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Chapter 141 Part 1 - The Mysterious Art Museum

A street artist's life changed when he ended up at a mysterious art museum. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Art,Artist,Slice of life,Poor to Rich,Mystery

Wandering (4)

Six months had passed.

Monica's brand, Rossellini, had grown so much that it was now featured in Korean department stores.

Interestingly, the Aqua line was more popular than the Black Label.

In a recent call, Monica mentioned that it would take at least ten years to firmly establish a place in the luxury market.

This was because there were many well-entrenched brands.

Irina was touring the world.

She was currently in Australia and planned to visit Japan's Tokyo Dome before coming to Korea.

She mentioned that she had declined an invitation from China as she did not particularly like Chinese people.

When she asked if Koreans also disliked Chinese people, I explained that due to historical reasons, Korea, China, and Japan all have complicated relationships.

My company, Artist Company, led by Youngju, had also grown significantly.

The more famous I became, the more work I had, and now I was even handling requests from Southeast Asia, Japan, and China.

The number of employees had increased, and my company, now with 60 employees, was considered a respectable medium-sized business.

And me? I still feel like I'm walking naked in the streets.

People scrutinize me as if looking through a microscope.

Initially, people researched the brand and price of the high-end suits I wore, but it became a joke when it was revealed that I only rotated between three suits.

Even now, my manager, a guy named Seongcheol, was seriously watching a video site.

"Boss, there are many comments about you constantly touching your left hair during the recording. Some suggest changing your hairstyle if it bothers you," he said.

The so-called fans focus on every move I make and leave comments on trivial things. What do they think of me? Do they see me as a celebrity?

I laughed bitterly.

'Yeah, right now, I'm living like a celebrity, not an artist.'

For over eight months, I hadn't painted a single piece.

The company handled the incoming work under Youngju's leadership, and most importantly, I had no time.

Do I even have one day off a month? When that day comes, I can't even step out of bed because I'm so tired.

Around five to five-thirty in the morning, Seongcheol comes into my bedroom, turns on the lights, and pulls off the blanket.

"Boss! It's time to go for your schedule!"

Half-asleep, as I try to wash up, Seongcheol dresses me, saying, "Let's wash up at the salon, we're busy today."

If I try to catch some more sleep in the car, he nags, "Sir, if you lean your head, it will ruin the styling. If you want to sleep, keep your head up."

He must be tired too.

Even though I say I rest during the shoot, he's been waking up early and coming home late for over eight months. So I can't even get angry.

I asked him seriously, "Aren't you tired?"

"If you, the boss, work so hard, how can I, a mere employee, complain?"

"Youngju said he's looking for a new manager. Maybe alternating shifts will help."

"Yes, I met someone yesterday who came for an interview. They seemed quite suitable."

"Good, it's important that they're a good fit for you."


Why should they be a good fit for me?

We don't even have time for a drink together.

I haven't had a chance to share a drink with Seongcheol in the eight months we've worked together; it'll be even less likely with the new person.

I was about to habitually touch my forehead hair but stopped, remembering what Seongcheol just said, and sighed.

"I can't even touch my hair as I please, haha…"

A self-deprecating laugh.

Seongcheol quietly excuses himself.

"I'll go arrange a meeting with the director for next week's shooting schedule, sir."


Next week's schedule.

I'm currently a regular panelist on three programs.

That means I have at least three fixed schedules a week.

'Ha, I thought I'd do this for a bit and then the fame would die down.'

Why do they seek someone as uninteresting as me? I don't understand. If the broadcasting staff is looking for me, it means the audience wants me.

But I don't understand why they want me. What's so attractive that they want to keep seeing me?

Sitting alone in the broadcasting waiting room.

This waiting time is very precious to me now. It's the only time I can be alone.

But even that doesn't last long.

There's a knock on the waiting room door, and without waiting for my response, a staff member bursts in and says,

"Painter Ban Jeonghoon! Please come to the makeup room”

I sighed and closed my eyes.


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