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Chapter 5 Part 1 - Raising the Princess to Overcome Death

Minseo was trapped in [Raise Lena], failing means to restart in a different scenario. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Fantasy,Game,Time Loop

4. Engagement – Einar Tribe

Lena stormed out of the room, a chaotic blend of order and disarray, where neatly folded undergarments lay beside a whetstone for sharpening swords, and leather armor hung on the vanity.

“Ugh, I overslept.”

The hangover had subsided, leaving her chilled by the crisp air.

Lena had stayed up late the previous night, sneaking sips of beer with Leo.

Her father, in high spirits after a long hunt, had allowed them to pilfer some alcohol. Her mother had shooed the youngsters off to bed, but Lena had coaxed Leo into sharing her hidden stash.

However, the alcohol wasn’t entirely to blame for her late awakening. It was Leo.

He had been acting strange for the past couple of days. Lost in thought, he would swing his sword erratically.

It wasn’t that he was handling the sword poorly. His movements were still precise, each swing balanced and full of power, just like the Leo she knew. But the flow, the way he connected his attacks, had changed.

He used to emulate Uncle Noel, favoring a steady, measured approach. He would methodically pressure his opponent, leaving no openings, until they were completely disarmed.

Now, he was overly aggressive, his movements suggesting a “lose a bone to take the head” mentality. He was practically begging to be attacked, forcing his opponent to defend.

At first glance, it seemed like his swordsmanship had regressed. This style carried a heavy price if a single attack failed.

Thanks to Leo’s exceptional sense of balance, the impact of such a failure was minimized. He could probably overpower weaker opponents quickly, but against someone of equal skill, the accumulating disadvantages would lead to a swift defeat.

For days, their sparring sessions had ended the same way. He couldn’t even withstand a single blow from her father, a seasoned knight.

Uncle Noel was furious about this change, and last night, after a few drinks, Lena’s father, Dehorman, had chuckled, remarking how Leo was finally becoming a man.

Lena agreed.

It seemed like Leo was trying to change. Not just his swordsmanship, but his personality as well. Gone was the affable, courteous knight; in his place stood a gruff, distant young man.

Last night, Lena had pestered him for more beer.

The Leo she knew would have been flustered by her insistence but would never refuse her request. A kind but somewhat boring, well-mannered knight. She liked that Leo.

But yesterday, Leo had simply said, “Enough drinking. Go to sleep,” grabbed her arm, tossed her onto the bed, and left. She had been inexplicably thrilled and ended up having trouble falling asleep. So, if she was late, it was entirely Leo’s fault.

Thinking about Leo from last night, Lena found herself smiling as she ran towards the village square.

The square was bustling with activity. Hunting parties had returned with their spoils, and the warriors of the tribe were busy with their duties. As always, the hunting teams were exempt from butchering, leaving the task to those who hadn’t participated in the hunt.

Naturally, the senior warriors were not involved in such menial labor. As Lena left her house, she had spotted her father and the other senior warriors indulging in a night of revelry, their cups never empty.

The warriors of the Einar Tribe were divided into teams, each headed by a senior warrior. In times of war, these teams served as combat units. However, since the unification of most tribes under the kingdom, intertribal wars had become a thing of the past. Now, the teams were mainly for hunting.

The warriors in the square waved at Lena.

“Hey, Lena! You’re awfully cheerful for someone running late.”

“What can I say? I overslept.”

Technically, Lena wasn’t obligated to participate in the butchering. It was the warriors’ duty, and the Einar Tribe only recognized those who had participated in hunts as true warriors. Lena had yet to experience a real hunt.

However, she was determined to become a warrior one day and always volunteered to gain experience. The Einar Tribe warriors adored her for it.

They couldn’t help but dote on the chief’s daughter, who, despite her privileged position, insisted on getting her hands dirty and working alongside them.

So, their playful chiding about her tardiness was just that – playful. In fact, they welcomed her with open arms, waving from all corners of the square. Lena basked in their warm reception as she made her way towards her usual spot among the younger warriors.

The butchering process involved removing the internal organs, draining the blood, removing the head, feet, and tail, and finally, skinning the animal.

The hunting party had already devoured the internal organs. Consuming those was a perk reserved for those who braved the dangers of the hunt.

“I heard those innards are a delicacy…,” Lena muttered to herself, her mouth watering, as she picked up a heavy cleaver.

Less experienced warriors like herself were tasked with removing the feet and tails. The heads, like the internal organs, had already been removed.

The most crucial step, exsanguination, was done immediately at the hunting site. The animal would be strung upside down, its throat slit, and only the drained carcass would be transported back on sleds.

Another task assigned to the younger warriors was to briefly scald the carcasses in hot water (not boiling) after removing the feet and tails. This helped loosen the hide for easier skinning. Lena and her fellow warriors sweated as they heaved the heavy carcasses in and out of the steaming cauldrons.

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