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Chapter 54 Part 2 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin

I smiled at Kyle and handed him the paper in my arms.

The paper had,

『 The Sytan side plans to attack the third-year dormitory. Be prepared. 』

False information written on it.

Kyle stared at the paper for a long time before sighing.

Then, he put the paper in his arms.

Kyle accepted because he was loyal not to humans, but to his only blood-related family, his younger sister.

“Tomorrow at dawn, let’s meet here again.”

“Only if you bring me the oath.”

“Don’t worry and just write your resignation letter.”

I smiled once and turned around to leave the room.


I heard Kyle’s irritated voice from behind me.

Knock, as I closed the door, even that sound disappeared.

Just by giving them false information, the sacrifices of the Sytan students will be greatly reduced.

But is this enough to successfully finish the midterm exam?

If I were to ask, I was a bit skeptical.

‘This isn’t enough.’

Imperial Academy, there is a reason why the original owner of this body, who was the strongest villain, failed.

No matter what I do, the probability of achieving results in the midterm exam is infinitely close to 0.

Even so, I have to do it.

Now, the first button has been fastened.

Thud-. Thud-.

I headed to the dormitory with noticeably lighter steps.

* * *

The next day.

I visited Robolt’s research lab after my magic class.

“You came as promised!”

Robolt welcomed me with open arms.

“Of course, since it was a promise.”

“First, please sit here.”

Robolt kindly smiled and offered me a chair.

I sat down and looked around Robolt’s research lab.

Hundreds of well-maintained books were piled up.

There were also many experimental tools.

The most noticeable thing was the various magic formulas drawn on the blackboard.

‘He seems to be interested in formulas.’

The blackboard, which clearly showed traces of his struggle as he wrote and erased, revealed his nature of wanting to obtain any information about magic.

Could it be called a researcher’s thirst for knowledge?

I wonder if I can satisfy Robolt with my knowledge.

I did brag to Kyle and say that I would get Oath of the Demon God.

……I’m starting to regret it a little.

I was sighing inwardly when,

“I’m going to make some tea. Would you like some?”

Robolt asked, magically heating a small teapot.

There was no particular reason to refuse, so I nodded.

“Yes, please.”

“No one in the academy can match this instructor’s tea-making skills. You can look forward to it.”

“Is that so?”

In truth, I didn’t know much about tea.

Even when I was a modern-day person, I enjoyed coffee more than tea.

Still, tea is a kind of luxury item, so the taste shouldn’t be bad.

I was savoring the thought of what the taste of tea from the Demon Realm would be like when Robolt handed me a teacup.

A black tea with steam rising from it.


As I took a sip, a warm sensation seemed to spread throughout my body.

It felt like something I could get addicted to.

I made a satisfied expression and took another sip of tea before opening my mouth.

“The tea tastes excellent. Is it because of your skill, Instructor?”

“Haha, I can’t deny it, but in truth, it’s mostly because the tea leaves are high quality.”

Robolt was modest about my compliment.

So far, the atmosphere was definitely good.

However, it seemed too early to ask for Oath of the Demon God.

I guess I should continue the conversation for now.

“Thank you for your hospitality. But may I ask why you called me here? I’ve been very curious.”

I asked Robolt why he brought me here.

I know he’s interested in my magical talent.


Is that a good enough reason to invite me to his lab?

When I asked him about it, Robolt scratched the side of his head.

“It’s quite an important matter……”

Robolt’s aura sharpened after a moment of hesitation.

Robolt’s atmosphere had clearly changed.

‘……He didn’t call me here for no reason.’

Something’s up.

My curiosity was piqued, so I decided to listen.

“Are you worried that I’ll tell someone?”

“Hmm, I’m not saying that Student Adel is loose-lipped. But it’s not something that can be easily disclosed……”

“If you wish, I can even write an Oath of the Demon God.”

I wondered if he could make an Oath of the Demon God.

Robolt smiled broadly at my words.

“Oh, if you understand that much, then there’s nothing I can’t disclose. I’ll tell you.”


A sheet of paper popped out of thin air when Robolt gestured.

The aura of cleverness flowing from it didn’t seem very ordinary.

Robolt snatched the paper and handed it to me.

I quietly looked over the paper.

「 Adel will not spread Robolt’s research data anywhere and will assist in the research. The duration is until meaningful results are achieved.

As compensation, Robolt will pay Adel [ ].

(Signature) 」

“Did you prepare this in advance?”


Robolt scratched his head as if embarrassed when I stared at him with cold eyes.

Is there anyone as self-willed as this guy?

It seemed like he was convinced that I wouldn’t be able to refuse if he piqued my curiosity.

Let’s put that aside for now.

“The compensation section is blank.”

I pointed out the most important part.

Then Robolt took out a pen from his pocket and said,

“Yes, please tell me if there’s anything you want.”


I fell into contemplation.

It seemed like he would give me the oath of the Demon God without any compensation.

What should I write?

More importantly.

Is it the right thing to participate in this suspicious research?

I thought for a moment before opening my mouth.

“Let’s revise the contents of the oath.”

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