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Chapter 10 - Another World Adventurer's Forum

I became an adventurer in other world, still gotta browse through the forum. AWAF,Korean Novel,Translation,Fantasy,Begger,Forum,Master

The War Begins

The war had begun.

Leaving the mansion, I arrived at the gate that I had to pass through to reach Baruk District 3.

But there were already many people gathered there.

It seemed the forum members had spread the word.

Otherwise, there was no way people living outside would be trying to get inside like this.

Or maybe the residents of Baruk had spread the rumor.

With those thoughts in mind, I waited in line.

While waiting, I circulated my mana.


It was mana invisible to others.

Perhaps someone who knew how to use mana would be able to read the flow of this mana, but most people in this world couldn't use mana.

At best, maybe mages or swordsmen.

I was playing around with my mana when…


Finally, it was my turn.

So, I took out all my belongings and placed them on the table to be inspected.

Of course, I also took off the ring on my finger and the necklace around my neck and placed them on the table.

And so, the inspection was done.

And a moment later…


The guard, looking much more serious than usual, declared my passage.

With permission granted, I picked up my luggage and entered the castle.

It was better to be inside than outside.

If there were any mediocre monsters outside, I could have taken care of them myself and lived in the mansion, but this time, the opponent was the Demon King's army.

Therefore, it was much better to leave the fight against the Demon King's army to the guards and the Baruk army.

There was no need for me to be dragged onto the battlefield.

Thud, thud.

As I walked around Baruk District 3, I felt that the atmosphere in Baruk was more subdued than usual.

Perhaps this wasn't just a feeling, but the truth.

And I was curious.

I wondered what kind of system was used to spread the news of the Demon King's resurrection so widely.

'Well, it's not like it's the countryside, so it's possible.'

Although this place was a little further away from Lukphelton, it was still located between a city and the countryside.

It meant that it was a place where people lived moderately and news traveled quickly.

Thinking about it that way, it made sense that the news spread so quickly.

With that thought, I entered a nearby inn.

As I entered the inn, a kind-looking woman was at the counter.

"It's 12 silvers for one night."

"Ah… then, would it be possible to get 10 nights for 1 gold?"

"Hmm… that would be a bit difficult. We've been getting a lot of guests lately."

"Tsk, then I'll just stay for one night."

With that, I paid 12 silvers and received the room key before heading upstairs.


Opening the door, I was greeted by a cleaner room than I expected.

Unfortunately, the shower was outside.

Of course, that was only natural in this world.

It wouldn't make sense to have a shower in every room.

I think I was expecting something strange because I've been in such good places until now.

I needed to readjust my mindset to the medieval times.

With that thought, I decided to take a nap for now.

"...I don't have anything to do right now anyway."

Just in case, I cast a barrier spell and an alarm spell before falling asleep.

It was a magic spell that would immediately alert me if someone entered the room by triggering the alarm spell.

According to Silvia, it was a spell that adventurers used quite often.

Hoping that Silvia was doing well, I fell asleep.


And so, I woke up.

Fortunately, the alarm spell didn't go off while I was asleep.

In the first place, it wasn't common for anyone to pick the lock of an inn in Baruk District 3.

If that was the case, they wouldn't even bother robbing such a shabby inn.

With that thought, I lay down and accessed the forum.

The most convenient thing about coming to another world was that I could browse all sorts of posts while lying down.

Without even lifting a finger.

'It's convenient.'

From my point of view, I couldn't even begin to imagine how high the person who created this forum was.

To think that they made it possible for even people who didn't know magic to use this forum.

It was a bit fascinating, to say the least.

With that thought, I looked over the posts on the forum.

[Ah, mages are so fucking annoying][13]

[Today's research complete…jpg][1]

[Ah, I'm so excited to restock on corpses today lol][8]

[I'm having sex right now hahahahahahaha][12]

[This is so fucking annoying][2]

There were all sorts of posts, but I carefully selected five of them.

They were posts that could be helpful in understanding the current state of the world.

With that in mind, I clicked on the first post.

[Author: Kutulu]

[Title: Ah, mages are so fucking annoying]

[Content: I'm a martial artist, and I swear I want to grab these bastards who shoot from afar and break their necks. They're one-shot kills if you fight them up close]

L: Wow, there's actually someone who's really a martial artist? lolololol

 ㄴ: For real lol

 ㄴKutulu: Where do you live?

