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Chapter 143 Part 2 - The Mysterious Art Museum

A street artist's life changed when he ended up at a mysterious art museum. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Art,Artist,Slice of life,Poor to Rich,Mystery

I looked at the screen with a dumbfounded expression.

Celebrities laughing and chatting, moving on to other entertaining stories. What would the viewers of this program think?

"I must be the crazy one."

Yesterday, Yeongju called me.

Yonghan, affiliated with a major agency, is strategically playing the media.

There's no lie in his words. But cunningly, he's branded himself as the victim, and me, an unapologetic, mean aggressor.

Even now, look at him pretending to restrain the MC, packaging himself as a good-natured person.

He doesn't even seem that smart, so it's probably the company instructing him to act this way as part of a planned strategy.

I picked up the remote control, turned off the TV, and sprawled on the sofa.

"How pitiful to be without an agency."

Hmm, is that not it?

I do have an agency, though not an entertainment one.

Seongcheol told me he's no longer getting calls from broadcasters.

Funny. Yonghan is actively participating, no, even more aggressively than usual, and they don't even give me a chance to explain. Is this the power of being in an agency?

Then, the walkie-talkie given by the head of security hired by Yeongju rings.

-Mr. President.

A title I'm not yet used to, but the head of security naturally calls me that. I quickly responded.

"Yes, Head of Security."

-Ten minutes ago, two fans were caught climbing over your house's wall. One of them fell and got injured in the process.

What now?

"Are they hurt?"

-It seems like a minor ankle injury. Nothing serious.

"Did they go to the hospital?"

-Yes, we just took them to a nearby hospital in our vehicle.

"Okay, they're not seriously injured?"

-Right, but the problem is the journalists took photos.

"Ah, that's troublesome. Was there any fault on our side?"

-No, we just asked them to come down, but they slipped and fell.

"Alright, I understand. Thanks for your hard work."

-I'll report back if there's anything else.


I threw the walkie-talkie on the sofa and washed my face.

"What kind of news article will come out now?"

I lay back on the sofa and checked my phone. No news yet. Instead, there's an interview by a university professor about the incident with Yonghan and me.

I shook my head and scrolled past the article.

At first, I did look for such articles. Surely a conscientious art professor would realize how arrogant Yonghan's statements were.

However, the professors who were interviewed, likely paid by Yonghan's agency, avoided mentioning Yonghan's statements and only critiqued mine for suppressing young artists.

After seeing that, I realized there was no point in reading such articles.

Occasionally, real journalists or professors not swayed by money criticized Yonghan rather than defending me, but those articles disappeared from search results in less than an hour.

Of course, this must also be his agency's doing.

"Professional media play. Truly scary."

Soon, breaking news starts to appear. Sensational headlines force me to click on the articles.

《Yonghan's Fan Club, Protest at Ban Jeonghoon's House Leads to Falling Accident》

《Injury Caused by Excessive Force of Security Guard》

《No Violence Can Be Excused! Fan Club President's Rage!》

《Why Did She Fall from the Wall?》

《Ban Jeonghoon Causes 5 Weeks Injury to Yonghan's Fan》

I let out a hollow laugh.


I laughed for a while as I washed my face, and when I took my hands off, my face was harder than ever.

"Now I understand why many avoid the media."

Sports stars. Artists.

Many of them avoid the media. Entertainers, who live off public attention, can't avoid it, but those whose main occupation is different certainly can.

Now, I finally understand the feelings of those I couldn't comprehend before.

More journalists will likely flock here now.

With a hardened face, I packed my luggage.

My presence here would only bring more harm to my family.

I will deliberately leave this house in view of the journalists. Once they know I'm not here, maybe these damned media plays will stop.

After packing and changing clothes, I picked up the walkie-talkie.

"Head of Security."

After a moment of static, the voice of the head of security comes through.

-Yes, Mr. President.

"I'm going out. Can you lend me a car?"

-Yes, we can provide a vehicle. But there are journalists outside, are you sure?

"Yes, I'm deliberately going out to show them. It seems more peaceful at home without me."

-Where are you going?

I looked out the window for a moment, then spoke into the walkie-talkie.

"To the airport."

- We’ll prepare.

After setting down the walkie-talkie, I go downstairs. Mom, folding laundry, is startled by my luggage and asks,

“Where are you going? It's chaos outside.”

“Mom, I’m going to Jeju Island for a month.”

“Jeju Island? All of a sudden?”

“Yes, Youngju arranged a place for me to cool off.”

“Really? Youngju did?”


“Youngju can be trusted. Alright, call me when you arrive. Eat well. Got it?”

"Yes, did brother go to work okay?"

"Yes, there were some kids trying to harm him too, but they couldn't touch your brother because the journalists were taking photos."

Of course, if they harassed a visually impaired person, the media would turn against them.

My brother usually works from home, but he goes to the office about once a month for training. Of course, he is accompanied by a professional caregiver for the disabled.

I deliberately showed a calm smile and said,

"I’ll be back, Mom."

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