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Chapter 133 Part 1 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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Field Trip (6)

Thompson remained silent for a while.

A traitor within Indus.

It was an issue he was aware of but didn't take seriously.

Indus had accepted everyone who called themselves Indus until now.

That made it difficult to measure the size of Indus, and even harder to know who was above him, who the leader was.

It was fine if some dirty water seeped in at the bottom. They could just filter it out and refill it.

But what if the dirty water had risen to the top?

In other words, what if someone in the leadership of Indus was a traitor?

"Well, then there's a chance you could be the traitor, right?"

Thompson said, feigning bravado.


Cain said flatly. She didn't react much to the provocation.

Tch, Thompson clicked his tongue as Cain continued speaking.

[From now on, think with that possibility in mind. You don't know who committed the betrayal. If it's you, me, Kraken, or Skyler, we need to eliminate them immediately.]

"Whoa, let's not be so hasty. We don't know who muddied the waters yet. It could be one of the lower-ranking guys."

[...Yeah. If I’m going to assume the worst, then there needs to be someone who's optimistic.]

"Are you being sarcastic?"

[I'm serious.]

It was then.

Thompson suddenly stopped talking and frowned. He retracted the telescope and slipped it back into his prosthetic arm.

Cain had continued talking all the while.

[By the way, when is Kraken coming? Is he still thinking about what to do with that spare heart?]

"I don't know. You should ask him."

[What, how irresponsible. Kraken needs to finish his business soon so we can proceed here. You should know that,]

"That's not it."

Thompson turned his body and established his stance. He checked the functions of the prosthesis with each of his fingers. While he heard a mechanical whirring, he felt something approaching in the distance.

"We have a visitor."



[Sure, I'll check it out.]

The call ended.

As he put his phone away, the identity of the presence Thompson was feeling was revealed.

She was a woman with a stiff gait and a very stern impression.

“……What do you want?”


Thompson asked, feigning composure, and the woman responded in a similar manner. However, neither of them let their guard down.

This is a rocky summit that overlooks the sky train. In other words, it is a rugged highland with a cliff right behind it.

This is not a place where a woman would come without a reason.

The woman asked.

"I am Isamaya, Constel's teacher. I am here to detain you. Will you cooperate?"

"Who are you detaining?"

"You, of course."


Thompson laughed. His prosthesis made a sound like an engine starting up. Thompson had activated the prosthesis by infusing it with mana.

"If I run, you won't be able to detain me, will you?"


Isamaya took out a pair of glasses from her bag. Putting them on, her already stern face became even sterner.

"Indeed. I would have to be careful not to kill you by mistake."

“……This crazy b*tch!"

Thompson was the first to charge.

* * *

Kora was hiding at the bottom of the cliff.

After a while, someone approached her.

"Did you wait long? Kora."

It was Pascal, smiling gently.

So far, everything was going according to plan.

"Where did Frondier go?"

“……He moved to carry out the operation."

"Hmm, I see."

Pascal nodded.

Pascal doesn't know the details of Frondier's operation, only that Osprey is involved. Everyone trusts Osprey's word.

There are a few things he can predict, though.

Osprey is floating in midair as bait to attract Indus members.

In fact, a mysterious spider girl did appear. She was a fake, though.

But Osprey's real goal is probably to find another Zodiac within Indus, 'Heldre.'

If Indus really wants a 'revolution,' Osprey is their most bothersome enemy.

If Indus really plans to do something on the aerial Railway, Osprey has personally entered the heart of enemy territory to welcome them. To lure Heldre out.

'Hmm, it's still too dangerous.'

Pascal doesn't know how strong Osprey and Heldre are, but he reasons that between two Zodiacs, the one who attacks first has the advantage.

'Surely Frondier isn't planning to...'

Is Frondier planning to do something to Heldre after luring him out? That would be the most dangerous, or rather, reckless operation any participant could take part in.


Kora suddenly spoke in a tense voice.

Pascal stopped thinking. It seemed like something else needed to be taken care of first.

"Something's there. In front of us."

"I see it."

Pascal and Kora stand at the bottom of a cliff. There is a vast, empty plain ahead.

There's nothing blocking their view, and they can't see anyone.

But, just like Kora said, something was definitely approaching them.


As the invisible thing came closer, the cliff wall suddenly shattered. Huge pieces of rock flew as if they had a will of their own and gathered in front of Kora and Pascal.

The rocks stuck to each other and assembled themselves into the shape of legs, arms, a helmet, and armor.

The armor of rock thus completed, the inside of that helmet was filled with darkness, but of course, it was completely empty.

From within it,


Surprisingly, a voice flowed out.

Kora, looking at that bastard, wrinkled her nose.

“……That thing, doesn't smell at all."

"It seems that way."

Pascal narrowed his eyes.

'A type of ghost.'

Most ghosts remain in reality, their presence blurred because they've died once. Most have no memories and wander aimlessly.

The forms of those kinds of ghosts are blurry even when sensing them with mana. They'll eventually disappear if left alone.

However, those that remain with clear resentment, grudges, and killing intent, commonly called evil spirits, have clearer forms.

However, even these, like normal ghosts, often don't have proper memories after death.

The vast majority have a grudge for some reason during life, but forget the reason and just move with only the grudge remaining. Harming people unrelated to them for no reason. They are the most dangerous fellows to ordinary people.

“I am called Skyler."

Skyler makes an ordinary self-introduction. There was no resentment or lingering attachment felt in that voice.

……If by any chance, a ghost remains not out of resentment, but out of 'conviction.'

If that conviction was so strong that it keeps that soul persisting even after death,

This kind of monster before his eyes is born.

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