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Chapter 134 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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Pascal and Skyler also noticed the strangeness.

However, they couldn't recklessly look away.

Clang! Clang!

The two swung their swords, slashing at each other's bodies with tremendous force and aura.

He avoided the stab, but Pascal's skin was cut, and Skyler's armor was dented when he dodged the deadly sword.

That was the clash of auras.

'It's annoying because I can't see his gaze.'

Pascal thought.

There were more disadvantages than he thought when fighting a knight whose insides were simply invisible.

Since he had no face, he had no pupils, so he didn't know where his gaze was directed. Even if his helmet was facing this way, he could be looking in a completely different direction. Skyler himself was probably taking full advantage of that.

In addition, it was difficult to read the starting point and destination of the attack since he couldn't see the muscles. He could only respond properly if he saw it through to the end.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

After two clashes, the blades collided, trying to prove each other's strength.

The blades of their auras, wrapped around each other, sparked as they made contact.

"What a great achievement at your age!"

Skyler's impressed voice remained the same.

Pascal asked.

"How old do you think I am?"

"Well, aren't you a middle school student?"


Veins popped on Pascal's smiling face.

Clang! Skyler's blade was pushed back by the vigorously radiated aura. With a light exclamation of "Whoa?", Skyler stepped back.

"I'm a teacher. A middle school student?"

"Haha! I was just kidding. I didn't know you'd get so angry."

There was a brief distance between the two. In the meantime, Skyler decided to point out something that bothered him.

“……So, what's with this Rune now? What's with this ridiculous size? Did the teachers get together and work all night on this?"

"Well, I don't know."

Pascal said nonchalantly, but he really didn't know.

What the hell? This Rune. He had never seen such a huge Rune. Maybe it was drawn bigger than the original Rune?

A Rune will have the same effect whether it's drawn big or small, but it's simply more difficult to draw it physically large. The chances of making a mistake also increase.

Furthermore, this place was treacherous terrain with an aerial railway crossing two cliffs. Drawing a Rune that encompassed all of this while calculating the height difference was possible, but only "when talking." It was theoretically possible, but it wasn't something a human could do.

'Hmm, let me see for a moment.'

Skyler, trying his best not to move his helmet, searched for the source of the Rune with a sidelong glance. Due to his inability to see, Skyler was able to do this trick.

‘So it is. Something’s standing on the opposite cliff. That bastard must have activated the Rune.’

As Skyler turned to look at Pascal again,

‘No, wait.’

He turned his gaze back to the figure.

‘Th-that guy is Frondier!’

Skyler was shocked. It wasn’t obvious since he was still inside the armor, but his heart was already thumping.

‘What, what the heck? Why is Frondier there? Why isn’t he on the train? Then what was that train that passed us earlier? All the Constel students are on their way to Cropolis, so why would only Frondier be missing?’

Is that even possible? No, would Constel even ‘allow’ something like that?

‘…Nah, there’s no way. That must be it! It’s a mask!’

Skyler quickly came to a fast and reasonable conclusion. It wasn’t Frondier, it was someone else. Someone else had disguised their face to look like Frondier.

Logically, there’s no way Frondier would be in a place like this. Obviously, he should be peacefully traveling to Cropolis with the other students.

If not, what would happen to all the hard work Indus did promoting his business cards inside Cropolis and spreading Frondier’s image? All those plans would go down the drain. No way.

‘How dare he deceive us like this!’

Skyler grew angry and looked at Pascal.

But Pascal’s expression was priceless.

“…What, uh? What is it?”

Skyler’s mind was still in a state of shock as Pascal spoke.

He had also discovered Frondier and was muttering to himself, his eyes locked on.

‘What the heck? Why are you shocked too?’

Was this some sort of trick? A masterful performance? Pascal’s expression was so, so natural, and the incredulity in his eyes was piercing through.

‘What is it! Is it the real one or a fake! That Frondier over there! Which one is it!!’

Skyler’s head was filled with confusion as he screamed silently, unable to voice his thoughts.

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