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Chapter 100 Part 2 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin

【 3rd Place, Diana. 】

“Ah, 3rd place. That’s too bad……”

"That's right."

As Diana pouted, Rene gave a short reply as usual.

Diana poked Rene's cheek.

"Rene, if you're going to comfort me, do it properly!"


A blue vein appeared on Rene’s forehead.

Just before Diana could make Rene explode in anger.


The two of them raised their heads at the same time.

A man had passed by Rene and Diana and was looking at the ranking list.

'...I didn't notice him.'

Rene's face hardened.

Even though she hadn't activated her senses, his movements were undetectable even to her and Diana.

Only two men in Sytan's first year could move like that.

One was Adel, the teleporter, who wasn't here.

So the identity of this man was,


When Rene realized the identity of the crimson-haired boy, a faint smile lingered on his lips.

And then,

“How amusing.”

Contrasting with the man’s light tone of voice,


A heavy fighting spirit began to distort the space.

The eyes of Baltan, who had placed 2nd in the 1st-year midterm exam, were filled with fighting spirit as they shot towards a single name.

【 1st Place, Fron. 】

……Towards her, the top student.

* * *

Maybe it’s a good thing.

I returned to the dormitory and immersed myself in these thoughts.

In this exam, Fron had taken the amazing position of top student.

If that’s the case.

‘For the time being, the attention will be on Fron, not me.’

……It wasn’t directed at anyone in particular.

It’s just like that. My instincts were telling me that Fron taking the top student position was a good sign.

On the other hand, Fron might become a bit bothersome, but what can I do?

As the top student, she deserves to receive attention.

I hope that Fron will learn enough combat-related magic to protect herself with this opportunity.

‘The Demons tend to only want to learn magic that suits their family or traits, so it might be difficult.’

It’s not like they establish schools like humans and learn various types of magic.

Let’s assume that there’s no one like Robolt who researches magic that most Demons can use.

It’s terrifying just thinking about it.

They probably wouldn’t even be able to learn basic magic like Stealth.

That’s when the Demons will realize that they have no choice but to be slaughtered by humans.

In order to prevent that and uncover the secret that the Six Families are hiding, they’ll have to become stronger without stopping.


‘……Why can’t I use Fighting Spirit?’

I made a displeased expression.

I succeeded in manifesting the Sword Lacquer and having it recognized as a trait by relying on Adele’s senses, but I couldn’t manifest Fighting Spirit no matter what I did.

It’s frustrating.

If I could apply Fighting Spirit, I might be able to surpass Terias.

I recalled the method of using Fighting Spirit that was described in the original work.

The power that is focused by concentrating the will to attack the opponent and imbued into a weapon.

I focused power into my eyes and took out the Fang of Darkness from my arms.

- …….

But nothing happened.

As expected, it didn't work this way either.

Perhaps it's because I lack practical experience. Even after fully inheriting 20% of Adel's power and entrusting my body to instinct, I still couldn't manifest my fighting spirit.

I guess I need to experience the so-called enlightenment.

'...Even the information paper won't help.'

The information paper imprinted Adel's traits because they were the initial traits I could handle anyway.

However, fighting spirit can only be cultivated by developing one's own power, so imprinting is impossible.

In the end, I have no choice but to acquire it myself.

"Let's stop here for today……"

And so, the training ended without any significant gains.

In fact, it's questionable whether it can be called training since I just held a dagger in my room and lifted weights.

Still, there was no need to be impatient.

'I still have time to spare.'

The midterm exams just ended.

I can start building a foundation and getting stronger from now on.


I collapsed onto the bed and looked around.

Perhaps because Samuel was parasitic on my body, the dormitory seemed especially spacious.

When I lowered my gaze, I saw Samuel, still in his thorny, sleeping state.

[Mmm…… Cheater…….]

No way.

Was he denying the fact that Fron was the top student even in his dreams?

It wasn't an incomprehensible story.

He would soon have to believe it.

The instructors will announce Fron as the top student soon.

When that happens, Samuel will no longer be able to dismiss the truth as a mere illusion.

Rather than that.

'It'll be soon.'

The day to choose an artifact from Sytan's secret warehouse is approaching.

I wonder what I'll find this time.

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