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Chapter 144 Part 1 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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In the dead of night, when everyone was asleep, I made my way to the beach and stepped onto the sand. I had something to test.


I activated the Rune, making it as small as possible, and chose a secluded spot away from the dormitory in case any students might notice.


Rank - Divine

Hestia's Hearth

I wove Hestia's Hearth. Given that it was always kept by Hestia's side, its rank was, unsurprisingly, 'Divine'.

Hestia is a goddess not often mentioned in Greek mythology. Despite being one of the twelve Olympians.

What I know is that she is the goddess of the hearth, always guarding the flame of the hearth. True to her symbol, she loves peace and is benevolent, loving humanity as she herself has said.

Greek mythology seems to be a record of the misdeeds of the gods, and the gentle Hestia rarely makes an appearance.

Whether this was accurately reflected in the game 'Etius', I've never heard 'Hestia' mentioned within the game.

Having witnessed the symbol of Hestia, the 'Divine Hearth', and placed it in the workshop.

It didn't seem easy to find an immediate use for something that was neither a weapon nor armor.

However, there was something I was looking forward to.


One of the features I discovered right away.

From the moment it was Weaving, the hearth was alight with flame.

Even without something like charcoal, a flame was burning in the center of the hearth.

"Is this the flame guarded by Hestia."

[Hestia's Hearth]

•Rank: Divine

•Description: The hearth always guarded by Hestia. Her divinity, which ensures the flame never goes out, resides within this hearth.

Ability Details >

- Flame of Rest: The flame within the hearth does not go out. However, if the flame is moved elsewhere, it becomes an ordinary flame.

- Touch of the Goddess: The object touched by the flame of the hearth receives the blessing of Hestia, elevating its status. The higher the grade of the object, the stronger the effect. This effect lasts until the user's mana is completely depleted.

First, the 'Flame of Rest.' The flame I am looking at right now.

It does not need a medium and is an unextinguishable flame. However, the fire transferred from the hearth loses this property and becomes a normal flame.

The reason the flame does not extinguish is because of the hearth, not because of the flame itself.

This flame cannot arbitrarily increase or decrease in temperature. Just as the flame itself is eternal, so will its temperature remain unchanged.

It truly becomes a warm presence within the home.

Of course, I'm not planning to do anything with the flame itself.

What interests me is the 'Touch of the Goddess.'

"The higher the grade of the object."

Since the explanation is laid out like this.

What to test is clear.

Weaving, Obsidian

Grade - Divine


I broke the necklace 'Black Lotus' and grasped Mjölnir.

I held Mjölnir over the flame in the hearth.

Then, the edge of Mjölnir gradually began to shine. The light dispelled the darkness of the night, and then,


It thundered, trembling. I looked up at the sky. It was a clear sky. Lightning struck from the clear sky, imbuing Mjölnir.

I laughed.

"So this is what happens."

I brought Mjölnir in front of me. Currents-like entities brushed past, sparking and making noise. It took a while for it to calm down again.

After the lightning subsided, Mjölnir seemed no different than before, but there was a clear change.


•Grade: Divine

•Description: The hammer of the god Thor. One of the few divine objects that can fully withstand Thor's tremendous strength.

Ability Details >

- Recall (Locked): Returns to the hand from any place. However, Thor has been the only one capable so far. Condition unknown. [T/N: MC uses Menosorpo rune to control it, if anyone forgot]

- Lightning God's Grant (Unlocked): The power of the Lightning God is imbued. The user can convert their mana or aura into lightning. The range and power of the lightning increase with the amount bestowed.

Lightning is originally Thor's inherent power. The reason Thor wields Mjölnir is that it is the only thing capable of enduring his strength.

However, Mjölnir has always been Thor's weapon.

Just as the hearth of Hestia is imbued with the power of a god, Mjölnir too cannot be untouched by Thor's hands.

With the effect of the hearth elevating its status, Mjölnir has become closer to being the 'Hammer of the Lightning God'.

"The preparations are almost complete."


Let's go for the final preparations.

* * *

That morning.

Selena was walking inside the accommodation, along with friends from Constel she had recently become close with.

Selena felt much more at ease than when she first enrolled in Constel. She had gotten quite adept at socializing among people.

Frondier had told her to stay in Manggot unless she was escorting, but that would make people at Constel suspect her absence, so making friends and enjoying the field trip was inevitable. It was not something she did willingly.


It was certainly a more enjoyable and comfortable time than when she was in Manggot. Definitely.

Moreover, Frondier did not point out her not going to Manggot while she was at Constel.

Perhaps he was permitting it, almost as if understanding Selena's feelings.


"Ah, yes."

Selena's thoughts were interrupted by someone calling her.

One friend made a sullen face.

"You're still using formal language."

"I'm sorry. I find it more comfortable."

"Hmm, well, it's okay. But you're an escort for Frondier?"

"Yes, that's right."

One friend started the conversation in front of a vending machine in the hallway. It wasn't a secret, so Selena nodded.

The friends' expressions gathered in the middle, a sign of displeasure.

"How could he think of making a girl his age an escort?"

"Exactly. Isn't that totally perverted?"

"Selena, you haven't been messed with, have you?"

Selena's friends all started to mock Frondier together.

After all, gossiping about a friend's boss is the most entertaining and harmless topic of conversation.

Moreover, with Frondier being such a human sloth, there was plenty to criticize.

"Weird stuff..."

Selena's expression turned delicate.

In fact, since she had actually tempted him to do that weird stuff in the first place, Selena was in no position to either deny or affirm.

Especially since she had been rejected.

However, her friends interpreted Selena's expression differently.

"Did you, like, actually get harassed?"

"Selena. If that's the case, you should tell a teacher immediately. Teacher Jane will definitely keep it a secret, and there are many more good things than being Frondier’s escort."

As her friends became serious, Selena quickly shook her head.

"Oh, no. It's not like that. Nothing happened."


"Yes, really."

Hmm. The friends eyed Selena with suspicion. But since it was the truth, Selena's expression was honest. It was the truth, though slightly gloomy.

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