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Chapter 55 Part 2 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin

It was a book that was so faded that it was impossible to guess its age.


Robolt carefully turned the pages while wearing white gloves.

I blinked as I checked the contents of the book.

“This is……”

“Yes, it is as you see.”


I felt a sense of disappointment wash over me.

The book was blank.

There were no sentences or letters written anywhere.

Robolt let out an awkward laugh as I stared at the book with cold eyes.

“For some reason, most of the book is empty, but there are words written on the last page.”

“……I see.”

I replied, showing my disappointment.

I had to help Robolt with his research to obtain the Oath and the Mana Potion, but the book I was supposed to study didn’t have any content in it…….

Then, suddenly, I became curious.

“Where did you get this book? It doesn’t look ordinary, just by its appearance.”

“I got it from an abandoned house.”

“An abandoned house?”

I frowned at Robolt’s words as I stopped flipping through the book.

“Yes, literally. I happened to have some business in the Western Desert, so I visited it, and there was an abandoned house standing alone in the middle of the sandy beach. I found this book inside it.”

I couldn’t help but be puzzled.

Why was there an abandoned house in the desert…….

More importantly, Robolt’s following words were important.

“Judging from the large oasis, there must have been a village there. But somehow, only this book and the abandoned house remained.”

“Are you saying that the village just vanished, leaving behind this book and the abandoned house?”

“As of now, that’s the only assumption we can make.”

It was interesting.

A village that disappeared, leaving only an abandoned house and a book.

It was certain that some kind of magical effect was at play.

It definitely seemed worth studying, even writing an Oath for it.

“I’m curious now. Can I see the sentence written on the last page of the book?”

“Of course! The reason I asked for your help in the first place was to interpret the last page.”

“Then let me see it.”

As I gestured, Robolt showed me the last page of the book.

And Robolt let out a deep sigh as he looked at the sentence that appeared.

“It’s definitely written, but……”

“It’s badly damaged.”

“Yes, except for a few words, it’s impossible to recognize. It feels like it was intentionally hidden.”

As Robolt said, the last page was impossible to interpret.

Of course.

『 ……rule∝∇ ∂s㎖ great∴∞ ∬⊇did. ΞΦ Σξ ΣΨΙis. λχwill stopωω τ. ㎛㎝㎚ end㎚ time℉. 』

All that was left were a few lines of unrecognizable sentences.

The letters were distorted and misshapen, as if corrupted by some unknown force.

How was I supposed to interpret something like this?

As I hardened my expression, Robolt opened his mouth.

"Now you understand why the other top students failed?"

"Quite horribly"

I admitted, nodding in agreement.

It was no wonder the other students had failed when faced with such a cryptic message.

“Have you made any progress in your research?”

“No, not at all. I’ve only become more certain that it’s an extraordinary sentence.”

I grimaced as I watched Robolt shake his head.

The realm of impossibility.

With my power, I couldn’t figure out anything about this inscription.

In the end, it means that I have to go back and find the clues one by one.

I stared at Robolt and asked,

“There might be clues in the town near where you found this book.”

“I’ve already looked into that as well, but……”

He said there was no progress.

Robolt visited several towns nearby, but he couldn’t find anyone who knew about the abandoned house or the old book.

It’s like looking at a ghost house.

There’s no way the abandoned house standing in the middle of the desert wouldn’t be noticeable.

Since he said that they had never even seen it, I couldn’t help but be suspicious.

“You mean I have to figure it out without any clues?”


Robolt nodded his head gloomily.

It must be frustrating for him.

He said that he couldn’t even bring himself to research the book, even though it seemed to be worth studying, because there were no clues.

There’s definitely a hint in this inscription.

That was when I ran my hand over the inscription.


The letters squirmed.


Did I see it wrong?

I looked around, but Robolt was still frowning with frustration.

It means he didn’t see the strange phenomenon just now.

Could it be…….

“Give me your gloves.”



When I urged him, Robolt took off his gloves and gave them to me.

I lightly brushed the inscription with my gloved hand.


Then the letters began to squirm even more violently.



Some energy came out of the book and headed for the nape of my neck.

Specifically towards the necklace believed to be connected to the Demon God.

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