and subdue me, so I'll consider it a pass if you touch me with your hand or weapon. Those who fail will be subject to supplementary lessons."

The students seemed to despair at the mention of supplementary lessons.

However, since their level had dropped significantly, it was a welcome development for me.

"I've changed my mind. Let's rearrange the first order."

The beginning of a full-fledged class.

At the same time, Idea scanned the students with a gaze that seemed to be searching for prey.

For some reason, I got a creepy feeling.

My intuition was right.


Idea's outstretched fingertips.

The one who was targeted was none other than me.

'I guess I was marked after all.'

Since I had already expected it, I stepped forward without much complaint.

Idea narrowed her eyes.

It seemed like she wanted to see how I would do it.

Then I should respond accordingly.

"Let's begin."

I nodded my head in response and became lost in thought.

The situation during the entrance exam.

'I was able to exchange positions with the Sword Saint.'

That wasn't all.

When I was in the Bares family, I was also able to exchange positions with the Gu Poison that Crete had put inside me.

Gu Poison was made of mana.

That means that the Position Exchange also recognizes things made of mana as non-living beings.

However, there was something that was impossible.

I had tried to use Position Exchange on organs like the heart or lungs of my opponent.

The result was a complete failure.

I tried it just in case, but the result was as expected.

Of course, not now.

I smiled sinisterly.

And I uttered the incantation.

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