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Chapter 49 Part 2 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin

Was he looking down on me?

Ares declared purely that he would only use swordsmanship.

On the contrary, he told me to use Mana.

There was no reason to refuse that suggestion.

He must have meant not to use my Trait, but using Mana alone was enough.


I circulated my Mana.

I infused my sword and body with Mana and threw myself at Ares.

My target was the nape of Ares’ neck.


However, Ares twisted his body and evaded my attack.

As soon as I confirmed that my attack had been missed.

I instinctively moved my arm for the next attack.

This time, my target was Ares’ shoulder.

I forcibly twisted the trajectory of my arm that was cutting through the air.

An attack close to a miracle that would be impossible with the body of an ordinary person.


Ares didn’t move.

He just muttered a word quietly-.

“It’s not complete yet.”


It was the moment the dagger pierced Ares’ shoulder.

Ares swung his sword as if he had been waiting.

It wasn’t an attack I could avoid.

It was because I had forcibly twisted the trajectory of my arm, making it difficult to make any other movements.

‘Is he trying to kill me?’

Ares’ sword was fast and fierce.

If this kept up, I might really get hurt.

I focused my eyes and manifested Telekinesis.


In a split second.

I succeeded in repelling Ares’ sword with Telekinesis.

However, I couldn’t completely avoid it.

The sword grazed my chest and tore my uniform.

I looked at the fluttering and falling pieces of clothing and asked Ares.

“Were you trying to kill me?”

“How could that be?”


I glared at Ares, who shrugged.

If my proficiency in Telekinesis had been even slightly lower, I would have been hit.

If I had been hit in the neck, it would have been difficult to guarantee my life or death.

“You can go back now.”

“……I understand.”

I felt displeased, but to others, it must have looked like Ares had stopped just before he cut me down.

I obediently returned to my seat.

Because I knew that there was nothing good that would come from rebelling against Ares.

In fact, the one who wasn’t in good condition was Ares.

“Instructor, are you okay……?”

A female student asked Ares, whose blood was dripping from his shoulder.

Ares nodded.

“It would be a problem if you died.”


Ares pressed on his bleeding shoulder to stop the bleeding and spoke.

“What did you feel during the fight just now?”

A student was singled out.

The student hesitated before opening his mouth.

“It seems like the class president was stronger than I thought.”

“Is that all?”

“And also......”

When the student failed to answer, Ares singled out another student.

The student confidently opened his mouth.

“It seems like the instructor was looking out for Adel. It seems like he showed us how strong he is without using mana.”

However, Ares only spat out a cold question.

“Is that all you felt?”


It meant that it wasn’t the correct answer.

After that, several more answers came out.

Ares, who had been listening to the answers, finally turned his gaze to me and asked.

“Class president, what did you feel?”

I thought about it for a moment.

Ares could have definitely dodged the attack.

However, he didn’t dodge it and instead took the attack head-on.

An intentional move.

And in turn, he counterattacked me, creating a dangerous situation.

So the answer is...

“It’s a fighting style for the weak.”

“What do you mean?”

Ares asked, narrowing his eyes.

An unpleasant expression.

However, since he didn’t deny it, I decided to continue my explanation.

“You told me that I could use mana, but you put a restriction on yourself and imagined a scenario.”


Ares remained silent.

“A confrontation between the strong and the weak. You showed us the only way for the weak to win in that situation.”


“Just like how the instructor offered me your shoulder and tried to cut my neck, you wanted the students to realize the fighting style of offering flesh and taking bone.”

“That is correct.”

Ares nodded at my answer and looked around at the students.

“There are many formidable warriors in the human realm. Get rid of the idea that you can defeat them without getting hurt.”

Ares was explaining something that the students didn’t know.

“Induce carelessness, boldly reveal your weakness, and train to use it in reverse to launch a surprise attack.”

The weapon that the children needed to hone in the future was not swordsmanship or magic.

A counterattack that pierces the strong.

This was the only way for the Demon students to defeat humans.

“Noble swordsmanship? I won’t teach that in my class. I’ll only teach swordsmanship that can win.”

Ares stopped talking and suddenly looked at my dagger, adding,

“……It’s not even worthy of being called swordsmanship. From now on, let’s call it weapon technique class.”

Ares finished explaining everything.

I felt like an idiot.

‘He doesn’t seem to have any intention of hiding it at all.’

The midterm exam is coming soon.

Before that, Idea taught me what it means to kill a human.

And Ares taught me how to deal with strong humans.

‘There was a reason why the instructors of the Imperial Academy responded so quickly.’

A human spy who had been collecting all this information must have informed the Imperial Academy of the contents of the midterm exam in advance.

The plausibility of the description that only the students of Sytan who I had written about were harmed, while the students of the Imperial Academy were unharmed, was fulfilled.

‘I need to find more spies.’


I know who the spy is.

I could also figure out where his radius of activity would be.

In order to find information, one must be where those who possess that information gather.

‘This is a good opportunity.’

Ares must be suspecting me as ‘that spy’.

He must have sensed that there was something unusual about me.

However, if I catch the spy, the false accusation that I am a spy for the human world will be cleared.

I don’t know if that’s the only reason he’s wary of me.

‘I can reduce the damage I’ll take in the midterm exam and get rid of the suspicion.’

While I was thinking about this and that.


The bell rang, signaling the end of class.

“Return to your classes.”

Ares instructed the students, and I was the only one left in the training ground.

When I didn’t return to my class, Ares frowned and asked,

“Are you rebelling against your instructor by not returning?”

“How could I?”

I smiled kindly and turned my back on Ares, walking away from him.

Ares, who was watching me, clicked his tongue and turned around.


I looked back at Ares and smiled faintly.

My eyes were filled with a cold, killing intent.

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