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Chapter 47 Part 2 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin

They were the two most basic magics for assassination.

Stealth literally meant hiding one’s body, and Silence meant not making a sound.

Breathing, footsteps, etc…

‘What’s the principle behind it?’

The magics that I had created and put into the novel myself.

I had never thought about how to use them.

That's why I found it interesting.

It's in my nature to be interested in the unknown and to immerse myself in it.

"Students, from now on, you will be dealing with humans directly in the human world. However, there will be enemies that you cannot defeat."

The students nodded.

Just as there were weak humans like the ones at the prison camp,

There were also powerful humans like the Sword Saint from the entrance exam.

"So here's the problem. What will you do if you encounter an enemy stronger than you? I'm talking about an opponent you have little chance of winning against in a head-on confrontation."

The students did not answer.

It seemed that each of them was racking their brains to find an answer.

Some students shouted nonsense like, "We should fight to the end, even if we die!" but Robolt ignored them and continued speaking.

"The answer is assassination."

'That's right.'

I nodded in agreement.

To think that you would face an opponent stronger than yourself head-on.

It was a foolish thought that was beyond idiotic.

Of course, the word 'assassination' didn't have a good connotation, so there were students who frowned.

Robolt spoke to those dissatisfied students.

"Of course, it would be great if you could win by fighting head-on. But can you guarantee that you, who can't even defeat 1/10th of a real Sword Saint right now, will always be victorious in a head-on battle?"

None of the dissatisfied students could answer.

It seemed that they had not considered what would happen if they lost.

Robolt opened his mouth as if to mock their thoughts.

"Do you want to give your life to the humans who killed your family, friends, and neighbors?"

Silence fell over the class.

"For you, assassination is not an option but a necessity."

"Because none of you can kill a human hero head-on."

"Do you understand a little bit now?"

No more objections were raised against Robolt.

They had been reminded of how powerless they were before the Sword Saint.

Robolt looked at the students with a satisfied expression and opened his mouth.

"First, I will teach you about the art of stealth."

* * *

"Slowly circulate mana. You need to fully feel the circulating mana. And then release the mana."

Robolt demonstrated it himself.

A faint mana began to emanate from Robolt's body.

“You must be able to cover your entire body. Even if your mana purity is low, spread it as thinly as possible to cover yourself. If you can’t cover your entire body, the Stealth technique will fail.”

Mana covered Robolt’s entire body.

In an instant, Robolt’s figure blurred.

It was the effect of the Stealth technique.


Robolt then gestured to release the Stealth technique.

The students revealed various emotions as they looked at Robolt.

Curiosity, admiration, etc…

“Today’s assignment is to cover your body with mana. It will be impossible to do within a day, but don’t be discouraged and try your best.”

Robolt finished the demonstration and began to walk among the students.

The students fumbled around, trying to cover their bodies with mana.

Thirty minutes passed like that, but no student had yet succeeded in covering their entire body with mana.

“There’s no need to be impatient. It’s difficult to manipulate mana in detail, so it’s important to take your time, even if it’s slow.”

At Robolt’s calm advice, two students showed progress.

Robolt narrowed his eyes and scanned the two.

Fron and Samuel.

The two descendants of the Seven Deadly Sins succeeded in covering their entire bodies with mana.

It would normally take a week of practice to get the hang of it.

In Robolt’s view, Fron had a large amount of mana.

She also seemed to have a great sense of manipulating mana.

However, the one with the truly outstanding sense of manipulation was Samuel.

‘What a great talent.’

Samuel had perfectly controlled his mana and succeeded in covering his entire body with it.

He was now staring at himself as if wondering what to do next.

“Student Samuel has succeeded perfectly, beyond reproach.”


Samuel did not show any expression of Robolt’s praise.

He simply looked at him indifferently, as if it were something he had expected.

In Robolt’s eyes, Samuel and Fron were geniuses.

The top students in the entrance exam are different, after all.

As Robolt was thinking that, the name of a child suddenly crossed his mind.

‘There should have been one more student who did well on the entrance exam…’

He was also a person of interest.

The student with the Chaos attribute, whom Instructor Ares was extremely wary of.

It was said that he had used Idea’s authority to push aside those two and take the position of class president.

‘Was it Pixie Adel?’

He was a student with small eyes and ominous crimson hair.

However, there was something strange.

Adel, who should have been listening to Robolt's lecture, was nowhere to be seen.


Goosebumps rose on Robolt's back.

"What the..."

Adel's seat, which had been empty just a moment ago.

Adel had appeared while Robolt had briefly looked away.

Was I seeing things?

Robolt knew it wasn't an illusion.

But it was hard to accept the reality without denying it.

Stealth of a level that could deceive an instructor like him.

This was a realm that was difficult to reach, no matter how much one trained in stealth.


And then came Adel's words.

Robolt couldn't help but feel a sense of dread at this.

It was the moment when Adel's low, sunken gaze felt eerie.

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