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Chapter 128 - Can We Become a Family?

Forced to be Empress, Navia craves acceptance, but faces betrayal. She pursues revenge and new life.DBT,Korean,Novel,Translations,CWBF,Shoujo,Fantasy

[Lark, you must be thinking, "I'm causing silver-haired women to suffer because of me." Don't blame yourself. If you're going to blame anything, blame your good looks.

Honestly, Lark, would I have fallen so terribly in love if you were not handsome?]

"…Ha, seriously."

At that, both Lark and Navia couldn't help but laugh.

It was as if Camilla had heard the conversation they just had.

With a playful smile and tone, lovingly so.

[Navia, my feelings of guilt towards you never fade.

Those Agnes bastards need to be dealt with... Oh, no. Such words aren't good for prenatal care. They need to be... they need to be... utterly destroyed.]

Camilla, trying to choose her words elegantly, ended up spewing harsh words and coughed awkwardly.

[Anyway. There was only one way for us to be happy.

To keep the external gods from discovering that Navia is an avatar.

So, I sought out the Goddess of Night, Nyx. Nyx could block the night when external gods could peek into their avatars.]

Navia could finally be sure of the nightmare she had on the day she obtained the Black Moon.

The gaze she felt that day must have been from an external god.

[Fortunately, Nyx answered my call and was happy to take Navia as her avatar.

However, a heavy price was needed.

Death, destruction, deceit, discord, aging, and revenge.

Nyx cut off Navia's infinite recursion, leaving her only nine lives, the maximum she could offer.

There was another problem.

Not to encounter you until the last life.

Not to enter the Eseled estate.

Until a crescent moon mark, a symbol of Nyx's avatar, appeared on Navia.

Otherwise, she would be discovered by the external gods. So, I used Agnes. ...Those damned bastards.]

You've gone through so much, my daughter.

Camilla looked affectionately at Navia beyond the video.

[I was destined to die a year after giving birth to Navia, an avatar. Nyx, knowing my situation, offered me to be her sacrifice.

In exchange, she promised to grant Navia two powers.

The Black Moon, the ability to steal, like her mother, and the White Moon, the ability to protect, like her father. ...Ridiculous.

I'm good at stealing, but you're rated too highly for your mischievous nature.]

Navia looked down at her wrist.

To think that the Black Moon, which she thought was the only thing on her side in the world, was her mother.

She felt her heart constricting.

[Nyx said I could only be with Navia for 100 days after her birth. But no matter what we tried, you and I never lived a day together. 100 days, such a miraculously long time.]

It wasn't a tone of resignation. Camilla truly regarded it as a miracle.

[There's not much recording time left. I'll use this time later. Goodbye.]

The second video ended.

Lark played the next video.

He let out a groan as soon as the video started.

"Ah… My goodness."

Camilla was holding a newborn baby.

Lark hugged eight-year-old Navia tightly.

[How about that?]

Camilla shone the camera on the baby with an adoring and helpless smile.

[By the way, do you know when our daughter's birthday is? It's April 26th.

To be born in spring, my favorite season, how lovely is that?]

Navia had expected she was born in winter, a season she thought suited her bleakness.

But spring, that felt strange.

Seeing herself as a newborn was incredibly surprising.

So, I looked like that as a baby.

Umm... not very... attractive.

But it didn't seem that way in Camilla's eyes.

[She's already beautiful because she looks like me! What should I do...]

"What are you talking about? She looks like me."

That seemed to be Lark's view as well.

Navia looked at them both with an incredulous expression and then chuckled softly.


"Why are you laughing? Seriously, you look just like me. I've always thought you did from the start!"


Lark stubbornly insisted that Navia's beauty was thanks to him.

Camilla murmured as she gazed at the baby sleeping soundly.

[Well, I admit your red eyes make our Navia's exceptional beauty even more special.]

"Oh, mom……"

Navia felt her face grow hot.

Lark smirked, looking at Camilla in disbelief as she reluctantly acknowledged only a small part of their daughter's beauty was due to him.

Camilla's praise of her daughter didn't end there.

[How can Navia be so gentle? It's almost worrying how little she fusses.

Our daughter is still an innocent baby, yet she's already considerate enough not to trouble her mom.]

As soon as Camilla finished speaking, the baby in her arms started to fuss.

Camilla glanced at the video with a flustered expression.

She had just proudly claimed that her daughter doesn't fuss.

[Ah, no, this is......]


Lark chuckled, amused, and teased Camilla.

Navia felt embarrassed about why she fussed at that particular timing.

[Ugh... Waaah!]

The baby eventually burst into tears.

[Our Navia really doesn't cry much.

Really. I mean it......]

"No. Our daughter is a crybaby."

"…She's not a crybaby."

[Did our daughter wake up from her nap? I should have spoken quietly, sorry.]

Camilla comforted the baby.

The affection in her actions was evident, and it was breathtaking to watch.

Navia felt tears well up again as she realized how dearly she had been raised.

"See, she's a crybaby."

Lark's eyes were also moist as he spoke.

The video continued with short clips.


[Did you hear that? She just called me 'mom'!]

"Where does it sound like 'mom'? That's clearly 'dad'."

Camilla went on to talk about recent events, her nagging worries for Navia who had completed her final regression, and her rants about Lark.

She didn't forget to mention Creed.

[Poor Creed. I know how much Estelle loved that child.

Her choice to see her family destroyed and herself confined in the cold palace must have been for his sake...

Of course, the extinction of the Eiles Duke's family was a consequence of trying to gain power by selling off their daughter.

How much Estelle's heart must have ached leaving her son? I feel it too...

Please, get along with Creed. If it weren't for Estelle, we wouldn't have this happiness.]

'Yes, I will. Creed is now my family. Don't worry, mom.'

[My dear daughter. My precious Navia, whom I love so much.

It was only after meeting you and your father that my muddy life gained meaning.

How can I even begin to describe the happiness I've felt with Lark and the time I've spent with you, Navia?

I can die without any regrets now.]

The end of the sweet dream was in sight.

I could feel the video, which seemed like it would last forever, coming to an end.

[My most precious daughter in the world.

I hope you suffer less and find happiness quickly.

Stubborn Lark. I was happy to have met you. Thanks to you, I realized how deeply I could love someone.

You are my first and last love. If I'm not wrong, you feel the same way.

So, would you accept the ring I sent you?]

Then Navia noticed the ring shining on Camilla's left ring finger.

It was the same design as the ring in the music box.

'Oh my, it's a proposal...'

Navia glanced up at Lark.

He was just quietly crying, unable to do anything.

[This is truly the end now. Yes, the last.]

Camilla then took the baby's hand and waved it. It was a farewell.

[I love you. And goodbye.]

And so, the video ended.

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