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Chapter 123 - Can We Become a Family?

Forced to be Empress, Navia craves acceptance, but faces betrayal. She pursues revenge and new life.DBT,Korean,Novel,Translations,CWBF,Shoujo,Fantasy

Navia clutched her nightgown and walked briskly before eventually running.

She had been asleep for a full five days, and with another day gone by, it had been six days since she last saw Creed.

The thought of Creed enduring those days alone made her heart pound.

The faint connection that had started the day Creed handed her clothes now felt even more significant.

He was the family she needed to take care of.

Navia considered him family.



Navia entered the annex where Lark had directed her and called out his name.


Creed, who hadn’t seen the white girl in several days, suddenly stood up from his spot.

He had been well-kept, looking surprisingly neat despite being attended to by shadows.

Though still wearing tunic-style clothing, his outfit was clean without a single tear, and his wounds seemed continuously cared for.

However, he was still not completely rid of his violent nature, hence his hands and feet were chained.

Navia stopped walking when she reached where Creed had stood up.

"Hello. Have you been well?"


"I’m sorry, I couldn’t come to see you for a few days because of some work. But I’m glad you were still being taken care of without me."

Navia spoke kindly, watching Creed’s reaction.

Creed was completely focused on Navia.

He observed every detail - the warmth in her voice, her expressions, and her every movement.

It was as if he was checking if she was hurt.

"Creed, I can heal your wounds."

Navia cautiously took a step closer.

Creed quietly held his breath.

"Is it okay if I touch you?"

Navia gently reached out her hand.

Again, Creed showed no aggression or rough response.

He was as docile as a cat basking in the sunlight.

If Creed reacted violently, the surrounding shadows would not stay still, but Navia approached him slowly, making sure he was comfortable.

Finally, she reached close enough to hold his cheek.


Creed involuntarily tried to pull back but then stopped his movement.

"It’s okay. It won’t hurt."

Soon, a very warm energy flowed through her hand, which held his cheek.

The moonlight, just like before, emitted a soft glow, healing Creed’s wounds one by one.

Navia smiled lightly.

"How is it, not painful, right?"

Navia, without waiting for an answer, hugged Creed, who looked at her obediently.

Creed, startled, widened his eyes in surprise.

"I won’t think I’ve taken your place anymore."


"I’ll take good care of you."

After all, she was his sister. So, she would take good care of Creed and raise him well.

Creed, still not understanding what was being said, quietly leaned into Navia’s embrace.

His expression showed that his wariness had completely melted away.

Navia, realizing something, suddenly pulled away from him.

Creed twitched his hand, as if trying to reach for the girl moving away from him.

Navia, unaware of this, spoke.

"Have you eaten? Oh, it’s useless to ask. Wait here, I’ll bring something tasty. And I want to tidy up your hair too… I should bring the necessary things first."


As Navia spoke of leaving again and turned around, Creed moved as far as his chains would allow.

His hands stretched forward but were restricted by the taut chains.


A sound that was not an animal’s cry but an attempt to communicate followed, and Navia realized he was trying to stop her from leaving.


Navia quickly approached and held his hand with a sympathetic expression.

Creed spoke again.


Then, as if dissatisfied, he shook his head vigorously and closed his eyes briefly before slowly opening them.

His gaze was clearer as he looked directly at Navia.



"Na...mi… Na...vi, Na...via."

Navia realized what he was trying to say.

He was trying to call her name.

Navia slowly and clearly repeated her name again.


Then Creed spoke again.


His pronunciation was perfect.


"Yes, Creed."


He kept repeating only Navia's name. It was the only word he could say correctly.

Navia covered her mouth with her hand, proud of Creed calling her name.

"What to do…"

'Could Creed be a genius?'

That's right, he was a genius in magic too.

Navia was unaware that her thoughts were perfectly aligned with the excessive doting of a parent, continuously marveled.

"Creed is a genius."

Then Creed tilted his head in confusion.

"I need to teach him to speak."

Navia thought she should buy picture books for Creed's education.

"I hope we can talk together soon, Creed."


"Just wait a little. I'll run and be right back."

Navia hugged him again so he wouldn't feel lonely and then started running energetically.

The strict manners that seemed to have melted into her body like a curse seemed to be slowly disappearing since she entered Eseled.

Navia also packed items she used when she opened the barbershop and sweet chocolate cookies.

"Is something the matter, miss?"

When Charlotte called her in surprise, Navia quickly said,

"I'll have lunch at the annex where Creed is. Please bring it there!"

"Uh? Yes…"

Navia quickly returned to the annex.


Navia put down the basket she had packed and ran to hug him tightly again.

"Were you lonely?"

Was this what it felt like to leave a puppy alone and go out?

Navia stroked Creed's head, hoping he hadn't felt lonely.

Creed realized that he couldn't catch Navia since he was in front of her.

So, he carefully stepped back, loosening the tightly pulled chain to create some slack.

He curled up his body like Navia did so that he could hold her even a little.

"Anyone would think he's your child."


Navia turned around in surprise when she heard her father Lark's mocking voice from behind.


Lark strode towards Navia and snatched his daughter away from Creed.


Then Creed, who had been docile like a lamb until now, suddenly showed a ferocious demeanor.

Seeing his reaction, Lark raised his eyebrows in surprise.

"Look at this."

As if this little thing was a challenge.

Lark was about to slightly unleash his innate power to teach this insolent puppy a lesson when it happened.

"Creed, calm down."

Navia merely said a word, but Creed instantly became obedient as if nothing had happened.

'Hah, he recognizes people?'

Lark was even more astonished.


This time, Navia called out to Lark.

Lark looked at his daughter with a rebellious gaze.

What? What's that look?

"Put him down, please. Creed might be feeling anxious relying on me."

"I'm anxious too?"


Is it too late for separation anxiety at this age?

Navia didn't add anything more, but Lark certainly understood.

Lark spoke pitifully,

"I've only reunited with my long-lost daughter for a day. And besides… I almost lost you."

Navia saw through that he was trying to cajole her, but his words were also true.

So she couldn't help but feel weak.

"Of course, I'll spend a lot of time with Dad too. I don't want to be apart from you."

Navia hugged him tightly, as if to reassure him.

Lark tenderly embraced Navia, looking triumphantly at Creed, who was glaring at him fiercely.


Do you think you can stand against me, kid?

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