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Chapter 43 Part 1 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin

Luna was gripped by fear.

‘I want to leave.’

The atmosphere of fanaticism displayed by the students in Orgon was unbearable for a frail child like Luna.

The subject of the exercise.

Killing a human captive.

Luna, who had absolutely no experience in killing, fell into a panic.



The sound of tearing flesh echoed in her ears.

She turned her gaze and saw the students beginning to mercilessly slaughter the human.

The same students’ savagery that she had never seen in Sytan.

‘……I definitely can’t do it.’

She knew that there would be consequences if she failed to pass the exercise, but.

In the end, she couldn’t move.

“Why aren’t you doing it?”

Idea asked, her brow furrowed as she watched Luna.

“I, that……”

Luna stammered.

Idea’s questioning tone only made the situation worse.

In the end, Luna’s legs began to tremble.

From the very beginning, Luna’s talent was not specialized in combat.

Healing ability.

Healing allies from behind was all that Luna could do.

However, Idea was forcing Luna to kill a human, not heal.

Luna was not unaware of Idea’s intentions either.

Even if it was just a support role, she would have to participate in battle if necessary, because anything could happen on the battlefield.

She thought she was prepared enough.


When it came down to actually killing a human, her hands and feet began to tremble.

In her head, she knew that she had to kill the human in front of her.

But her frozen body refused to obey Luna’s will.


Luna collapsed to the ground, unable to kill the human.

Idea’s gaze, cold as ice, mercilessly pierced Luna’s heart.


Tears began to stream down Luna’s face.

She was ashamed of herself for being unable to kill even a captive human.

At the same time, she felt sorry.

Luna’s mother, who had been a single mother.

A human who came through some gate before the Human-Demon War, not even worthy of being called a father.

When the Human-Demon War began, he abandoned Luna, who had been born between him and her Demon mother, and fled.

And so, her mother had fallen ill and died before Luna had even turned ten.

Her mother, who had been ostracized even in the Demon Realm for giving birth to a human child.

And the young girl who lost her mother and was left alone in a harsh environment.

Luna awakened her talent and vowed to take revenge on the humans who had pushed her and her mother into the abyss.

But what the hell is this?

“I can't do anything...!”

Soon, Luna burst into tears.

The cold sensation she had felt from her mother's body, who had died a dozen years ago, seemed to be enveloping her whole body.

It was then, while Luna was sobbing,

“Are you alright?”

Someone spoke to her.

The owner of the voice was polite, but it lacked sincerity.

A man with short stature and crimson hair looked at her, brushing his hair aside.


Luna was bewildered.

He was the student who had suddenly asked her to join his group not long ago.

Adel had passed the entrance exam with grades comparable to the Seven Deadly Sins, and had even secured the position of class president.

He was a student who was admired by the half-demon students.

However, there were also those who feared him because of the strange behavior and sinister smile he had shown during the entrance exam.

Luna belonged to the latter group.

It was hard for her to accept the way he had casually stabbed a corpse, saying he wanted to make sure it was really dead.

And from the first day of school, he had created a hostile atmosphere by picking fights with the Seven Deadly Sins.

The killing intent that Adel had exuded at that time was still vivid in her memory.

‘...But he was kind.’

He had reached out to her first, even though she didn't belong to any group.

He had asked her to join his group.

He had told her that she had talent.

Even after that, she had felt him worrying about her, even though she didn't realize it.

When she had been depressed because of the rumors spread by the other children, he had asked her what was wrong.

That's why Luna thought Adel was a kinder student than he seemed.


‘But the way Adel looks now...’

It's creepy.

Adel whispered to Luna, exuding his characteristic sinister aura.

“You must be scared.”


Adel continued, a faint smile on his lips, leading Luna with an eerily gentle touch.

“Let me help you.”

Soon, he looked around as if searching for something.


His gaze stopped at a certain point.

Luna's gaze was fixed on the human she had failed to kill and left alone.


The human's eyes met hers, and fear washed over them.

As if about to resist, Adel moved in a flash and knocked the human unconscious with a blow to the nape of the neck.

It was a swift and decisive action.

“Now, let's begin.”

Adel leaned the unconscious human's limp body against the wall.

Then, feeling the human's exposed abdomen, he spoke to Luna.

“Could you release your grip for a moment?”

He spoke gently, so as not to startle her.

With a soft movement, so as not to make her feel uncomfortable, he placed Luna’s palm on the human’s abdomen.

Thump- thump-.

She could feel the heartbeat.

“Only when this throbbing stops can we be sure that they are dead. The physical weaknesses of the Demon and humans are not so different.”

“Th, that's right.”

Luna nodded at Adel's explanation.

“So let’s make it stop.”

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  1. Ahhh right, I forgot the lunatic demonstration of him stabbing the Sword Saint repeatedly. No wonder the other students feel tense around him lol.