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Chapter 42 Part 1 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

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Humans and demons have very similar appearances.

If I had to point out a difference, it would be the tattoo-like mark carved into their bodies.

If I had to be more specific.

In the case of pure-blooded demons, it takes the form of a unique shape that symbolizes each family.

'Aside from that, there's no major difference between humans and demons.'

Demons and humans resembled each other.

So much so that if it weren't for that tiny difference, they wouldn't have been able to tell them apart.

However, humans and demons hated each other relentlessly, and as a result, their relationship had crossed a river that could not be turned back.

That obvious fact was only now being felt to the bone.

'The two of them don't respect each other.'

They saw each other as insects.

They killed each other mercilessly, as they would step on a pest.

That said, not all students could accept this situation.


Luna was gagging.

She was gripped by fear, her shoulders trembling as she covered her ears.

But she couldn't seem to calm down, and her eyes were filled with moisture.

Luna had a gentle nature, so it seemed she had a hard time accepting the gruesome sight before her.


I looked away from Luna and scanned my surroundings.

The students were expressing a variety of emotions.

There were students who were thrilled at the fact that they could now kill humans.

On the other hand, there were also many students who felt disgust or fear.

The majority belonged to the latter.

Students who were not yet mature.

Even if the students hated humans endlessly, there was a clear difference between hating them and killing them directly.

That’s why they prepared this.

So that they wouldn't feel any resistance when killing humans-.

It was obvious that the intention was to get the students used to killing.

Normally, I would have felt disgusted by such cruelty and blatant intent.

'Strangely enough, I don't feel anything.'

I didn't even feel any emotion.

I just sneered.

In a situation where even the weak would have a hard time keeping their sanity, I found it strange that I was so calm and collected.

I didn't feel any anger towards the demons.

Nor did I feel any sympathy for the humans.

'Maybe it's because I almost got killed by humans.'

Before I came to the Demon Realm.

The humans had not only sent knights to kill me, but they had also bribed my servants to be their watchdogs.

My physical identity must have played a part as well.

I was a half-demon.

A being destined to never find a place to belong, neither among humans nor demons.

It was only natural for a half-demon to feel no affection for either humans or demons.

That was why I was afraid of myself.

Now I understood why Ares had been wary of me.

‘Just as he said.’

I possessed a power without purpose.

A power comparable to that of the Seven Deadly Sins, but I had no idea where to direct it.

I was merely repeating the words Adel had spoken before possessing this body.

My purpose was…

To fulfill Adel’s wish.

Only then would I be able to correct the unfinished ending of the world.

Thud- thud-.

I took a step forward.

“Class president, do you have anything to say?”

Idea tilted her head in puzzlement as I stepped forward.

I didn’t answer.

I simply drew the dagger from my pocket.

Two humans stood guard at each iron cage.

Excluding the human that Idea had killed, there was one human left.

That human stared at me with eyes filled with fear.


He was covering his mouth with his hand, mumbling as if he was afraid of provoking me.

I felt no resentment.

How could I hold a grudge against a human I had just met?

That was why I would kill him without emotion.


I slit the human’s throat.


Blood spurted out.

I had not simply cut his throat, but had severed his artery.


The human tried to cover his throat, but he could not stop the blood that seeped through his fingers.


The students watched this scene in stunned silence.

I observed the human slowly dying in the silence.

How much time passed like that?


The human, who had been spraying blood everywhere, collapsed to the ground.

Then he fell into a dreamless sleep, showing no further reaction.


The nameless human had fallen into eternal rest.

I turned away from the human, whose body was still warm.

“Is it done?”


Idea clapped her hands as if she was pleased with my performance.

Of course, other than Idea, there were no students who cheered for the murder I had committed.

For some reason, I felt a sense of relief.

I had found my purpose.

My purpose was not revenge or survival.

‘Adel, what you asked of me.’

I will fulfill your last request.

That was when I made my pledge.

When I killed a human captive, Idea continued her explanation.

“You guys just have to kill one human each, just like the class president. Ah, half-demon students, please raise your hands.”

At Idea’s words, several students, including Luna, raised their hands.

Six in total.

Of course, that number excluded me.

I hesitated over whether I should raise my hand, but since Idea didn’t say anything, I decided to just watch the situation unfold.

Idea clapped her hands and said,

“You all have to kill the designated captives!”

Idea led the half-blood students away, smiling brightly.

What appeared before us then was the sight of humans locked in a prison that was far worse than before.

But upon closer inspection, I realized that they weren’t humans, but a different race.

They were not human.


I roughly understood Idea’s intentions.

Idea intended for the half-demon students to kill half-demons, not humans.

The half-demon students did not feel pity for their kind, who were dying pitifully in their prison.

Rather, they burned with hatred.

“You all need to prove yourselves. Prove that you are completely unrelated to these traitors and that you are different.”

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  1. Christ, both the humans and demons are barbaric bastards eh? Idea forcing the only pitiful innocents to slay the few others who understand their dreadful existence as a proof of loyalty really does cement my distaste for the demonic leadership.