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Chapter 131 - Can We Become a Family?

Forced to be Empress, Navia craves acceptance, but faces betrayal. She pursues revenge and new life.DBT,Korean,Novel,Translations,CWBF,Shoujo,Fantasy

Navia woke up from her sleep to the cold smell of winter.

'Dad's scent.'

How could such a mysterious fragrance come from a person's body?

Navia was curious and wanted to ask, but she didn't open her eyes. Pretending to sleep a bit longer in the safest embrace of her father, she wanted to act a little spoiled.

"You seem to be awake."


But her involuntary smile gave her away.

Lark poked her cheek and said, "My daughter likes to pretend to be asleep. I guess it's a game she enjoys more than playing house."

Navia had no choice but to open her eyes slightly and retort.

"I've never liked playing house."

"That's hard to believe. You look just like someone who would enjoy it."

What does someone who likes playing house even look like?

Navia, having learned it's best not to take Lark seriously when he talks nonsense, simply stretched.

Lark, seeing her stretch, grabbed her arms and playfully pulled them upwards.

Then Navia asked the question that had come to her mind upon waking.

"Dad, you always have a cold, sharp smell. It's different from anesthesia. Is it because you're an incarnation?"

It was a reasonable hypothesis given the unusual phenomenon.

"No, that's not it."

Lark blinked slowly and then murmured as if realizing something.

"Ah... is it the smell of my magic?"

Magicians can distinguish the magic of their kin by its scent. Nikan had said that Wood's magic smelled like the sea.

'But I'm not a magician.'

This was all just a story among magicians.

Lark seemed to feel the same curiosity.

"You don't have any magic, so you shouldn't be able to smell it. Could it be because you're an incarnation...?"

Lark, having always thought himself the only incarnation, didn't know what happens when meeting another incarnation.

'Then I'll just have to find out.'

If there's something unknown, research it.

That's the attitude of a scholar. But soon, Charlotte knocked on the door to prepare Navia, putting off the research for now.

"Duke Vladina requests your presence for breakfast. The meal will be with the lady, sir, and the duke."

"And Ricardo?"

"His meal has already been served in his room. There will be a tea time with Mr. Ricardo after the meal."

Charlotte's skillfulness was evident. Everything Navia wanted was prepared just right.

"Thank you, Charlotte. I'll get ready right away. You get ready too, Dad. No robes."

Lark muttered, "Nagging," and nodded as if he understood.

Before leaving, Navia turned her head and said, "What if we show the duke the parts of mom's video that aren't important?"

"Yes, that's a good idea. I'll take care of it."

"Great. Cesare, let's go."

Navia left to get dressed with Cesare, eager to show Erkin how happy her mother was.

She wore a dress densely packed with tiny floral patterns and a subtle greenish tint.

It seemed more suitable for spring than winter, but it felt right as Navia's mood was like spring.

"Oh, this is Mine's new gift for you, miss."

Charlotte opened a box to reveal its contents. It was a white, fluffy rabbit doll.

"...No, it's not a doll, it's slippers?"

Navia's eyes widened at the adorable slippers with ears like a doll's and twinkling red eyes.

They certainly looked like something a child couldn't resist.

This was the first time Navia had seen such slippers. They weren't available at the Ansier Boutique.

'The soles are thick. They must be soft and cushy to wear.'

Charlotte kept marveling, "It's a masterpiece, she was so confident about it. It's worth it."

"Since they're indoor slippers, I guess I can wear them today."

Navia slipped her feet into the slippers. They fit well and felt as soft and plush as expected.

Though a bit embarrassed to walk around in

Charlotte covered her mouth with both hands and nodded. Her cheeks were very flushed. It's not surprising, considering...

"They're so... cute!"

"These slippers are called 'Squeakies,' and they really do squeak! How... adorable."

Navia had a look of 'Why do these slippers make such a sound? Did they really need to?' and couldn't easily continue talking.

'This isn't right.'

A real child would love these. The adorable appearance and the sound they make with each step would be enchanting.

But for 'adult' Navia, they were not appropriate. These were slippers that offended the dignity of an adult!

"I'll change into different slippers..."

"Ah, Mine has great taste indeed. How did she create something that suits Miss so well! If Miss steps out wearing these, Mine might even tear up with joy!"

"...Okay, I'll go with these..."

Navia left the room wearing the Squeaky slippers.

Just then, Lark, dressed only in slacks and a shirt, was seen leaning against the door of his bedroom. He was waiting to go down to the first-floor dining room with Navia.

"You're slow, little one..."

Squeak! Squeak!

He watched Navia, her cheeks flushed with embarrassment as she walked in her squeaking slippers.


Lark started teasing Navia, unable to hold back his laughter, which was distinctly unadult-like.

"What, did you wear them so I could find you by sound because you're so tiny?"


"Pfft, no, you're just too cute. You must be the cutest eight-year-old I've ever seen. Oh, you know what I am, right?"

Yes, an infinite regressor.

An infinite regressor talking about the cutest eight-year-old he's seen. Wouldn't it be more efficient to just say 'in the world'?

"Let's go quickly."

Squeak, squeak, squeak-.

With that, Navia hurriedly moved her feet.

The slippers squeaked faster due to her haste, revealing her urgency.

Lark's comment about her cuteness was genuine. He truly felt the urge to bite her cuteness and smash walls.

Especially since Navia's elegant actions all seemed like child's play because of the squeaking sound.

"I'm going crazy, really."

Lark couldn't stop chuckling as he strode up to Navia.

He extended his hand to her with a big smile.

"You should hold Daddy's hand, baby."

Anyone could tell he was enjoying teasing her.

Navia retorted without thinking.

"I'm not a baby, I'm clearly an adult. I'm eight years old, but eight years old is also a child."

"Oh, is that so? Then since you're an adult at eight years old, should I call you 'adult,' my daughter?"

How infuriating. Extremely infuriating.

Navia glared at him fiercely.

"...Don't talk to me."

It's childish, I admit.

But Navia, having lived a long time, had realized something.

Face illogical with illogical.

Similarly, respond to childishness even more childishly!

Navia calmly made her move.

"I won't play with Daddy."

It was somewhat a strategy, but she didn't really expect it to work on Lark, the mischievous father.

But then...


Lark froze on the spot.

Navia repeated it clearly and slowly.

"I won't, play, with, Daddy."

She emphasized each word distinctly and then added with a grin.

"Starting now."


Navia turned her head and elegantly walked down the stairs with the squeaky sound.

Was it an illusion that a formidable aura seemed to rise from her retreating figure?

Charlotte, following her lady, murmured a bit pathetically.

"...You should apologize quickly..."

Our lady is no ordinary person, she might really not play with you...

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