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Chapter 104 Part 2 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin

Rene was next after me.

And so, starting with Rene, the students began to enter the secret realm one by one.

And each of them came out with the artifacts they wanted.

Just like in the original story, the artifacts the students chose were the ones I had seen, except for the one Fron had chosen.

In the end, these artifacts would soon be taken away by the human students of the student council.

Could I really change that outcome?

‘……I have to try.’

Because handing over such precious artifacts to the enemy would be no different from suicide.

I felt the need to protect them until I could uncover the truth that the Six Families were hiding.

I would also need to get help from those guys, whether they liked it or not.

It was while I was looking around like that,

“Have you all chosen?”

Ares asked, having gathered the students together.

The students nodded in response.

Each of them had brought the artifact they wanted from the secret armory.

Most of the students were smiling with satisfaction.

Except for one.

“This is a bit disappointing…….”

Aeron grumbled in his usual languid voice, glaring at me.

To be exact, he seemed to be looking at the Orb of the Flame Emperor in my hand.

According to the original story, Aeiron was supposed to have obtained the Orb of the Flame Emperor.

I had no intention of handing it over.

I needed to have the Orb of the Flame Emperor, which was a fairly good grade, in order to get the Mana Method.

Ares glanced at us and continued speaking.

“Then everyone is dismissed.”

And so, the midterm exam rewards ended with a slight sense of regret for me.

At Ares’s words, who had given the order to disperse, Rene approached me and said,

“……I’ll be going.”

“I hope you stay healthy.”

“Yeah, you too.”

After exchanging just a few words, Rene turned her head abruptly and disappeared from my sight.

And the one who approached me next was Fron, with her flowing blue hair.

“Hoo hoo, can you see what belongs to me?”

“Yes, I can see it clearly.”

“As the top student, it would be fitting for me to choose two, but I graciously left one for those weaker than me.”


In the first place, according to the rules of the Demon Realm, one could only take one artifact.

I clicked my tongue inwardly and said goodbye to Fron as well.

And just as I was about to head towards the dormitory.


Ares stopped me.

I turned my head slowly.

Unlike usual, his mouth was slightly open.

Just like when he had spoken to me in front of the infirmary before.

Did he have something to say?

“Why have you called for me?”

“……I have something to give you.”

What could he possibly give me?

I couldn’t help but tilt my head.

“What do you mean, give?”

“You don’t have to worry. It will help you.”


What help could I possibly need?

As I was wondering, Ares pulled a silver bracelet out of his arms and handed it to me.

I could feel a faint flow of mana, and even at a glance, I could tell it was no ordinary item.

At the very least, it seemed to be a relic-grade artifact.

In other words, an intermediate-rank artifact.

I was momentarily tempted since I needed another artifact, but…

As I realized that the person in front of me was Ares, a sense of reluctance simultaneously reared its head.

I asked Ares with a slightly displeased expression,

“Why are you giving this to me……?”

“Because of your killing intent.”

Ares began his explanation with that sentence.

“You need to control your killing intent. I’ve seen countless demons on the battlefield who slaughtered their own allies because of their killing intent. I don’t want you to end up like them. That’s why I’m giving you this artifact.”

“Then this artifact is…….”

“That’s right. It’s an artifact that can suppress killing intent. It won’t be able to completely eliminate your killing intent, though.”

I couldn’t help but widen my eyes at his words.

What the heck?

He’s offering me a relic-grade artifact for free?

……But then again.

‘I don’t have any killing intent.’

I’ve never cultivated anything like that.

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