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Chapter 5 Part 1 - A Depressed Kendo Player Possesses a Bastard Aristocrat

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Whispers of Blue

-"I wish... that day, you had died instead of Mom..."

Raiden froze at those words.

That day.

The day of the nightmare that left an indelible scar on Raiden and instilled in him the obsession of being hated by others.

The girl's words pierced like a sharp dagger into the unhealed wound.

A sensation as if his flesh was being exposed and his insides were being gouged out struck the boy.

Raiden's face turned pale, but

His younger sister, who had her eyes tightly shut, didn't see it.

Unfortunately, her mouth kept moving.

-You should have died!!

-Why did trash like you survive while Mom died...?

-You should have just! You should have just died!!

Raiden felt his breath hitch.

His lungs tightened, his breathing became ragged, and his heart felt like it was stopping.

Even for him, who wanted to be hated, the pain of this wound was overwhelming.

-Run, Raiden!!

A nostalgic voice rang in his ears, and...


The unpleasant sound of metal blades piercing flesh, cutting through the frail woman's cry.

-You should have died!!

His sister's words, intertwined and overlapping with the past, made him dizzy.

Feeling like he was about to vomit, Raiden fled the scene.

Returning to his dormitory, the boy clung to the trash can and vomited for a long time.

And that night.

-Raiden, my son... If it weren't for you, I could have lived...


-It's your fault, Raiden... Because of you...!

The boy had a terrible nightmare.

The precarious tower he had built with obsession and foolishness crumbled at his sister's words.

He had always blamed himself, but

Hearing those words from someone else, especially his family, was utterly devastating.

Because he cherished his family so much.

Because she was his younger sister, whom he loved as much as his mother.

The words that came out of the girl's mouth deeply wounded the boy.


Raiden quietly got out of bed.

He stumbled out of the dormitory.

Students were restricted from leaving the dormitory after 10 pm, but Raiden didn't care.

He walked.

He left the academy and threw himself into an unknown space.

With no destination or thoughts in mind, the boy simply repeated the act of 'walking'.

He wore a blank expression, endlessly ruminating on the screams and resentment of his mother from the dream.

Ten minutes passed.

Thirty minutes.

One hour.

Two hours.

Six hours.

When he could no longer tell how much time had passed,

Raiden's body was in the forest of a mountain.

It seemed he had arrived at a strange place after walking aimlessly forward.

Raiden realized that the surrounding scenery was strange, but he didn't try to stop.

Like the obsession that had taken root in his mind.

He continued to move forward.

That must have been why.

Raiden didn't see the tree root at his feet.


As he lost his balance and fell, a high cliff awaited him.

This too, Raiden had missed while walking mindlessly.

The boy plummeted into the air.


The sound of his skull shattering echoed.

And Raiden's story ended there.





I opened my eyes, feeling a soft sensation against my back.

As I lifted my heavy eyelids, the first thing I saw was an ornately patterned ceiling.

A scene that felt familiar despite seeing it for the first time.

It was Raiden's room.

"Ugh, groan..."

I sat up, frowning at the lingering headache.

My tattered shirt had been replaced with a new one, as if someone had changed it for me, and my body had been thoroughly cleaned.

Bandages were even wrapped around the wounds I had sustained while leaving the mountain.

'It's exactly like in the memories...'

A familiar room layout.

It was slightly different from before Raiden's last visit, but

Most of it was exactly as he remembered it.

A strange sense of familiarity welled up from deep within my heart.

Of course, it wasn't my emotion.

It must have been Raiden's.

'......This feels kind of creepy.'

The thought of an emotion that wasn't mine rummaging through my head was incredibly unsettling.

As I sighed and tried to soothe my throbbing head, I heard a rustling sound from beside the bed.


I turned my head and saw a girl sleeping with her head resting on the bedside.

Judging from the bandages and empty potion bottles scattered on the floor, it seemed she was the one who had treated me.

I softly called her name.


My heart ached as I looked at her.

Rachel was the only person who didn't turn her back on Raiden despite his delinquent behavior.

To push away the girl who wouldn't leave him no matter how badly he treated her,

Raiden had been particularly harsh towards her.


The girl frowned slightly, as if her hair was tickling her eyes.

Tear stains were clearly visible on her pale cheeks.

I quietly reached out and brushed her hair aside.

It wasn't a conscious action.

My body simply moved reflexively.

It felt like Raiden's will was interfering with my body.

It wasn't a pleasant feeling.

Pushing aside the tangled thoughts, I called up the status window.

"Status window."


[Confirmed that the user's consciousness has returned.]

"How much time has passed?"


[Six hours, thirteen minutes, and fifty-seven seconds have passed since you lost consciousness.]

[The possession perk 'Synchronization' has been successfully completed.]

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