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Chapter 41 Part 1 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

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“Now, follow me!”

Idea led the students outside of Sytan.

The enormous train we had seen during the entrance exam appeared before our eyes.

We really were leaving Sytan.

……To kill humans.

‘I never dreamed I’d leave Sytan like this.’

I had thought I would only be able to see outside of Sytan during the vacation.

I was briefly taken aback by the unexpected early outing.

I quietly closed my eyes and organized my thoughts.

‘It’ll be difficult to leave Sytan by myself.’

To obtain the elixir, I needed permission to act individually.

However, Sytan and the professors must have worked tirelessly to prepare for this exercise.

Not only would I not be able to leave for personal reasons, but revealing that I wanted to obtain the elixir would also be a bad move.

In that case.

What about breaking through by force?

I shook my head.

It was certainly a tempting method, but it wasn’t an appealing enough option to deal with the aftermath.

‘It’s better to follow them for now.’

I neatly folded away the thought.

It seemed better to wait until vacation or another opportunity to leave Sytan to obtain the elixir.

As I followed Idea, the train began to enter the station.



The train stopped in front of the students and opened its doors.

“Students, get on!”

Idea, who had already gotten on the train, stuck her head out and beckoned.

The students followed Idea with excitement in their steps.

I simply watched them with a hardened expression.

“Why aren’t you getting on?”

Fron frowned, asking as my lack of movement seemed strange.

Only then did I start walking.

“……It’s nothing. Let’s get on.”

“You’re a strange one.”

As Fron and I, the last ones, entered the train, the doors closed and an announcement played.

【 The train to Orgon will depart shortly. 】

【 Passengers, please prepare for the upcoming shock. 】


My expression noticeably hardened.

If it’s Orgon…….

Before I could sense the ominous feeling, the train began to cross dimensions.

A floating sensation enveloped my body, vibrating the interior of the train.

Some of the students who hadn’t adapted yet were clutching their stomachs and retching.

I also felt dizzy, so I broke out in a cold sweat trying to stay conscious.

After a long time.

‘Finally adapted…….’

I could feel my nauseous stomach gradually becoming comfortable.

My body’s excellent adaptability had finally overcome the dizziness.

I exhaled deeply, relaxing my body in the seat.

My head felt a little clearer, so now I could finally organize the situation.


I knew that name.

To explain about Orgon, I needed to go back to the time of the Human-Demon War.

There were countless soldiers and knights who came from the human realm to conquer the Demon Realm.

Among them, there must have been those who died in battle.

There were those who returned to the human world.

‘But there must also be humans who survived and remained in the Demon Realm.’

Those who failed to return.

Strictly speaking, it was true that the humans were the ones who won the war.

However, that didn’t mean that there were no casualties.

The remnants were those who were unable to escape from the Demon Realm and were captured.

The prison that housed those human prisoners was Orgon.

In other words.

‘Are they taking us to a prison camp?’

It seemed that none of the students knew about Orgon.

The only people here who knew about Orgon were me and Idea.

Just the two of us.

Idea was an instructor, so of course she would know about Orgon’s existence.

‘I also know about Orgon. Because the protagonist’s party went there to liberate the prisoners.’

But to think that we would be doing our training there…….

Surely not.

My shoulders trembled at the thought that suddenly crossed my mind.

The training was definitely related to killing humans.

The connection to Orgon.

What it meant was clear.

In the training, we had to kill the prisoners of Orgon.

“Why are you so stiff?”

Thud, thud.

Fron patted me on the back and asked.

‘Does she really never get tired?’

Her lively expression was the complete opposite of Luna, who looked like she was dying as she leaned against her seat.

For some reason, looking at Fron made me feel a lot better.

I gave her a faint smile and answered her question.

“I’m a little nervous because it’s my first outdoor practical training.”

“Hooh, so even you can get nervous. You look so gloomy, I thought you’d never get nervous.”

My eyes widened in surprise as I retorted.

“Why do you have to say things that you don’t have to?”

“Huh, your face is just asking for it.”


I felt incredibly wronged.

Who would want to be born looking like this?

I felt unnecessarily offended and shut my mouth tightly.

‘Just you wait and see.’

It remained to be seen whether Fron’s carefree attitude would be maintained in Orgon.

Leaving Fron aside, how many of the students would be able to keep their sanity?

Just as a slight anxiety began to bloom.

The world outside the train gradually turned gray.

The train ran through a barren land where not a single blade of grass grew and entered a huge tunnel.


Not long after, the train came to a stop.

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