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Chapter 37 Part 2 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin

The next day came.


The sound of the wake-up bell rang in my ears.

I rubbed my eyes, which wouldn’t open easily, and got up.

Chirp, chirp.

I could hear the sound of birds chirping from the window.

I turned my head and saw a small bird that resembled a sparrow sitting on a branch of a tree by the window.

I looked at the cute and adorable bird with a subtle emotion in my eyes.

‘……How can there be a living being other than students in Sytan?’

That’s not a bird.

Sytan was afraid of the humans’ tricks, so they didn’t even allow a single ant to enter.

But there was a bird…….

Any student with a keen eye would have noticed the discrepancy.

I smirked.

‘Someone used a trick.’

Who could that person be?

The most likely suspect was Ares.

Samuel, who was the most wary of me, was sleeping next to me right now…… Huh?

But Samuel was nowhere to be seen.


I put my hand on Samuel’s blanket and felt the lukewarm warmth.

It seemed that he had gone down to the dormitory cafeteria to eat breakfast.

As expected of the family of Gluttony.

Their appetite had to be great.


‘If Samuel was the culprit, he wouldn’t need to use such a trick.’

He could just watch me from the side, so there was no need for him to go through such trouble.

No matter how much I thought about it, the only person who would use such a dirty trick was Ares.


I clicked my tongue.

Did he think I wouldn’t notice?

How ridiculous.

He underestimated me too much.


I looked at the bird once more and had a good idea.

What if I tamed that bird?

It would be useful in various ways.

I didn’t know if it would work or not, but it seemed worth a try.

I immediately opened the window and took out a small candy from my pocket.

It was a snack I had bought while sightseeing with Rene.

There was something I had to check before giving it to the bird.


I used my mana to quickly scan the bird’s body.

It was definitely connected to something magical, but it wasn’t an illusion created by mana.

In other words, it was a living creature.


After confirming that it wasn’t an inanimate object, I crushed the candy into a fine powder.

It was the perfect size for the bird to eat.

I piled a handful of it in the center of my palm and held it out to the bird.

The bird tilted its head and then began to peck at the candy crumbs with its beak.

It must have liked the sweet taste, because it quickly ate it all.

But is it okay to feed sugar to a bird?

‘I guess it doesn’t…… matter.’

It’s not a bird from the human world, but a bird from the Demon World, so it should be fine.

……Let’s think that way.


After eating all the candy, the bird spread its wings and flew back to the branch.

Then it just sat there, staring at me.

It was a form of vigilance.

‘It’s impossible to tame it right away.’

I clicked my tongue.

As expected, I couldn’t lure it with just one meal.

If I do this, I’ll just be wasting precious candy.


It was a shame, but I turned around.

If Ares drops his guard against me, the bird won’t come to me anymore.

I should stop worrying about it and just eat.

I was about to change into my uniform and leave the dormitory when I felt a sense of doubt and stopped in my tracks.

Where was the dining hall?


I suddenly felt depressed.

It seemed like I was going to have a hard time finding my way around this time too.

* * *

1 hour ago.

Samuel was already awake.


Samuel looked down at Adel, who was sleeping soundly without a care in the world.

For a moment, a killing intent flickered in Samuel’s eyes.

However, he soon suppressed it and got up.

Adel had been messing with his emotions, but Samuel wasn’t stupid enough to risk his life and kill a student in Sytan.

And he didn’t feel any particular reason to kill him, and the most important reason was…….

‘I’m hungry.’

Because of the hunger that had come with the morning, Adel had become unimportant to Samuel.


His stomach rumbled loudly.

Samuel bit his lower lip in irritation.

It was the tyranny of gluttony.

A bitter pain that struck at any moment if he didn’t consume anything for a certain amount of time.

The depth of that pain was not something a mere student could endure.

Because Samuel had to devote a lot of effort to suppressing the pain, he often reacted sensitively.

That was the reason why he fought with Adel.

A guy who provoked him with an unpleasant gaze and tone while he was fighting against the extreme pain of starvation.

It was not a situation where Samuel could respond calmly.

‘But I won’t apologize anyway,’

Samuel glanced at Adel.

If Adel hadn’t made ‘that remark,’ he might have apologized.

However, now that Adel had said such a thing, it was safe to say that his relationship with Samuel was irreversible.

‘To insult our family…….’

Should I say he was fearless?

Or should I say he was rude?

In the meantime, Adel’s disheveled appearance entered Samuel’s sight.

The guy was sound asleep, drunk on fatigue.

“When I look at him like this, he just looks like an idiot.”

A half-breed who was nothing special.

That was the evaluation he had made when he first saw Adel.

However, the aura Adel had shown was not something a worthless person could possess.

Just like that, Samuel was staring intently at Adel.


‘What the hell is this?’

Samuel’s expression hardened.

Why was it?

As he looked at Adel, a pain came over him as if his heart was being squeezed.

A pain different from the pain of hunger, a pain he had experienced before.


Unable to recall the reason for a long time, Samuel turned around and headed towards the dormitory cafeteria.

Samuel had to hurry because he planned to eat at least six plates of meat for breakfast.

He couldn’t risk having his daily food stolen by other competitors.

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