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Chapter 137 Part 2 - The Mysterious Art Museum

A street artist's life changed when he ended up at a mysterious art museum. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Art,Artist,Slice of life,Poor to Rich,Mystery

“Have you eaten?”

“No, I was about to. Would you like to join me?”


“Let's go, there's a Korean restaurant nearby.”


Irina's brow relaxes. She must miss the Korean food we had often in Korea. Extending my hand to her, I said,

“Yes, there's a restaurant that serves royal court cuisine. I found it during my few months here, and the taste is quite good.”

“Let’s hurry.”

Irina, seemingly eager, gets up and starts walking ahead.

Moving unnoticed through the crowded streets of Milan's fashion district, we enter the restaurant and request a VIP room.

Initially, the owner gave us a look like 'Who are you to ask for a VIP room?' but was shocked and promptly provided it upon seeing Irina and me removing our sunglasses.

After entering the secluded room and freeing ourselves from the stifling hats, sunglasses, and masks, we enjoyed our meal in freedom.

“When will you return?”

“Well, I should leave soon. But I thought of a place I want to visit before leaving.”

“It would be nice if it was Poland, but it's not a country of interest for a painter, is it?”

“Haha, sorry. I’ll definitely visit Poland next time.”

“Where are you going?”

“To France.”

“To Paris? For the museums?”

“No, I’ve seen that my news made headlines in France too. Walking around Paris without bodyguards seems risky, so I plan to explore a rural village near Paris.”

Irina slaps the table with her hand and says,

“You’re going to Auvers-sur-Oise?”

Indeed, Irina, with her extensive artistic knowledge, guessed my destination upon hearing I was going to the outskirts of Paris.

“Yes, I've always wanted to go there.”

Irina nods and says,

“It will be heartbreaking when you go.”

“Why, have you been there?”

“Of course.”

So she has been there. Naturally, a place not unknown to those interested in art.

Irina asks a few more questions about the travel itinerary and then inquires about the brand.

“I heard you acquired shares in it.”

“Ah, that. Monica gifted me 0.8% shares as a live broadcast condition.”

“In the company’s name?”

“It was supposed to be in my name, but I took it in the company’s name. It’s less hassle with taxes.”

“Haha, Ban. Didn’t you say you lived in poverty?”

“I did.”

“Interesting. People who grew up poor usually crave money.”

“All I need is a warm home for my family and enough money not to starve.”

“Haha, you’re too famous now to talk about simplicity.”

“That’s true.”


Irina watches the food of the sinseollo menu, still hot, with curious eyes and says,

“There are so many types of Korean food. What Ban and I ate in Korea wasn't even 10% of all the dishes. There are still many I haven’t tried. When will you eat with me again?”

“Whenever you come to Korea, let me know. I’ll treat you to a full course.”



“You promise?”

“I promise.”

Haha. I've really made it.

A world-renowned pianist, asking me to confirm a promise to have a meal together.

After the meal, Irina sips sujeonggwa with the sweets of yugwa and yakgwa and exclaims,

“This is really delicious.”

“There are many more dessert types. I’ll make sure you get to try them.”

“That’s a promise too?”

“Of course.”

Irina rests her chin on her hand and looks at me quietly.



“How old are you now?”

“I’m thirty.”

“No thoughts of marriage yet?”

“Haha, none at all. No one in my life.”

“Why don’t you have anyone?”

“There’s no time to meet women.”

“What about Monica?”

“Wow, Monica is not a romantic interest, but more of a partner.”

“And Director Seo?”

"She's a friend. We've been friends for too long to have any feelings. Honestly, I even know all the faces of the boyfriends she's had over the years, so it’s impossible to develop any special feelings now."

"Hmm, is that so?"


"What about me?"


Irina bursts into laughter.

"You look so funny when you're flustered, Ban. It’s just a joke, don’t take it seriously."

"Phew, you scared me."


Irina sips her sujeonggwa, her voice tinged with laughter.

"Maybe you won't be able to get married."

Is that some kind of curse?

"Why do you think that?"

Irina looks at me intensely, a deep smile on her face.

"I feel a scent similar to mine coming from you."


Irina, resting her chin in her hand, gazes at me and says, "A person who knows only one thing. A person who looks only at one thing. A person who has no interest in anything but one. You give off a scent similar to mine."

I shrugged my shoulders.

"So, does that mean you, Irina, will also never marry in your lifetime?"

"Haha! Seems like it, right? Haha."


It was hard to tell if she was joking or serious.

But I had a vague feeling that her words might not be entirely wrong.

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