 ㄴ: If I tell you where I live, will you come find me?

 ㄴ: Typical martial artist) Walks over thump thump lol

 ㄴ: But he's right though

L: MayTheUnfaithfulFindPeace: It is not too late, even now.

 ㄴMayTheUnfaithfulFindPeace: Quickly change your profession.

 ㄴMayTheUnfaithfulFindPeace: That is the only way to survive.

 ㄴKutulu: Nope, martial arts is god

 ㄴMayTheUnfaithfulFindPeace: You are a foolish lamb…

 ㄴ: Wow, the paladin is cursing as he pleases lol

 ㄴ: Well, there's no law that says paladins can't curse

"...That's too much. But I heard they're good for experiments."

Not that I conducted experiments, but Silvia had told me that most of the people who applied for the experiment subject recruitment notice were martial artists.

It was a bit shocking.

To think that there were people who would sell their bodies for money.

With a dumbfounded feeling, I checked the next post.

[Author: DieIllegally]

[Title: Today's research complete…jpg]

[Content: (Photo) How's today's research?]

L: It's amazing how DieIllegally is still doing research in this situation…

"This person is still doing research."

I was certain that they weren't a high-ranking mage.

All high-ranking mages would have been summoned to the Imperial Palace by now.

There was no way they would be doing research at a time like this.

With that thought in mind, I checked the next post.

[Author: CocoNenne]

[Title: Ah, I'm so excited to restock on corpses today lol]

[Content: There was a battle with the Demon King's army near here today, what a jackpot lol]

L: You crazy psychopath. Are you even human?

 ㄴCocoNenne: Yep, as long as I get my supply of troops~ lol

 ㄴ: You're a real nutcase.

LToBeUnfaithfulIsToSin: You shouldn't live like that.

 ㄴMayTheUnfaithfulFindPeace: One day, your own cruelty will come back to stab you in the back.

 ㄴCocoNenne: Ugh, what are you talking about, you filthy degenerate who jerks off to necromancer hentai

 ㄴMayTheUnfaithfulFindPeace: …Stop it.

 ㄴCocoNenne: Eww, you're disgusting


I sighed.

It was good that he was saying cool things, but it seemed like his usual behavior prevented his words from being fully accepted.

Of course, that was his karma.

I then checked the next post.

[Author: HeroOfOurTime]

[Title: I'm having sex right now hahahahahahaha]

[Content: I'm dipping my military bread in 'soup' right now, isn't this sex? hahahahaha]

L: Dude…

L: That's pathetic

 ㄴ: Should I send you some food?

 ㄴ: If you tell me your location, I'll send you some

 ㄴHeroOfOurTime: What am I, Mao Anying? Asking for food and giving out my location in the middle of a war to die

 ㄴ: Damn lol

 ㄴ: You gotta admit, Mao Anying was something else

L: But that's real sex though lol

L: Is your IQ 1? You dip the bread in the soup lol


"It'd be weird to send him something."

No matter how lacking in brainpower he was, if he said something like that and someone sent him something at those coordinates, and a high-level magic spell fell on top of it, it wouldn't end well.

It would be strange for anyone to tell him their location.

Thinking that, I checked the last post.


[Author: Ferus]

[Title: This is so fucking annoying]

[Content: Why am I a soldier Why am I a soldier Why am I a soldier Why am I a soldier Why am I a soldier]

L: It must be really tough being a soldier these days… Hang in there, buddy

 ㄴFerus: Thank you…

The conditions in the military were extremely poor in this day and age.

Of course, things had gotten a little better since the 'travelers' had come to this world, but that didn't mean everything was perfect.

With that, I finished checking up on the current state of affairs in this world.

It seemed certain that the country was sending troops here and there.

There had been several posts on the forum verifying that.

The best thing about the forum was that you could contact someone no matter how far away they were.

Of course, if the other person died, all of their posts and comments would be deleted.

If I was talking to someone and suddenly all of their posts and comments disappeared… that would be a little sad.

With that thought, I got out of bed.


I had to start my day.

I had some magic practice to do too.

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