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Chapter 126 - Can We Become a Family?

Forced to be Empress, Navia craves acceptance, but faces betrayal. She pursues revenge and new life.DBT,Korean,Novel,Translations,CWBF,Shoujo,Fantasy


The coachman deeply hooded, now pulled back his hood, revealing dazzling silver hair.

The coachman was Erkin.

The first question that came to mind was, 'Why are Ricardo and Erkin together?'

Navia turned to Ricardo with surprised eyes.

'Could that person be an informant?'

Just then, Erkin greeted Navia warmly.

"Hello, Miss Navia? And... it's been a long time, Duke Eseled."

Lark, having guessed the identity of the other, had an expressionless face.

"I don't remember leaking that box outside."

"Didn't you ask me to find Navia's biological parents? My sister said to deliver this box if you ever had a daughter."

"This box might be the answer," Erkin said, biting his lips nervously.

Lark rose abruptly from his seat, eyes wide.

The only person Erkin would call 'sister' was Camilla.

"Did you find Camilla?"

"That's not it."

Erkin shook his head weakly, then spoke to Ricardo.

"Would you mind giving us some space?"

* * *

When only the three of them were left in the drawing room, Erkin continued.

"Do you remember me coming to you 8 years ago?"

"I remember."

"Right after that, my sister came to me. She said if you ever had a foster daughter, to give her this box."

Lark swept his hands over his face, his expression suggesting he had an inkling.

"…Camilla was friends with Empress Estelle?"

"Yes. They've been friends since childhood."

Navia quietly organized the situation, unable to fully follow their conversation.

One, Camilla Vladina was Navia's biological mother.

Two, she left Eseled 9 years ago.

Three, but she sought out Erkin 8 years ago.

'Considering she didn't mention pregnancy, it must have been after I was born.'

Four, Camilla knew Lark would have a foster daughter.

Five, Camilla was friends with Empress Estelle, and Estelle is Creed's mother.

Navia couldn't make sense of the flow from four to five.

'For this to make sense, one of them must have known the future and shared it, right?'

'Could she be a time traveler?'

But the following words clarified that wasn't the case.

"Camilla must have copied Empress Estelle's future-seeing ability to see this situation."

"I think so too."


Navia covered her mouth in shock.

Lark sat down on the sofa, looking utterly exhausted.

"…Sit down."

Erkin bowed slightly and then perched on the chair. His gaze lingered on the silver box.

"I tried everything to open this box, but it never budged."

"If you're not the owner of the box, you can't open it. If Camilla was the owner, she wouldn't have asked to pass it on."

Lark had given Camilla several magical items, one of which was this secret box.

'I'll register as the owner when the time comes...'

Their gaze shifted to Navia.

It was almost certain that Navia was the owner of the box.

Navia hesitantly took the box, glancing back and forth between the two.

'…Will it really open?'


The box opened easily, almost disappointingly so.

Erkin sighed deeply.

Considering the box handed over by the sister before disappearing and the mention of 'Duke Eseled's daughter,' it wasn't hard to deduce who Navia's father was.

Navia is Camilla's daughter.

Knowing this, yet seeing the box open without resistance, she felt choked, her eyes welling up.

Lark too looked at the box with bloodshot, anxious eyes.

"…What's inside?"

As he asked in a hoarse voice, Navia began to carefully take out the contents.

Inside the box, there was a ring box, a music box, and a letter. The envelope of the letter already had a note written on its surface.

"Please read the letter first."

Navia showed the words to the two men.

Lark and Erkin nodded as they caught Navia's eye.

It meant they should unfold the letter.

The envelope was sealed with red wax without any seal.

As soon as Navia carefully opened the seal and unfolded the letter, tears burst forth.

To my one and only beloved daughter, Navia.

Ah... this handwriting.

'It's the same handwriting as on the name card that had Navia written on it.'

Navia, I know all too well how much, really how much you must have endured until you read this letter.

...I can't even remember how many sheets of paper I went through just writing this one sentence.

Navia continued to read the letter, tears streaming down her face.

You'll understand more when you open the music box.

And to my beloved Lark.

I hope you can forgive me for having to leave you in silence that day.

In truth, I would have been content to die by your side, but I'm sorry.

I couldn't pretend to be blind to the path that would bring happiness to you and our child. If you can accept me despite that, would you accept the ring I'm sending?

You should know well how to operate the music box since it's something you gave me.

I hope only you and our daughter, Navia, will see this music box.

Lastly, my heartfelt thanks and apologies to my dear brother, Erkin.

With eternal love.

Your family, Camilla.

The letter contained a very clear meaning from the start.

It was, a will.

A dizzying silence followed.

A heavy, suffocating silence that made it impossible to breathe.

The silence was broken by tears.

The unstoppable sobbing and the sound of tears falling shattered the dreadful silence.

Lark stood up and walked over to the window, his eyes red. Erkin covered his face with his hands, tears flowing.

Navia... read the letter over and over, several times. Every tear-stained mark on the letter weighed heavily on her heart.

Her hands trembled as she traced each stroke of the letters, forcefully drawn.

There were numerous evident parts where she stopped writing the letter to weep and then continued.

Navia could feel how much her mother must have cried to complete this short letter, and her heart ached unbearably.

Lark walked over weakly, his eyes reddened, holding the music box and saying,

"The music box can record videos."

Erkin, surprised by the mention of video recording, realized they were in Eseled and nodded his head.

"...Then, I will take my leave for a moment."

Lark waved his hand.

"How long do you think it will take? If you're not busy, stay for a day. We'll talk more tomorrow."

Erkin glanced at the music box and nodded.

"That seems like a good idea."

Lark picked up the ring box and the music box, and held Navia, who was crying endlessly.

Navia hugged Lark's neck and buried her face in his shoulder.

The tears seemed like they would never stop.

"Let's go out together."

Erkin wiped his tears and left the reception room with them.

Lark told Margaret and Charlotte, who were waiting outside, to take good care of Erkin, who would stay for the day, and snapped his fingers.


They were transported to Lark's bedroom.

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